Going to be a parent soon? Congratulations, it is great news but along with that, comes a lot of responsibilities. The first and foremost thing that you need to purchase is a baby weighing scale since you must check your baby’s weight frequently during the first year. Measuring the weight of your baby can help you to track his or her fitness and health issues.

Babies weight can not be measured using the normal body weighing machines which usually used for adults. That is why we came up with a separate article comprising of all the infant weighing machines.

Several brands are there in the market and all claim to be offering the best products. Thus, it can be confusing for you to understand which is good and why. For sorting that out, we have picked up the top products that you can check and select one among them.

We have pointed out the pros and cons of all the products that can help you to get better insights. After the reviews, we have provided a buying guide section that can help you to choose one among the seven products.

Therefore, let’s start our journey to find out the best baby weighing machine in India.

List of 8 Top Baby Weighing Machine in India 2021

1. Beurer digital weighing machine for babies

infant weighing machine

Product Description

This is one of the best weighing machines for babies in India that is a lot of reliable products with true German technology.

It consists of a curved platform that makes the baby feel comfortable. It also has a large display that enables you to easily read it with accurate readings. This weighing scale supports auto-lock functionality once the reading becomes stable for 20 seconds.

It has a tare function that allows you to zero out your scale in case you put a blanket on the machine to measure your baby’s weight.

Usually during the first few months babies move their arms and legs frequently. Thus it becomes difficult to put them over the weighing scale. But with the hold functionality which comes with this weighing machine, you don’t have to worry about it.

Good Things

  • Looks good and an attractive design for babies.
  • Perfect functioning machine.
  • Accurate measurements.

Needs Improvement

  • No backlit display.

2. Dr. Trust weighing scale for toddlers, infants, babies, and adults (up to 150kg)

Product Description

In the second place, we have picked up another best weighing machine for babies and adults that you can use to take the different weights of all your family members.

It features a hold feature so that accurate reading can be measured even if the baby moves. As soon as you step on the machine, the tare button switches it on or off once you step down and it also helps to calibrate the weighing machine to zero.

With a large display and blue backlit, you can easily read the weight of the baby in different units like kg, lbs, or stones. You need to insert three AA batteries to power it on. Comes with a removable tray which helps to place the baby on it.

The measurements are clearly visible on the large 2.5inch LCD screen. It has backlit.

This weight machine can be used for babies, infants and kids of different age group. It supports upto 150 kgs weight.


  • Usage is very simple with accurate and precise readings.
  • Fancy looks with nice features.
  • The charge lasts for a long time.


  • The quality of plastic could be improved.

3. MCP baby weighing scale || Infants and Adults (up to 100kg)

electronic baby weighing scale

Product Description

The third place is taken by this weighing machine for babies that are much accurate and suitable for babies, infants, adults, or pets.

It is very much user friendly in terms of handling the device. All you need is to place the baby on the platform of this weighing machine and just turn it on. The weight reading will be displayed on the screen with a flashing light. You can easily note down the measurements.

You will get the weight of the baby within a few seconds and it can be displayed either in kg or pounds. You can set the measurement unit as per your convenience.

The tare function of this weighing scale will make it to zero even if you place a blanket on the platform to measure your baby’s weight. Thus the additional cloth weigh it not taken into consideration.

Good Things

  • The design of this product is sleek and neat.
  • Perfect weighing with accuracy.
  • Suitable to use in the medical center too.

Needs Improvement

  • Did not found any.

4. PAXMAX digital weighing machine for babies (20kg)

weighing scale price in india

Product Description

At a reasonable price, you can purchase this weighing machine meant for babies or pets. It has a larger and smooth surface with a curved platform so that your baby can feel comfortable.

The functionality or usage is very simple as you just need to gently place the baby on the platform and measure its weight with the readings being flashed to perfectly view it. It just takes a few seconds to measure the weight of the baby in different units like kg, and lbs.

This machine also features a tare button that enables you to get an accurate reading even when you place a blanket on it for keeping your baby. With the sleek design, you can easily store it in tight spaces.

Good Things

  • Easy for use.
  • The build quality is premium.
  • Accurate measurements.

Needs Improvement

  • The readings show only 2 digits after decimal point.

5. Techsun digital weighing machine for babies

buy weighing machine online in india

Product Description

This is the best and cheapest weighing machine for babies with attractive cartoon images that make it appropriate to measure your baby’s weight.

It features an automatic shut-off feature that switches it off if not used for 16 seconds. The tempered glass above is robust enough to handle a weight of up to 180kg. The automatic zero-reset feature also is very useful to easily measure the weight.

