Do you know when you become a parent of a newborn for the first time, one of the most common questions comes to your mind is which is the best baby strollers in India available in the market.

With increasing number of working parents baby strollers has became a necessity of modern society. When you come tired from office and your baby wants to go out to have a great time you may not want to carry him on your lap or on your shoulder.

Many at times Indian parents just search in local market to find the best stroller for their new born. But if both of you are working personnel like me then you may not have the time to go to local market for a baby stroller.

Also there are chances you may not get the best baby strollers in India offline. So prefer to go online.

best baby strollers in India
Young woman walking with her newborn child in an old fashioned umbrella stroller pram.

purchasing your first baby stroller can be a daunting prospect and it’s easy to be misled when you are buying offline. Walking into the sales floor of a stroller shop one is presented with a wide hotchpotch of strollers which leads to more confusion.


As per search engine statistics it is observed that In recent years many people are searching for best baby strollers in India to buy online. Online is also preferable because at a single place you can find multiple options. You will also be able to compare the price, specifications of multiple products.

Few parents also search for best prams in India to buy online at lower price. In this article we will help you to find the best baby strollers in India or best prams in India to buy online at a lower price.

Quick Look at Best Baby Strollers India

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Brand: Luvlap Starshine.
- Item wt: 7 kg.
- 0 - 3 years recommended.


Brand: BabyGo Delight.
- Item wt: 8 kg.
- 2 point harness.


Brand:Chicco Bravo.
- Item wt: 7.2 kg.
- 0 months and up recommended.


Brand: Luvlap Galaxy.
- Item wt: 13 kg.
- 6 mnths - 3 yrs recommended.


Brand: Chicco Cortina.
- Item wt: 11.5 kg.
- 0 - 4 years recommended.


Brand: Tiffy and Toffee.
- Item wt: 8 kg.
- 0 - 3 years recommended.


Brand: R for Rabbit.
- Item wt: 7 kg.
- 0 - 3 years recommended.

How to choose best baby pram for your little one

Does not matter whichever platform you choose to buy the best baby stroller for your kid, you will always have to follow a buying guide. For example, you can’t ignore safety features, comfort, convenience factor, weight etc. before buying a baby stroller.


The security of your toddler is crucial. As a parent, you could not imagine anything better than to see your child sheltered and secure as you take it alongside you. The planning of the carriage gets fundamental. The carriage ought to have an ideal parity.

stroller for kids
Best prams for babies in India

Now a days most strollers extremely to design to prevent child injuries. However checking the design and safety feature by yourself is one of the predominant needs.

A flimsy buggy will topple over and cause superfluous wounds to your infant. One method of checking the steadiness is to hang your pack or umbrella from the handles of the carriage.

The steady buggy will handily bear the weight and stay consistent. Look at the child tackle. It is smarter to have a five-guide bridle toward give the most extreme security to your child. This tackle will wrap over the kid’s shoulders.

Individuals who will in general utilize the carriage a great deal ought to consistently pick this saddle. For incidental use, a three-point saddle will likewise do the trick.

Wheel lock or wheel brake is a must to have feature. As a parent you would not want your baby pram is rolling into traffic without brake. You can not ignore this security feature.

There are N number of accidents happen where the stroller started moving by its own and hits by an object. This things can be easily avoided with a simple wheel lock. Always remember to apply the brake when you stop the stroller.


Comfort is the next important thing to be looked at while you are going for best baby strollers in India. While safety is as important you can not ignore comfort. If your baby is not feeling comfortable they S/he may go through an emotional outburst phase.

In case of new born babies, upto till 5 months they cannot hold their neck. So look for a baby stroller or baby pram which has flat sleeping position.

Baby stroller is a long term investment. So check for adjustable recliner feature. Because when your baby grows up they can sit comfortably and can also take a nap comfortably.


When you are walking in park or crossing a traffic signal you would not want your best baby stroller stops in midway. Always go for those baby strollers which has front swivel wheel(s) which helps in easy manoeuvrability.

