Best Car Air Purifier in India

The present era gives evident hints of increasing air pollution day by day, leading to a consistent spike in the number of people facing health troubles like asthma, bronchitis, heart problems, allergies etc.

It is crucial to have an air purifier not only at homes or offices but also in cars. Being constantly exposed to roads, cars are the storehouse of many pollutants and particulate matters.

These may include dust, cement particles, smoke etc., and exposure to them, in the long run, can cause serious health issues. Also, the particulate matters act as aerosols and can provide a medium of transfer for many viruses and bacteria. Never forget how the unpleasant smell in the car can ruin any drive. So many problems can be solved just by getting an air purifier.

Getting an air purifier is not only a matter of quality but also the health of an individual. The selection of an air purifier depends on many factors like interior space of a car, type of ionizer, type of purifier etc. 

Keeping all these aspects in mind, we have evaluated many products. We have shortlisted some of the highly-rated products in the market to make it easier for you to choose the best car air purifier in India.

Like the way we are using water purifiers for safe drinking water, home air purifiers for clean air inside home, similarly car air purifiers can be used to get a fresh and soothing air inside the car.

Let’s take a look at these products.

List of Top 7 Car Air Purifier in India in 2021

1. Dr CHARCOAL Non-Electric Air Purifier, Deodorizer and Dehumidifier for car, 200 grams

best car air purifier

Product description:

As the name suggests, it is a non-electric purifier, making it a handy tool for places lacking an electric point. Also, it is cheaper as it uses activated charcoal instead of any ionizer or complex purifier. 

The product has micropores of size 2 nm, adsorbs the air’s impurities, and makes the air clean and fresh. It comes in different sizes, like 50g, 500g, etc. so, one can choose according to their car room space. It works well if regularly exposed to the sun, once a month.

Good Things

  • Natural and Eco friendly.
  • Small size and portable.
  • It doesn’t require electricity; therefore, no electric point needed.
  • Cheaper than the purifier using ionizers and complex purifiers.

Needs Improvement

  • Charcoal needs to be reactivated.
  • It can be used for a maximum of 1.5 years only.

2. Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer

air purifier for car india

Product description:

Particulate matter(PM) is one of the most harmful pollutants present in the air. This uses an ionizer to filter the air and is effective in removing the Particulate matter. 

An ionizer releases negative ions into the air and reacts with particles of PM2.5, thus making the air clean. It attracts a PM, reacts with them and converts them into ozone particles. 

It is an excellent product for lengthy trips as it absorbs smoke, dust and removes any foul odour.

Good Things

  • Removes particulate matter from the air, thus reducing health hazard.
  • It comes with convenient size.

Needs Improvement

  • It produces ozone which can cause irritation in nasal passage and eyes if used for many years.
  • Produces noise which may be disturbing at times.

3. GOOD AIR Royal Impregnated Activated Carbo Indoor Car Air Purifier, Non- electric

car air cleaner

Product description:

It is another product with activated charcoal and thus is an eco-friendly option. Also, it is small and easily portable. It comes at a reasonable price and contains high-quality charcoal. 

It is made up of steam activated virgin coconut shell carbon. It undergoes the process of impregnation, which makes it possible to absorb the hazardous gases and fumes trapped inside the car. 

It must be prevented from getting wet, and if it happens, it must be dried in sunlight for further effectiveness. Making it wet may reduce its efficacy rapidly as water molecules will decrease the gas absorbing capacity of the activated charcoal used and reduce its durability.  If used properly, it lasts up to 3 years.

Good Things

  • Eco- friendly.
  • High-quality charcoal.
  • It can be used for three years.

Needs Improvement

  • Wetting reduces the efficiency.
  • No added fragrance.

4. VANTRO Smart Car Air Purifier with HEPA and Ionizer with Digital Touch Display

car air purifier ionizer

Product description:

It is one of the best air purifiers for the car in India as it is an advanced technology containing both ionizer and HEPA filter. It is one of the best choices as it is a combo of both filter type purifier and ionizer.

It is made up of aluminium alloy and consists of an effective motor.It also contains an air sensor that immediately predicts any decline in air quality, and fan speed gets adjusted accordingly. 

It has no inbuilt battery storage system but can be easily operated using a USB cable. Also, cab operated over laptops and power banks can be used anywhere easily without requiring an electric port.

Good Things

  • It Has a filter screen showing the quality of air. 
  • Helpful for preventing allergies, asthma etc.
  • Rotates 360 degrees.
  • USB power supply.

Needs Improvement

  • The filter has to be replaced in 4-5 months.
  • Replacement of filters is not readily available.

5. Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier IG-GC2E-B

best air freshener for car india

Product description:

If you are having trouble finding a space to keep the air purifier inside the care, this is the best product for you. The IG-GC2E model is made to fit perfectly in the vehicle’s holder or cup or the bottle holder.

