Best Baby Walkers in India 2020

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you and welcome you to the world of parenthood. Being a parent is like achieving a milestone in life which will be remembered for life long. Then after a few months seeing your baby taking their first step is like a dream coming true.

The development of a child takes place step by step and during that time they need full care and attention from parents. Now you felt very happy to see that your child is walking but that’s not enough.

His / Her steps need to be properly aligned or else the shape will get defected as the bones are very soft for a baby and they will take the shape in which they will walk.

No worries one of the best inventions which will provide the best way to support and encourage your kid during the early stages of standing and walking are the baby walkers.

A best baby walker is meant for providing support to legs and hip that can help your child to get perfect support and balance locomotion. If you want to know the categories of baby walkers they are of two main types seated and standing.

If your baby starts sitting on their own then it is suitable to buy a seated walker which comes with a comfortable seat with two holes for placing the legs, on the other hand standing baby walkers are of course for them who started standing on their own.

So are you planning to buy a baby walker ? Wait, why am I even asking that you are here because you are planning to buy one right but really confused about how to choose one baby walker among hundreds present in the market ?

We are here to make a detailed review of the top 10 best baby walkers which will help you to make the best choice.

We will also recommend to go through our detailed Buying Guide before selecting any of the top baby walkers.

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Quick Look At Baby Walker Online India

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Brand: Sunbaby
Item Weight: 3 kg 160g
Recommended Age: 8 months and up


Brand: PANDA Creation
Item Weight: 4 kg
Recommended Age: 6 months and up


Brand: BAYBEE Smart Witty
Item Weight: 1 kg 440g
Recommended Age: 6 months


Brand: GoodLuck Baybee
Item Weight: 0.99 kg
Recommended Age: 6 monthsd to 2 years


Brand: Luvlap
Item Weight: 3 kg 590g
Recommended Age: 6 to 12 months


Brand: Joyride Musical Baby Walker
Item Weight: 3 kg 380g
Recommended Age: 9 months and up


Brand: Mee Mee walker
Item Weight: 4kg 750g
Recommended Age: 3 months and up


Brand: Amardeep Supreme walker
Item Weight: 1kg 900gm
Recommended Age: 6-8 months


Brand: Educational Walker
Item Weight: 1 kg 
Recommended Age: 5 months


Brand: Goyal's Baby Musical Walke
Item Weight: 3kg 440 gm
Recommended Age: 6 months

List of 10 Best Baby Walker in India

Multiple design, multiple range and different style options are available in market in terms of baby walkers in India. So we have done an extensive research by going through all the feature list, body structure, materials used and baby walkers review section.

After all our research we have prepared this list of best 10 baby walkers in India 2021. Please go through our review and buying guide before selecting any one of the best walkers for babies.

Also do not worry about baby walker price much, we have listed all the products which are of reasonable price and cheap baby walkers available online.

1. Sun baby Butterfly Walker (Red/White):

best baby walker

The first recommendation that we want to give you for the best baby walker is from Sun Baby brand as this one comes in the category of low price baby walkers.

There is one more reason why we have kept this particular one at top, because of its design. Its very simple and best for babies of 8-9-10 months old who have just started walking. It is one of the safest walker and many parents have shown their trust in it.

The design is much sturdy which is suitable for supporting and nurturing your baby’s first steps. At times because of excessive walk, your baby might get tired. For that a supporting seat is also provided. The seats are much thick cushioned and washable that gives ultimate comfort to your baby.

The height-adjustable feature is just amazing along with the locking mechanism which can be adjusted as per the growth of your baby. Let’s say your baby is short in height, you can easily adjust the height of the best baby walker, so that his/her feet can easily touch the floor. The 360-degree movement of the wheels can help in easy movement of the walker.

The front tray is equipped with electronic toys and also for the entertainment of your kids’ musical rhymes can also be played which is really enjoyable for your kid. This is suitable for kids of at least 8 months older.

You can also easily assemble and de-assemble this best rated baby walker and store it anywhere such as inside your cupboard or garden or garage.

Good Things

  • Super quality and much sturdy design.
  • Looks awesome.
  • Safe for babies.
  • Design is safe for all kind of babies.
  • Three level height adjustment.
  • Multiple color options available.

Needs Improvement

  • The music system has only single music.