Manoeuvre is not the only thing to focus here. You also have to check the quality of wheels used in the baby stroller. There are two types of baby prams are available in the market from number of wheels point of view i.e Three-Wheelers and Four-Wheelers.

Three-wheelers are easy to manoeuvre, but also very likely to roll away if left unattended.

Better always go for Four-wheeler baby stroller brands. Since there are 4 wheels they give more stability. It will not roll away that easily.


Your baby should always feel secure, comfy, cosy and joyful when S/he goes inside the baby pram. They should be cheerful when they go inside. If they sense any discomfort, then they would hesitate to sit inside the pram.

There should be places made inside the stroller where you can keep most loveable and required things of your baby like toys, water bottle, sanitizer, paper napkin, snacks, diapers and so on. They should not feel alone inside the pram.

You might have put a lot of efforts in finding the best baby strollers in India, but if it is not convenient or comfortable for your baby, then everything goes into the vein.


best prams for babies in India
Mothercare pram India

As shown in the above image handles are very crucial feature of a stroller. There should be enough smoothness and grip in the handle. You should not feel pain in you palms while pushing it. At the same time it should not be slippery.

Good to have feature is reversible handle. It gives the flexibility to turn it around and check on your baby.


Your baby may feel irritated when you make them seat for a longer duration of time. They will start crying.

Babies love to sleep. So look for multi-stage recline feature in your baby stroller which will help them to seat in different positions. By sitting in different positions they can enjoy the outside view as well.

Type of Strollers

Depending upon various factors the type of stroller could be different. There are strollers come with three wheels and four wheels. There are jogger strollers, double strollers, umbrella strollers etc. We will discuss the features one by one.

Remember, you may not get all the features in a single baby stroller.


As the name suggests, these strollers come with three wheels. The wheels are aerated which helps in absorbing the shock in a bumpy road.

Usually these strollers has large wheels which makes it easy to push around. They are easy to manoeuvre, but that also pushes you to be more attentive. Since it is easy to roll, you can not leave it unattended.

One of the cons these kind of strollers has, they can be overturned easily while moving in corners.


Not to mention, these strollers has four wheels. Rear wheels are larger, front wheels are smaller. This way it creates a perfect weight distribution which brings better stability.

There are some versions which are lightweight and easy fold, which makes it comfortable while travelling in public transport. There are Some version four-wheel strollers are so compact, that you can fold them up and easily fit them in a backpack.

Jogging strollers

If you are regular jogger, also a new parent then these kind of strollers are for you. Usually these strollers come with three wheels. They are light weight. Some variants can carry dual baby as well.

They usually has large and fixed wheels which makes it easy for faster movement. While jogging with the stroller you may move faster, so there are pre-designed harness to keep your child secure.

Best Jogging Strollers of 2020
Best baby stroller India

These strollers look very attractive, but they are not compact.

Umbrella strollers

Umbrella strollers are made in such a way so that it will be easy to carry around. Some of them has shoulder strap which makes it more easier. It can weigh as little as 6 pounds.

As the name says, they can be folded down to be about the size of an umbrella.

Umbrella strollers are handy for families who live in a city and need to carry baby in a public transport. Because of their smaller size, these strollers are easy to put inside boot of your car.

Double strollers

If by any chance you became parents of twins or you are expecting the second baby while the first one is still small, then you will have to look for double strollers in the category of best baby strollers in India.

lightweight baby stroller
Stroller for kids

Usually, double strollers are big in size and dense. This is obvious because they have to hold a weight of two babies. They are mostly rated for 35 to 45 kgs (or more) of total baby.

Generally double strollers are very expensive. But still better over buying two strollers for two kids.

With all these details regarding strollers you must have received a good chunk of idea how to select the best baby strollers in India. Let us review some of the best strollers available in Indian market.

Best baby Strollers in India

1. LuvLap Starshine Stroller/Pram, Easy Fold for Newborn Baby

LuvLap baby strollers are one of the best strollers available in the market today. They are kind of market leaders in terms of baby prams in India. LuvLap Starshine Stroller is also in the top list of Amazon best sellers.

