These days, people are very much concerned about their body weight since being overweight is the root cause of several health diseases. Thus, people have started various activities like going to the gym, jogging, etc.

So, for these things, it is important to check your body weight daily or quite frequently to notice how much change you have gone through. That can help your trainers or dieticians to prepare or change your diet chart.

So, all you need is to buy a weighing machine at your home so that you can measure the bodyweight for as much time as you want. If you are planning to buy the best body weighing machines in India, this is the perfect guide for you that can provide you with all the relevant information.

Here, we have discussed the top 8 best weighing machines in India 2021 along with a buying guide. Stay tuned to get all your doubts cleared. Thus, without wasting any more time, let us jump to the reviews section.

List of 8 Best Body Weighing Machines in India

If you are a workout freak or you have some medical conditions, where you need to keep your weight under check you definitely need a weighing scale for home.

We have gone through a lot of online portals and prepared an exclusive list of body weighing scales which can be kept at home. This list contains both digital and analog weighing machines. You can select one of them as per your choice.

1. MCP Personal Weighing Machine (up to 130kg)

best body weighing machines in India

Product Description :

This is the best weighing machine for body weight in India that is much easy to read and also easily understandable thereby offering a user-friendly functionality.

It is much durable and strong to carry up to 130kg of human weight accurately and precisely. Since this is a mechanical weighing scale, you must ensure to point it to 0 before standing on it to take your weight.

The platform has been designed in a rust-proof manner so that you can also keep it in your bathroom. It is fitted with an adjustable knob that you can use to set it to zero before measuring the weight. With the extra-large display, you can easily see your weight while standing on it.

Good Things

  • Good quality and robust material.
  • The standing area has a grip so that you do not fall off while standing on it.
  • The blue color makes it attractive and classy.

Needs Improvement

  • Does not support if your weight is above 130kg.

2. Venus Electronic Bathroom Weighing Machine (up to 180kg)

best weighing scale brand

Product Description:

This is one of the best weighing machines in India available from the best weight machine brand, ‘Venus.’ It is super light-weight that enables you to carry it easily with you even if you change cities frequently.

It features a G-sensor that ensures to catch minor and slight weight variations. It consists of an LCD that enables you to see your weight. The material used for this weighing machine is much robust and sturdy.

It is made of tempered glass that is strong enough and skid-proof too. Available in two bright colors, red and purple, this human body weight machine can be your perfect choice to purchase for home. This also supports both kg and lbs weight measurements.

Good Things

  • Pretty looks and good durable glass.
  • Light in weight and compact.
  • The glass-top makes it classy.

Needs Improvement

  • The design on the top can strip off with regular usage.

3. Equinox Analog Weighing Scale (EQ-BR-9201, up to 130kg)

weighing machine best brand

Product Description:

In the third place, we have picked up another best weighing machine for body weight in India from one of the best weight machine brands, ‘Equinox.’

This is an analog machine that is much easy to read with highly accurate readings. It has a scrolling button behind that you need to adjust for pointing it to zero before weights measurements. The platform is much wide and strong with an anti-skid surface that enables you to stand on it without any worry.

The human body weight machine has been constructed with many durable materials that can support all body types. The warranty provided by Equinox for this machine is 18 months from the purchasing date.

equinox is definitely considered as one of the top 10 weighing scale company in India. They produce real good quality weighing scale.

Good Things

  • The readings are much accurate.
  • Its working performance is perfect.
  • Wide and clear display.
  • Very much affordable.

Needs Improvement

  • For a bigger foot, the machine can feel a bit smaller.

4. ActiveX Smart Digital Body Weighing Machine (free ActiveX app, up to 180kg capacity)

best body weighing machine in India

Product Description:

This is the best human body weight machine and more with a lot of certifications like it is FDA/CE/FCC/RoHS certified. With this machine, you can track thirteen total important parameters like BMI, body fat percent, muscle mass, and more.

As there are so many essential parameters that can be tracked with the help of this machine, it is perfect for beginners, gym enthusiasts, bodybuilders, or any sport-lovers. It uses the dual-frequency BIA technology that utilizes two different frequencies to measure the body’s data hence you need not worry about the machine’s accuracy.

Upon buying this machine, you will also get the free ActiveX app where you can keep track of the body weights for your entire family and also share them with your friends, families, or trainers.

Good Things

  • Very useful and helpful.
  • The looks and design of this weight machine are classy and attractive.
  • Much accurate measurements.

Needs Improvement

  • The LCD display is small as complained about by few users.

5. OMRON Body Weighing Machine With Other Parameters (HBF-224)

good weighing scales

Product Description;

This machine also deserves to be in the fifth position for the best weighing machine for body weight in India being packed with a full array of sensors that ensures to track the 14 health compositions along with mobile app tracking.

There are a lot of options that have made this so popular among the users. You do not have to spend your money anymore on routine checkups because this human body weight machine can enable you to measure the BMI, fat levels, muscle health, and others.

This product is constructed in a robust manner that can be used to measure different body structures with an age range from 18 to 80. Another notable feature of this weighing machine is the easy integration with other healthcare devices from this brand.

Good Things

  • Highly precise and accurate.
  • Automatic on/off feature is available.
  • The construction is much durable and robust.

Needs improvement

  • Battery replacement is required frequently.