2. PANDA Creation Adjustable Musical Baby Walker (Blue):

best walkers for babies

After a great one at first position, we have included one more cheap baby walker online and this one is from PANDA creation. You will love the design and color of this walker. A wide range of color options are available, which your baby definitely gonna love.

We are forced to include this in our best baby walker list because of its online popularity. A good number of parents have given best reviews and ratings online. Although it is one of the cheapest option, but performance wise it is not going to dissapoint.

The awesome panda look at the front is very attractive. Babies would love to hold it and play with it. This walker is suitable for a minimum of 6 months older babies as well.

The adjustable height feature is also very good which can be helpful for grown up babies. This product can hold upto 15kgs of baby weight.

Additionally a lot of playful options are provided for babies such as removable toys, mucial rattles and electronic switch features which makes this baby walker as one of the best musical baby walkers. It can also be very much entertaining for your babies. They will be eager to ride it for the full day.

The frame is much wider which ensures the safety of your child. A nice cushion is available incase the baby is tired and want to take some rest. Because of the cushion quality and backrest facility your baby will feel most comfortable.

The attached wheels are movable in all directions like in 360 degree direction. Go through the user manual properly before assembling this musical baby walker.

The weight of this product is just around 3.5 kgs, thus you don’t have face much hassle while carrying it on a trip or while keeping it inside a car.

Good Things

  • Safety lock feature is available.
  • 3 step height adjustment.
  • Good music options are available.
  • Absolute value for money.
  • Very sturdy product.

Needs Improvement

  • The build material could be improved.
  • A stop break can be added.

3. BAYBEE Smart Witty Plastic Round Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Musical Toy Bar

designer baby walker

This one more affordable baby walker from BAYBEE brand. You can definitely go for it in this price range, we are sure that you will never disappoint with this product. Under pocket friendly category this is one of the best selling baby walker. Thus we have kept this one at number 3 position of our list.

For any type of Baby Products or Baby Accessories safety should be the first criteria before buying it. This particular baby walker complies the safety measures strictly. It is  En71 Certified which is most stringent Certification as per European Standards.

Every minute detail has been taken care of, from safety point of view. Colors always attract babies. So to bring a glitter in your babies face, this product is available in multiple colors like orange, red, blue etc.

The design is well researched. It is rounded in shape, so that babies can scroll in any direction. It also enhances the looks. It comes with a three position height adjustment, so that it can be used for both taller/shorter babies.

Manufacturers has provided a high padded backrest, so that babies can rest comfortably with back inclined. The seat is very comfortable as well. 360-degree rotating wheels helps to move the walker in different directions.

Lot of toys are also given with this product so that your baby will not get bored while learning how to walk.

The best part of this product is an assembling instruction manual is provided along with the
package and the process is also very straight-forward.

Good Things

  • Sturdy and nice walker.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Comes in affordable price range.
  • Multiple color options are available.
  • The balancing capability of the walker is awesome no matter how much roughly you use it.

Needs Improvement

  • Edges at the base needs to be refined.

4. GoodLuck Baybee Galaxy Round Baby Walker

This is again comes in the category of low price baby walkers. The price of this walker is even less than the other three listed above. So if you are low in budget, then definitely it is a good choice.

The USP of this walker is front snack and play area. A large activity tray is provided at the front of this product which is removable. You can keep toys and snacks for your kid at this place. Every kid gonna love this space.

The height of this walker is adjustable upto 3 different positions. Like others, this product is also equipped with a padded seat where your baby can relax. These seats are detachable and can be washed.

This product is easily foldable which makes it very compact and travel friendly. Since it is very compact you can keep it at any small place. After fully assembled the dimension of this walker becomes 28.10 x 24.00 x 22.50 Inches.

It comes with an assembling guide, using which anyone can assemble it very easily. A stopper is attached to it.

Good Things

  • Design looks sophisticated.
  • Assembling is easy and takes very less time.
  • Good for babies upto 8-9 months.

Needs Improvement

  • Wheel quality could be improved.
  • No music option is there in the walker.

5. Luvlap Sunshine Baby Walker, Height Adjustable with Light & Music Toys, 6m+

baby boy car walkers

LuvLap is a market leader in the baby product and baby accessories category. It is a popular and trusted brand. If you can increase your budget a little more, then we would recommend to go for this best baby walker. You will be happy with the product.