This stroller has Three-position seat recline for baby’s better comfort. The carrying capacity is up to 15 kgs. It comes with a reversible handlebar which helps the baby to face parents while moving.

Made up with Lightweight Aluminium material. Safety Belt is attached to make sure security the baby inside the stroller. It has large shopping basket.

Front-wheel can swivel in 360 degrees with lock and rear wheel brakes. Very compact in terms of folding. Best thing is it has detachable soft, washable cushions which makes it easy for the parents to keep it clean and germ free.

Comes with adjustable foot rest for both sleeping and sitting position. It is also equipped with a large storage basket. You can do your daily vegetable shopping while strolling your baby.

Good Things

  • One of the top strollers from LuvLap.
  • Not so expensive.
  • Different colour options are available.
  • Easy to swivel. Comes with wheel brake.

Needs Improvement

  • Foot rest area could be improved.
  • Need to improve stability in all kind of surfaces.

2. BabyGo Delight Reversible Baby Stroller and Pram

This stroller is manufactured by the brand Fortune International. This comes at number two position of our best baby strollers in India list. It has all the required features that will meet your baby’s needs while strolling. 

The aluminium and steel frame makes this baby pram durable. This stroller is easily foldable. It weighs 9kgs. The attached handlebar is very easy reversible. With this reversible feature, you can decide which way your baby will be facing while you are out for a stroll. 

The best part of this stroller is, it comes with a mosquito net which will keep your baby safe from all kind of dangerous mosquitos and flies. It also comes with two point safety harness that is Belt and Legs Support.

Rear wheels with are attached with brakes, Front wheels attached with direction fixers. Chrome alloy wheel gives more fancy and funky look.

Comfortable and spacious design which makes your baby really happy. It has three reclining positions such as sitting, sleeping and half sitting. Company manufactured adjustable footrest brings more comfort for the baby.

The baby stroller comes with a good amount of storage box where you can keep baby food, milk, hand sanitisers etc. If you want to carry few extra things, that facility is also available. It comes with a shoulder bag.

Good Things

  • Good build quality.
  • Multiple colour options available.
  • Reversible handle.
  • Good amount of storage.
  • Pre designed mosquito net.
  • Seats are amazingly comfortable.

Needs Improvement

  • Quality of wheels needs improvement.
  • Harness could be improved up to five points.

3. Chicco Bravo Stroller

If you are looking for best value for money stroller then you can go for Chicco brans Bravo stroller. This baby stroller looks stylish, durable and budget friendly. From security point of view also it won’t disappoint you.

This stroller comes with an all-wheel suspension, which is very helpful in absorbing the shock while strolling giving most comfort to your baby. The best part of this stroller is One-hand fold. You can fold the stroller using just one hand without putting much effort.

It is equipped with removable seat for easy transformation into a stylish frame carrier. It has multi-position reclining seat as well which will help your kid either to sleep or sit in a comfortable position.

While looking for kids comfort, we should not forget about parents comfort as well. So you will get height-adjustable handles so that you don’t have to bend while strolling.

Rear wheels has brakes. Lots of space available. A spacious basket is embedded which can be accessed from both front and rear.

Good Things

  • Can be assembled very easily.
  • One hand fold is the main USP of this baby stroller.
  • Very light weight so that easy to carry.
  • Lot of space to keep your essentials.

Needs Improvement

  • Quality of canopy could be improved.
  •  Harness strap needs improvement.
  • Safety lock is not so great.

4. LuvLap Galaxy Pram Stroller

As we have mentioned earlier LuvLap is one of the popular brands in baby stroller manufacturing. So this is the second stroller we have included in our list of best baby strollers in India.

This particular stroller is one of the most popular baby strollers from LuvLap. It comes in the top rank of popularity chart.

You might have heard about different standard certificates on different products. So this product is European Standard EN 1888 certified which makes it more brand-able.

