Best Amazon Affiliate Wordpress Theme

Once you are done with the affiliate niche selection, domain and hosting purchase, the next difficult part is selecting the best amazon affiliate wordpress theme.

Who can explain you best other than me when it comes to selecting a word press theme which works best for affiliate marketers. I myself have gone through the pain while selecting the best wordpress theme for amazon affiliates.

Theme plays a major role in SEO, Ranking, Traffic, Look & Feel etc. If your website is not looking good, then no one is going to come to your page. Good looking website brings more traffic. Even if someone lands on your page, they may not stay for long, which in turn increases the bounce rate.

A website having a great design and extraordinary looks always builds a trust amongst your readers.

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What Makes a Theme Best Theme for Affiliates

To find the best in any leaving or non-leaving object we try to analyse its characteristics or features. If majority of features the object is offering comes as positive then we can consider it as best.

Same happens in case of a wordpress theme. We will have to look at feature list of this booster theme.

As an affiliate marketer or influence marketer you need certain designs, blocks, carousels, fast loading, robust etc to be available in a theme so that you can directly use them in your wordpress blog.

If they any theme is not providing them by default, then you will have to install separate plugins to achieve them which is again a cumbersome task. Installing multiple third party plugins also impacts the speed of your website.

For ex: during the Black Friday sale you need to show some deals to your readers or potential customers. You can easily do it using amazing coupon blocks / advanced coupon boxes provided by the affiliate booster plugin. See some coupon block examples below.

best wordpress theme for tech blog

BoosterTheme – Best SEO WordPress Theme

With multiple customisation option, multiple dynamic blocks, you can consider this theme as one of the best theme for digital marketers. Avail 50% discount during Black Friday Sale
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Now a days most of the affiliate programs asking to display mandatory Disclosure button to page visitors or customers. This Disclosure layout is readily available in this theme. You just have to do one setting and it is available like below.

best classified wordpress theme

Are you looking for a comparison table, using which you can place multiple amazon products and want to compare them. No worries, you can do that by using comparison table block.

Philips Trimmer

Philips Trimmer

Syska trimmer

Syska trimmer

MI Trimmer

MI Trimmer


When you are writing “BEST 5 or TOP 10” articles like “5 best theme for affiliates“, you need to add pros and cons of each listed item. With other wordpress theme you might have to install a third party plugin to achieve that. But with this affiliate booster blocks, you can do it easily without depending upon any third party theme. For ex:


  • Booster theme gives blazing speed.
  • It is completely schema optimized.
  • Multiple coupon blocks are available.
  • Table of content is ready made.
  • Notice block and notification block are also available.


  • Pricing could be improved for new bloggers

How to Find Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme – Affiliate Booster Review

There are certain pointers which you need to validate before selecting Which is the best theme for wordpress blogging.

Things To Check Before Buying Best WordPress Theme

  • Simple Navigation.
  • Browser Compatibility.
  • Responsive.
  • Page Builder Support.
  • Schema Optimization and Speed.

1. Simple Navigation

While searching for the best designed, good looking and animated theme, we may end up on a slow performing theme. So always remember choose a theme where user can navigate easily. Everything is sorted in such a way that its just one click away. Things should be searchable just by one overlook.

There are many themes who add lot of animation, colors and items which we don’t need at all.

2. Browser Compatibility.

This is a must have feature. Now a days people are using numerous number of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Opera, Safari etc.

If the CSS and Javascript used in a particular wordpress theme, which only works in certain browsers then it is definitely going to disappoint your readers. You may not get return users to your website. It will eventually affect your revenue.

3. Responsive

Any theme that is targeted for Amazon Affiliates needs to be responsive to be considered as best amazon affiliate wordpress theme.

People are using internet everywhere on every type of smart device. The screen size of all these devices range from 4′ to 24′. Your wordpress will be seen in smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc.

So the theme has to be responsive enough and should be auto adjustable in any screen size. So the theme can’t have a fixed size layout.


4. Page Builder Support

Now a days many page builders are available in the market. The job of page builder is to enhance the functionality and looks of your website. Using page builders you can easily drag n drop blocks and design it. These are very handy to build landing pages.

Many themes are come with built-in page builder. But the hind side is, it increases the complexity of the theme unnecessarily. Many at times we may not need a page builder for Amazon Affiliate website.