This is one of the best walker for infants. If not exactly a stroller, but you may can use it as a baby stroller. It has a handle attached at the back, which parents can hold to push the baby walker. The push handle is detachable.

Most important feature is the stopper. It has a Press-Down Vacuum stopper using which parents can easily stop the walker from moving.

From safety point of view, it comes with a safety lock, so that the walker does not move abruptly. Three position height adjustment is a norm and it satisfies that.

A detachable toy tray is given. The tray has toys with light and music facility. It Includes detachable rattle toys. A total of 8 wheels are given which helps the walker to move in 360-degree directions. Your baby won’t face any difficulties while moving or turning at an edge.

It also comes with a detachable cushion seat which is washable. You can assemble it easily just by following the instructions given in the manual.

This Luvlap Baby Walker can resist upto 15 kgs and it is a suitable walker for 6 months old baby. In real scenarios it can be used for kids from 6-18 months.

Good Things

  • The design and look of the walker are very attractive for kids.
  • Awesome build quality.
  • The handle adds to one more safety of the child as it can be controlled by parents easily.
  • Assembling is easy.
  • Multiple color options are available.

Needs Improvement

  • Stopper functionality needs improvement.
  • Plastic quality could be improved.

6. Joyride Musical Baby Walker with Adjustable Height, Music, Light, and Push Handle Bar (Pink)

portable walker baby

This is one of the best portable baby walkers. If you want all special features like push handle and child safety within a limited budget then this walker is for you.

The walker is very much comfortable which can easily support and nurture the baby’s first steps. A wide protective frame is provided which will take care of the safety of your baby. With adjustable height it can be used for longer period. When your baby grows tall, still you can use it by adjusting the height.

It is made up of good and high quality plastic, which enhances product longevity.

As shown in the image it comes with a push bar, which becomes handy for parents to push the walker if your baby is cranky or not in a mood to move by themselves.

Detachable and washable cushion is attached as other discussed products. This baby walker is furnished with new electronic musical buttons which your baby is going to enjoy. Detachable toys are also there.

Can be easily assembled. Foldable option is also available so that you can store it anywhere when not in use.

Good Things

  • Good and high quality plastic is used.
  • Absolute value for money.

Needs Improvement

  • Height adjustment needs improvement.
  • Sharp edges are there.

7. Mee Mee Simple Steps Baby Walker (Baby Blue)

If you are looking for a baby walker and rocker, then this is the perfect choice. During initial months of your baby this can be used as a rocker. Later when your kid grows bigger or starts walking this can be used as a baby walker.

This walker is a bit expensive than some of the products mentioned above, however it justifies the price by providing multiple attractive features.

In terms of safety and hygiene this best baby walker is at par with the international standards. This brand makes well researched, well-designed and quality products that helps in every step of parenthood.

Babies always love colors, and this baby walker comes with multiple color options. You can choose any one of them. Price may vary depending upon the product color.

Premium quality metal and plastic are used in the build which makes this walker strong, durable, long last and safe. Because of the well build design it supports and nurtures your baby’s first steps.

For maximum comfort cushion padding is available. 360° rotational wheels are attached for ease of movement. mee mee has provided enough entertainment such as removable electronic toys tray with cheerful music to keep your baby engaged and cheerful.

Three position height adjustment is also available. The overall dimension of this product is 70 x 70.5 x 85. Total 7 number of wheels are given along with parent push handle.

Good Things

  • Much satisfying quality product.
  • Durable for long term use.
  • Great brand value.

Needs Improvement

  • High on pricing.
  • People have complained about musical toy not being working properly.

8. Amardeep and Co Baby Walker (Blue)

baby walker small space

This particular baby walker comes in 2 colors i.e blue and red. The red one can be considered as baby walker cheapest.

Want to train your child with a suitable direction sense along with some entertainment ? Why not
choose this baby walker which is much less expensive and provides you a good quality product.

This walker will entertain your baby through rattles, sounds, and light. It is made of unbreakable
material like virgin plastic and also high-precision machines have been used to manufacture it.

The foldable feature makes it compact to carry wherever you want. The seat is much wider and comfortable for your baby. There are no sharp edges present which ensures that your baby is fully safe.