It gives you ample amount of storage capacity. You can do your daily shopping while on a walk, don’t have to worry about carry bags. The build quality of wheels are just awesome for all kind of surfaces. It can move in 360 degree direction with lock.

This stroller also comes with one-hand folding facility which is one more valued feature.

Safety is a major advantage in this stroller. It provides 5 point safety harness which is biggest advantage. You can wash the soft cushions any time you want, because they are detachable.

You will get many other cool features like rear wheel link braek, back pocket, reversible handlebar, looking window, back pocket, three position seat recline, adjustable leg rest etc.

Good Things

  • European Standard EN 1888 certified.
  • Highly durable and flexible.
  • Lot of importance has been given to safety features.
  • Can also be used as a car seat.

Needs Improvement

  • Price is bit higher side.
  • Parts are not easily available.
  • Cushion quality can be improved.

5. Chicco Baby Stroller

Chicco is a very famous, old and renowned manufacture in this sector. So we have selected our fifth baby stroller from this brand. This is second stroller in our list of best baby strollers in India.

britax b agile amazon different types of baby
Babyhug stroller

This baby pram is full with features that you would love. You name it, they have it. You will not believe that they are giving eight reclining positions for your toddler. Your baby will comfortably stay inside the stroller while he is exploring the outside world. Isn’t it amazing.

You will find a good deal of safety and stability for your little one with its 5 point harness. There is a window on the adjustable canopy for you so that you can peek whenever you like. 

It can hold upto kids of 22kg which is of international standard.

You must have heard about memory foams which remembers your sitting or sleeping position and adjusts according to your comfort zone. The cushion of this stroller is equipped with that materials which is an added advantage for your kid.

It has a removable child tray which can hold two cups. In one cup you can put milk and water in another. Needless to say they have included large storage basket to the baby stroller as well.

The wheels are made of shock proof material which will make your kid enjoyable while strolling on bumpy roads without any hassle. Both front and rear wheels has braking system. Front-wheel has swivel locks.

Good Things

  • Spacious and comfortable seat.
  • Eight reclining positions are available.
  • Removable child tray.
  • 5 point harness.

Needs Improvement

  • With all these features it becomes expensive.
  • There is no reversible handle.
  • Fold and unfold mechanism could be improved.

6. Tiffy & Toffee 3 in 1 Baby Stroller

Tiffy & Toffee is a leading brand in child care market which focuses in offering safe products for your kid, without compromising comfort and future value.

So this stroller is designed to give at-most comfort to babies and their parents looking for travel-friendly stroller. The 3-in-1 Baby Stroller is convenient in both the cases.

As the name says 3-in-1 it has three-position reclining which means your baby can sleep, recline and sit. It has padded seat which gives extra comfort to the back of your kid. Equipped with Adjustable footrest which will be very convenient for your kid.

It also has three point harness as a safety measure. Second safety measure is Swivel front wheels with lock. Rear wheels are attached with brakes.

Unlike many other strollers it has a mosquito net which is very important when you are strolling inside a park or a place where there are lot of trees. There might be lot of mosquitos or other unwanted flies which you would not want to bite your kid.

Reversible handle bars makes it easy for parents in which direction they want their kid to face. There is a front tray where you can keep toys or food for your baby.

The weight of this baby stroller is 8 kgs, which makes it very easy while strolling around. It can carry weight upto 15 kgs.

Good Things

  • 3 in 1 feature Pram, stroller, and rocker.
  • Very light weight.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Comes within budget.
  • Three-point safety harness.
  • Reversible handle.
  • Multiple and funky colours available.

Needs Improvement

  • The functionality of the reversible handle could be improved.
  • The quality of Mosquito net could have been improved.

7. R for Rabbit Twinkle Twinkle – The Compact Folding Stroller

R for Rabbit makes some cool strollers for babies and infants. Safety is a must feature in any of the accessories that you are buying for your kid. So this brand invests a lot in safety measures and design.

baby stroller under 1000 baby stroller under 2000

With simple design this baby stroller looks elegant and stylish. This product is again European Standard EN 1888 certified which is an add-on. Would also like to mention here, to avail this certificate the product has to go through a very stringent test procedure, which means you can trust on this product.