So make sure your theme should not contain the page builder, at the same time it supports all kind of page builder like Elementor or Thrive Architect.

5. Schema Optimization

When you start any work be it construction, software development or a theme. Everything has to be a architecture and a proper schema design. Without a schema your project will hit road blockers.

Similarly for a best amazon affiliate wordpress theme, schema optimization is very important. It should have proper header, footer, body etc inherited properly.

A proper schema optimized theme will definitely going to boost up the speed of your theme. It also helps in boosting website SEO performance.

Pro Tip:

Enquire about the after sales service strategy and feedback of the theme. If you ever face any road block, how fast and how accurately your problem is getting solved.

Why Affiliate Booster Theme !!

By the time you reach this point, you must have acquired fair idea regarding what are the major features you should be looking in a best amazon affiliate wordpress theme.

After working in the field of Affiliate marketing from last 9 years, Mr. Kulwant Nagi has a fair understanding all major blockers for an affiliate blogger. One of them is selecting a theme which would help a new blogger writing their articles fast, making their blog look beautiful and the same time boost up their sales.

So in the month of April, he decided to build the best amazon affiliate wordpress theme which will help his masterclass students as well as all the bloggers who are doing amazon affiliate marketing.

All the above check points we have discussed earlier are fulfilled in this theme. Mr Kulwant sat with his team, and personally designed the schema. You will get lot of flexibility with this Affiliate Booster theme. You can customize each and everything with the help of your fingertip just by doing few clicks.


When you purchase this theme, you will get a Premium Plugin for absolutely FREE, which is otherwise paid separately. This premium plugin is a great help. You can enhance your blog page upto 10X with the help of this plugin.

The major impressive thing of this theme is after sales support. There is a dedicated Telegram group available for the theme buyers. You can post any type of question, it will be answered by Kulwant Nagi. I have not heard of any other best wordpress theme where you will get telegram support from the owner itself.

There is dedicated ticketing system support available on the Theme Website where you can post bug reports. Those will be handled promptly. Not only that, you can even make feature requests, those are also accepted welcomingly.

Looking at all these major benefits you can consider this as one of the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketers.

Feature list of Affiliate Booster Theme And Plugin

best amazon affiliate wordpress theme

There are so many features, you will be overwhelmed just by looking at the list. With so many number of features also the theme is priced very low. This is basically build targeting Indian newbie bloggers. Who may not afford all the expensive that are floating in the market.

Feature List

  • Fully schema optimized
  • Very much SEO friendly.
  • Blazing speed in terms of page loading.
  • Customization is very easy.
  • 6 Header designs.
  • 9 Homepage designs.
  • 5 Single page designs.
  • 15 Blocks and counting.
  • Multiple coupon blocks.
  • Disclosure block by default.
  • In-build start rating.
  • Complete responsive. Can be used for Mobile, Tablet and Laptop.
  • Typography Controls
  • Color Controls
  • Page builder Compatible(Elementor and Thrive Architect)
  • Powerful Gutenberg Blocks
  • FREE Affiliate Booster Plugin

In addition to all the above features, you will get a Dynamic Block which is an Igniter. You will love it. You can include any block and design inside this dynamic block and make your article look amazing.

Booster Theme Pricing

Do not worry by looking at this price. This price is gonna drop upto 50% during this year Black Friday Sale 2020.

Download and Installation – Tutorial

There are multiple pricing is available for this theme. You can buy as per your requirement. My suggestion would be go for 50 Sites license. The other options are listed as below.

  • Single Site License
  • 50 Sites License
  • Unlimited Sites License

Frequently Asked Questions – Affiliate Booster Theme Review

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Final Words !

I have been using Affiliate Booster theme from July month. All the articles you see in my website are designed using Affiliate Booster theme and plugin. I am extremely happy with the performance of this theme. This is by far the quintessential theme for bloggers. I would definitely promote this as one of the best amazon affiliate wordpress theme.

There are continuous developments are still going on this theme, you will get multiple updates. In near future you will see many more additional features and enhancements in this best wordpress theme for affiliate bloggers.

After using this theme for many months I can say this is one of the best and cheap wordpress themes for blogging. All newbie bloggers who can not spend much on a expensive premium should go for it.

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