6. ActoFit Smart Body Weighing Machine With Overall Body Tracking

good weighing machine

Product Description:

Ideal for the fitness freaks, this body analyzer machine comes with plenty of features ensuring your money gets invested in the right product. Not only weight, but it can also offer you other notable readings regarding body water percent, fat level, BMI, bone mass, protein levels, etc.

With the mobile app, you can get all your body readings at your fingertips in one simple step. It features dual-frequency BIA technology that enhances the accuracy of the readings with easy Bluetooth connectivity and a multi-user database.

The machine is also built with artificial intelligence that enables you to receive personalized advice depending on your progress. Therefore, with all these advanced features and classy looks, this best weighing machine for body weight in India can be a perfect choice.

Good Things

  • The weight measurements are accurate.
  • Artificial intelligence integration is another notable feature.
  • Easy to synchronize with the app through Bluetooth connectivity.

Needs Improvement

  • They have not mentioned any Warranty info.

7. HealthSense Digital Body Weighing Machine With Other Body Analysis (up to 180kg)

best analog weighing machine

Product Description:

As we all know, HealthSense is a trusted brand among the buyers related to healthcare instruments and so in the case of weighing machines. This model from HealthSense is one of the finest ones that you can use to fulfill your fitness goals.

This can be used for analyzing 13 different body compositions like the body fat level, BMI, etc. It features dual sense BIA technology with 4 precision sensors and high sensitive electrodes that offer you accurate readings.

The Fitdays app can be easily paired up with this weighing machine to keep track of your body check-ups at your fingertips. The machine comes with a robust construction with a multi-user database. You will get free service for any issues with this weighing machine during the warranty period of one year.

Good Things

  • Synchronization of the Bluetooth connectivity is super.
  • You can switch to the baby mode to measure your baby’s weight.
  • Precise, accurate, and easy to use.

Needs Improvement

  • Inaccurate readings can be shown above 120kgs as complained.

8. HealthSense Human Body Weight Machine/Electronic and Digital Bathroom Scale

branded weighing machine

Product Description:

Though we have included this at the eighth position on our shortlist, it is one of the best-selling products of Amazon, so please consider this also since we have ranked it eighth among more than 100 models. It comes with a wavy design that makes it look classy with LCD display and built of strong ABS material.

It has a maximum carrying capacity of 180kg with accuracy and can be measured in different units like kg, lbs, and ST. It also features G-sensors so that minute variations can be captured easily. The LCD display is much larger with a backlight enabling you to notice it from far away or tall height.

The surface of the platform of this machine is matte so you no longer need to worry about skidding. Thus all these features and the sophisticated colors available made this one of the best weighing machines around.

You can consider this product as best weighing machine for home. Very easy to use, accurate results like commercial weighing scales.

Good Things

  • Auto-step sensors are available.
  • Attractive design.
  • Much accurate results.

Needs Improvement

  • There are no extra whistles or bells.

Things to Look Before Selecting The Best Weight Machines in India 2021 | Buying Guide

There are a lot of products available throughout the Internet world, but do you know the factors that must be checked to select the best human body weight machine? If your answer is no, we are here to help you out. Keep in mind the below factors to know everything that you need to acknowledge before purchase.

The type of the weight machine

There are mainly two types of weighing machines available namely, the analog and the digital. For precise and accurate readings, it is best to go with a good quality digital weighing scale from some of the best weight machine brands.

Accurate Readings

When you are planning to buy a weighing machine, you must check the accuracy of that machine. For that, you can check your and your family members’ weights repeatedly to check whether the readings are coming the same all the time.

Weighing capacity

The different weighing machines in the market have different weight carrying capacities ranging from 120kg to 180kg. Thus before going to purchase the product, make sure to check the weight of the person who will be going to check their body weights on that machine. Make your choice according to that.


Make sure that the weighing machine has anti-skid pads below so that it does not skid off while measuring your weight. If that happens, you may face serious accidents. Also, check that the platform has a firm grip so that you do not skid when you put your wet feet on it.


This is one of the major factors to check for ensuring that your hard-earned money is invested in the correct product. The type of materials used for the construction is the main thing that determines how durable and robust it is. Also, it is better to go with rust-proof materials so that you can keep it in the bathroom without worrying that water accumulation can make it rusted.


This directly depends on the weight of the weighing machine. So, you must check the specifications thoroughly to know the weight of the weighing machine. If the weight is less, it is more portable.

LED display

This is also an essential factor while purchasing a weighing machine. You should check that the display is large, clear, and bright enough so that you can notice it while standing on the platform.

Size of the platform

The most common problem faced by users is the width of the platform that is not sufficient enough to accommodate their feet. Usually, the average weighing machine has a platform that supports 8-inches feet in size. So, if your foot size is more than that, go for the one that suits your purpose.


It is crucial to set your budget before going to the local store or searching on Amazon. If you have a budget, then it is easier to find out the perfect product within that price.

So, above are some of the major factors that we have considered for selecting the top 8 best weighing machines in India 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Words !

Hope you have found this guide quite useful for choosing the best weighing machine for body weight in India. You can blindly rely on the above listed 8 products and select one. If you are still in confusion, then we would suggest to go for ActoFit Smart Body Weighing Machine .

Thank you for landing here and digesting our provided information, Stay safe!