The weighing scale also consists of a large LED display with a backlit that enables you to easily read it. With a balance platform and advanced step-on technology, you can purchase this weighing machine for your baby.

The color and cartoon design you see in the image, is sent separately. It requires 2 AAA batteries to run the machine, and they are included in the packaging.

Good Things

  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Consistent and accurate/precise measurements.
  • Easy to read large display.

Needs Improvement

  • It is not recommended for adults.

6. Rossmax pediatric weighing scale (We300)

baby weighing scale

Product Description

This is also one of the best weighing machine for babies with a weight carrying capacity of 20kg. You will get both a manual and automatic hold option that enables you to easily measure the weight of the babies even if they move.

It has a large display that ensures you can easily read the weight of your babies. The tare function of this weighing scale helps to point it to zero even with a blanket or your baby’s diaper. 

The weight machine also has an auto-shut-off functionality that switches it off when not in use. It also consists of a low battery indicator and an overload indicator that helps you in both scenarios.

Good Things

  • Accurate and consistent readings.
  • Nice quality weighing machine.
  • Good-looking.

Needs Improvement

  • It is bit costly.

7. Eagle digital Baby weighing scale (20kg)

weight checking machine price

Product Description

This is an appropriate weighing machine that helps to monitor your baby’s growth. It is a versatile weighing scale that is not only suitable for babies but your pets too.

It offers accurate readings with a precision of 10g. Even if you put a towel or put your baby with a diaper, the tare function helps you to subtract that and get the required baby’s weight only. It is made of ABS material which is robust enough.

It also comes with a low battery and overload indicator that makes it more user-friendly. You can not only buy this weighing scale for your home but also hospitals or veterinary clinics.

kg to pound and pound to kg unit conversion is available. You can use the conversion as per your convenience and comfort. The weight of this item will be around 1.5kg. You will get a warranty of 1 year from the manufacturer.


  • Great quality product.
  • Suitable for infants too.
  • Unit conversion from kg and pounds is easy.


  • No negative reviews were found.

8. Equinox Digital Compact Baby Weighing Scale EQ-BE-55

normal weight of newborn baby in india

Product Description

Ever wondered how to keep track of your babies weight ! For example what was the weight last week or 2 weeks back in comparison to today’s weight. If your paediatrician has asked to keep track of your baby weight at a regular interval, how to do that.

With this fantastic baby weighing scale no need to worry about that. This machine will help you to see the delta weight between last time measurement and today’s measurement. Isn’t it a great feature to have !

In-fact you can keep track of babies height as well using this infant weight machine. To keep track all these information it comes with built in memory feature.

A large 1.2 inch LCD display comes really handy while reading the measurements. Whenever the battery is about to drain it will indicate you. It supports upto 25 kgs of baby weight.

Good Things

  • The quality of materials are really good.
  • Looks cute and compact in size.
  • Good brand value in terms of baby products.

Needs Improvement

  • Some times weight precision is not correct.

How to select the best baby weighing machine India 2021? || Buying Guide

Purchasing the best baby weighing machine in India is a bit complicated because you need to keep in mind the baby’s comfort along with the durability of the machine. Several factors need to be checked to choose the right product. Take a look below:

Type – The two main types of weighing machine available in India are digital and analog. You can go with any one of these types but the digital ones are easier to read with a little bit more accuracy than the analog ones.

Weighing Platform – It is a good idea to buy such a weighing machine that comes with a larger weighing platform with curves to ensure that the baby does not fall off and feel comfortable. A padded weighing scale is also better since that can provide more comfort.

Accuracy – There is no benefit in buying a weighing scale that is faulty and not accurate. So, you need to check the accuracy of the weighing machine before purchasing it which you can do by measuring the weight two to three times and notice the deviation in the readings each time.

Capacity – This mainly implies the weight carrying capacity. It is crucial to check this since if your baby is of more weight than the capacity of the machine then that can damage the machine ultimately.

Tare Button – It is essential to have the tare functionality as that can help you to calibrate the machine for pointing to zero even with a blanket or the diaper. Another important feature is the hold button which you can use to get accurate reading results even if the baby is moving.

Special Features – Now, this factor is not critical at all rather some add-ons which can be more helpful for you. For example, the Wi-Fi compatibility or automatic tracking of the baby’s weight can be some of the additional features that you can also check if you need them.

These are the main features or factors you need to acknowledge while purchasing the best weighing scales.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Words !

Hope you have enjoyed this entire series on the best baby weighing machine in India 2021. We have done stern research to pick up these top 8 products and hence you can go with any one of the above for getting ultimate satisfaction. 

If you are still confused then we would suggest to go for the best seller i.e Beurer digital weighing machine for babies .

Thanks, have a great day!