It has a filter (PM 10) that is efficient in removing most of the harmful aerosols present in the car’s interior. Also, the filter is washable; therefore, it can be reused. It can be charged using a USB cable and has a USB port to charge your mobiles.

It also traps the pollen effectively, thus very helpful for people having allergies. It gets its power from a 12V Dc cigarette lighter port. This product has high durability of almost 19,000 hours that is nearly eight years and six months, thus investing in this product is a good idea.

Good Things

  • It easily fits in the bottle holder or cup.
  • Has high durability.
  • The unit has a lifespan of about 19,000 hours.

Needs Improvement

  • Pre-filter needs to be cleaned weekly. 
  • It is slightly costly.

6. Smartee Car Air Purifier, Car Air freshener and Ionic Air Purifier

best car fragrance india

Product description:

This product, exclusively made for cars and RV, uses the negative ions and releases up to 4.8 million anions per cm. It attracts the harmful molecules present in the air. It is also equipped with a PM 2.5 filter, thus absorbing all the contaminated particulate matter. 

Moreover, it can ultimately reduce any bad smell within 15 -30 minutes, depending upon the size of the car. It has great power to absorb the harmful ions and reduce foul odour but sometimes may fail to remove the unpleasant smell altogether. 

It also kills the virus, bacteria and removes any pet smells. Another feature is the indicator light which lights up, showing that the product is working.

Unlike other ionizers, it produces a low amount of ozone that is approximately <0.05 ppm. Power consumption is also common, about 0.8 watts. It can easily be operated on the 12 V port in the cars and powered using a USB port.

Good Things

  • Ozone released in lower concentration.
  • Lower cost than other ionizers.
  • Removes particulate matter (has PM 2.5 filter).

Needs Improvement

  • Sometimes may not be able to remove the foul smell.
  • Durable for two years only.

7. GoMechanic Carbon C4 Low Noise Air Purifier

philips car air purifier india

Product description:

This purifier has a reliable 3-stage filtration system. It has a high-grade HEPA filter that removes PM 2.5. It also has an advanced double layer activated carbon structure, helpful in dissolving formaldehyde, reduce foul odour.

It is equipped with a TVOC sensor and four-mode adjustment, where different colours indicate the quality of air. Moreover, the purifying gear gets adjusted automatically depending upon the quality of air. On the top of it, it also has a digital screen to show the quality of air, wind speed of the gear, humidity etc.

Good Things

  • High-grade HEPA filter.
  • Enabled with TVOC sensor. 
  • Easy installation.
  • Detects the air quality and adjusts automatically.

Needs Improvement

  • It is quite Expensive.

How to Choose the Best Air Car Purifier? Buying Guide

With so many available options of air car purifier in India, it can be challenging to pick the correct purifier for your car. So, there is a list of some of the crucial factors that you must consider before investing your hard-earned money in an air car purifier. 

Car Space

The most important factor is the space present in the car. A purifier will work appropriately if bought according to the car size. A low power purifier may seem cheap, but if you buy it for an SUV or any other bigger cars, then that will be a waste of money as purifiers can work properly in a limited space only according to their power.


There are two factors to be considered here.

First is the CADR, which is the clean air delivery rate. It refers to the amount of clean air coming out of the purifier per unit of time. If CADR is high, then the air filtration rate is better. If the room space of the vehicle is more, then the product with high CADR must be chosen.

The second factor to be considered is ACH (Air Changes per Hour)- Which indicates at what rate and how often the air is cleaned in an hour. If living in areas with higher pollution, then High ACH product must be chosen as the air needs to be cleaned regularly.

Type of purifier 

There are mainly three types of purifier- natural (activated charcoal), passive purifier, active purifier.

Active purifiers release negative ions and absorb the harmful particles by producing ozone molecules. Ozone molecules in the long term can be harmful; therefore, an ionizer releasing lower ozone density is ideal. One of the best car ionizers in India is the Smartee car Air purifier, as it emits less ozone.

Passive purifiers use media-based filters which adsorb pollutants. They don’t produce ozone; therefore, they are more reliable and accepted products.

Natural purifiers contain eco-friendly ingredients like activated charcoal, therefore suitable for the environment and health. 

Noise Emission 

It is vital to pick a product with less noise emission as any sound or noise during a car drive can be disturbing. It may also cause headaches and unnecessary irritation.

Portability and size

The product you choose must not be massive as it can cause problems in keeping the purifier and thus reducing effectiveness. 

The product must be suitable and would be good if it consumes less energy and works on a USB port. Working on a USB port makes it more portable and handy.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Final Words !

In this detailed guide, we have researched and reviewed the best products within a reasonable price range. We have included the main details of the product. This will be helpful for you to get a general idea of which products to look for and grab one according to your preferences. 

You will also get to compare and choose a product accordingly. It has shown car air filter with the reasonable price in India.

 The above mentioned seven products come out to be the best among all. You can grab any of them according to your preferences and price range.

Thank you for visiting this site; we will be back with the next reviews.

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