For Indian road conditions this stroller fits very accurately. Best in industry front wheel suspensions helps the stroller glide on any road condition smoothly. Changing directions is like a piece of cake for this stroller because of its swivel enabled front wheels.

Front wheels are well equipped with safety locks. The rear wheels has strong braking system which can be operated with your toes.

One more safety feature is 5-point harness which just increases its market value from safety point of view. It has 4-point recline feature as well to make your baby comfortable.

When you are strolling on a sunny day, you would not want your baby to be exposed to unwanted UV ray. So this stroller is equipped with high-quality UV ray protected canopy that comes with a Picaboo window.

From storage point of view this stroller provides ample amount of storage capacity to store all your baby’s essentials like milk, water, hand sanitiser, and other snacks. Folding is not at all difficult for this stroller. It can be folded just by using one hand.

Good Things

  • EN 1888 certified with high standards.
  • Very light weight.
  • Can be folded with just one hand.
  • Lot of storage is available.

Needs Improvement

  • Mosquito net could have been added to protect the baby from bugs and insects.
  • Height is not adjustable in this stroller.

After going through above list of best baby strollers in India you must have acquired a fair idea about the pricing and features available in each one of the baby strollers.

Now if you still have some concerns and doubts in your mind we will help you through a buying guide, where we will further guide you to select the best baby pram for your kid available in Indian market. Buying guide will be like a check list which your baby stroller should fulfill.

Buying Guide

If you go to Google and just type best baby strollers in India to buy in lower price you will get N number of results with multiple features, multiple price range which leads to a confusion. It happens with everyone.

We will make your life easy. Without getting much confused just check whether your selected baby stroller fulfills below pointers.

1. Adjustable handlebar

Handlebar is the piece of metal which you hold and push/pull so that your baby stroller can move. This is an important object of the Stroller. While manufacturing strollers, companies consider an average height of a person and accordingly decide the position of the handlebar.

But if you are taller or shorter than the manufacturer considered height, it may be a hassle for you. You may face difficulties while handling the stroller. So adjustable handlebar is a must.

Also sometimes your parents or your cousin would like to stroll with babies. If your baby stroller has adjustable handle then it will easy for them as well.

2. Reversible handlebar

Like adjustable handlebar, reversible handlebar is also a key feature. This is basically helps in deciding in which direction you want your baby to face. When your baby is very little, just few months old, you may want always to keep an eye while strolling. In this case reversible handlebar will be helpful.

When your baby grows up and bored with single object in front of him, wants to enjoy the nature, then you can just reverse the handlebar, so that he can enjoy the nature as well.

In other words reversible handlebar helps you to switch the view of your kid very conveniently.

3. Stroller weight

If you travel frequently via train or flight or you like to do road trips then stroller weight is something you will have to keep in mind. Its not just pushing or pulling while strolling with your baby, but also carrying the stroller while travelling.

If you buy a very heavy stroller then it becomes an inconvenience while loading or unloading it inside a flight. You may also have to pay some extra bucks to flight company because of excessive weight.

While putting it inside your car boot also it will create a lot of hassle. A light weight stroller also make your life easy while switching the strolling surface.

Many believe that a light weight stroller is not of good quality, but that is a myth. You will have to check the quality of the material of which the stroller is made. Now a days many big companies are using which will make your baby stroller floaty while maintaining the quality.

4. Weight carrying capacity

Not just baby stroller weight, you will also have to check how durable is your baby stroller. How much weight it can carry. With growing age your baby may gain some weight. Is your stroller is capable enough to handle the weight.

If your baby weight is more than the capacity of the baby stroller, it may bring splinters in the stroller which is not a good feeling.

Buying a good weight carrying pram also helps in using it for long years. You can use it until your kid becomes 5-6 years old.

As you also know many strollers come with ample amount of storage capacity. It should have the ability to carry your kid, accessories of your kid and your daily needs as well. So the more weight it can carry, it is always better.