This baby walker is very much suitable for 5 to 8 month older kids. The dimension of this product is 10 x 5 x 10 cm. It weighs around 1.9 kgs.

This is a swadeshi made baby walker which supports local for vocal. It is a 100% Indian made product.

With this Amardeep baby walker your travel becomes much easier, because it is very much compact and easily foldable.

Good Things

  • In this price range, the durability is very good for the product.
  • Nice looking walker.
  • The musical rhymes are much entertaining for your little member.

Needs Improvement

  • Not suitable for taller babies.
  • No additional toys.

9. Educational Round Iron Baby Walker Blue

The most inexpensive baby walker that you can find among the list to choose from. Though it does not have many features it is really good to go for this walker if you are not satisfied with the above ones and also want a much cheaper one.

The walker comes with an educational ABCD round which can help your baby to get familiar with the alphabets along with entertainment. This is much easy to fold and carry and the six wheels can provide equal balance and stability.

The round chrome-plated iron ring is much durable for long-term use, the breathable comfortable mesh is much good for your babies. The six wheels can help in ease of movement.

Your baby will experience safe and smooth movement. There are no sharp edges present. It can easily hold upto 12kg weight.

Good Things

  • Good walker in this price range.
  • Sturdiness is very good.

Needs Improvement

  • No musical options are available.
  • Not good for long term use.

10. Goyal’s Baby Musical Walker – Foldable & Height Adjustable – Blue (Made in India)

Are you still looking for best baby walker in India ? No worries we still have options left for you.

The walker is much attractive in look and is much easy to fold thus easy to carry and compact in size.The 3-level height adjustment features are also helpful for growing babies.

The new electronic musical buttons are much attractive and removable toys are much entertaining for your baby. The wide protective frame ensures child safety at its best. The padded seat is much comfortable for your baby with a backrest feature.

The seat is also washable which can help in easy maintenance. The product also comes with an instruction manual which makes the assembly of the product much easier.

Good Things

  • Value for money product.
  • Nice quality product.
  • After-sales service is much good.

Needs Improvement

  • Build quality needs improvement

11. eHomeKart Baby Walker for Toddlers & Kids – Traditional Wooden Walker

If you were grown up in rural India then you must be familiar with this product. It used to be baby walker for all of us. I distinctly remember my grand father had made me one with his own hand. I was super happy with this baby walker.

If you want to relieve and reminisce the nostalgia then buy one of these Indian baby walker for your new born. You might not get features like musical horn, removable tray or sitting pad, but you will definitely get the desi smell.

High quality wood is used in its building keeping safety in mind. Dimensions of this baby walker is 46 X 36 X 36 Cms. Good thing is it is gender neutral unlike many of the listed baby walkers above.

This baby walker is also referred as Traditional Wooden Walker.

Buying Guide to Help You Select The Best Baby Walker

With more and more baby walkers coming into the market, it’s really hard to choose which one to select for baby so that it provides the right support for the proper movement of your child.

Let us first discuss the various factors that are to keep in mind before buying a suitable baby walker, look at the points mentioned below:

The foremost thing that any parent considers while buying any baby product is the safety of their child and baby walker is not an exception too. So a baby walker with a wider base, stationery one without wheels, and anti-slip pads should be your ideal choice.

After that comes the comfort of your kid and also whether the materials used to manufacture a baby walker is sensitive to your child’s skin, so considering the seat fabric and appropriate padding is a must while buying a baby walker.

Then the baby walker should be equipped with proper sized wheels so that it can be moved easily without any problem.

Babies always want some entertainment like music, lights to keep their mood happy always and will also help your baby to achieve cognitive skills.

Please go for a baby walker which is foldable so that it can be easy to store and carry while traveling. Make sure that the baby walker is also equipped with adjustable height as babies grow faster.

Then comes the materials which are used to manufacture the baby walker, they should be of high-quality and must also be comfortable so that your kids do not feel any irritation.

After going through the above points you should now feel much confident that how to choose a baby walker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Words !

We have invested a good amount of hours by going through the product list individually, their features and user reviews while selecting best baby walkers in India 2021. We hope this article will help you to find the best one as per your requirement and as per your budget.

If you are still not sure which one to go for, then we would recommend to go for either of Luvlap Sunshine Baby Walker or Mee Mee Simple Steps Baby Walker .

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