5. Adjustable canopy

A canopy is something which you see at the overhead of your baby stroller. It basically helps in keeping your baby safe from UV rays, rain drops, dew drops, dust, sun rays or getting tanned.

Always go for adjustable canopy which can be opened or closed as per the need of your kid. If your kid is feeling cranky, wants to enjoy the nature you can open it. Sometimes it is advisable to keep your kid under sunlight so that they can absorb vitamin D. In that case you can open the canopy.

You may also look for features like mosquito net, peek a boo window in the canopy while searching for best stroller for new borns.


You should never ever compromise on the safety of your baby while buying any product or accessories for him/her. So we have created a separate section on Safety to jolt down all the safety measures that you should go for in stroller brand.

In our opinion to qualify as the best baby stroller in India, it should have all these safety features.

1. Safety breaks

Every human operated object should have some kind of braking system. The braking system could be manual or automatic or mechanical. In case of strollers it is more important, because this is for your kid.

Always look for a stroller which has good braking system. As soon as the braking system is engaged it should be working immediately.

Different kind of strollers comes up with different kind of braking system. Some manufacturers provide only front wheel lock. Some provide only rear wheel lock. There are strollers which has single lock for both front and rear wheels.

Mostly, strollers have brakes that can be operated by the foot. Some others strollers has single-touch braking system that make the stroller stock-still with one click.  This type of braking system is very user-friendly and appropriate to use. 

If you are going for Jogging strollers, then they have a different kind of braking system like we have in bi-cycles. It will have a lever, once you press it, the stroller will slowdown gradually.

2. Harness

Similar to brakes, harness another important aspect of any kind of moving object, like we have seat belts in car or in aeroplane. Harness will help your kid to remain stable inside the stroller.

Five-point harness system is always recommendable when it comes to baby strollers, but three-point harness will also work. Always check for the straps and buckles of harness before buying it.

3. UV protection canopy

Many stroller manufacturers do cost cutting in small but important areas like canopy. They might use low quality clothes in canopies. That is not going to bring any safety to your kid.

As parent you should always for strollers which has UV ray protected ands sun protected canopy.

4. Reclining seat

Kida are full of energy. You never know when they would sleep, when they would like to sit and enjoy the nature around while sitting inside the baby pram. Thus a static seat is a big NO.

The seat should have been designed in such a way that it can be positioned as per your babies need. So always look for strollers furnished with reclining seat.

5. Wheel

Wheel is one more area where most of the manufacturers do cost cutting. They might use low quality plastic or low quality rubber or low quality disks. Always pay special attention to the quality of wheels.

First thing to check is all the wheels are placed and aligned correctly. Larger is the wheel size it is better. For all kind of surfaces like grass, marble, bumpy road larger wheels will give you comfort.

There are some strollers which has air filled wheels as well. They will bring more smoothness to the stroll ride. But the issue is you will have to keep an air inflator with you always and need to check the air quantity every time you go out for a stroll.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s) on Baby Strollers

Expert tips to remember while using a baby stroller

  • Always unfold the baby pram completely before putting your baby inside.
  • Never ever keep hot beverages in the cupholder or in the front tray. If it spills it can bring serious burn injuries to your kid.
  • It is not advisable to put kids inside a jogging stroller until they are 6 month or older.
  • Keep an eye on the condition of wheels and breaking system ever time you go out.
  • Make sure to keep your baby stroller always in clean state. Sanitize it after every outside visit.

Final words !

When we were kid our parents use to hold us in their shoulders or hands while going out for a walk or while travelling. Now a days with advancement of technology and facilities baby strollers has became a need. Babies of this generation also like enjoy a rich feeling while sitting inside a stroller.

So our recommendation would be go for the stroller which gives maximum safety measures. So best choose any stroller which has EN 1888 certification. Our personal favourite from the list of best baby strollers in India is Luvlap galaxy Stroller . Best seller one is luvlap sunshine baby stroller

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