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Do you put any detergent into your washing machine that is available in the market?

Why we need best detergent powder for our washing machine ?

Are you someone who thinks about how does detergent matters in any washing machine?

You are not alone. Many people think the same way. We always do lot of research to buy the best washing machine available in the market. We also spent a lot of time in finding the most efficient washing machine, but we miss a crucial part that is washing detergent powder.

Detergent powder plays a major role in increasing the efficiency of your washing machine. Let us understand How.

How does detergent powder increases efficiency of washing machines?

As the technology evolves, the washing machine companies are also trying to do best use of it and produce most efficient washing machine for consumers. Most pain point for a middle class Indian consumer is power, energy and water.

So most modern day washing machines can run by using less water and less energy. How come using less water a washing machine can clean all the dirt form our clothes. Here comes the importance of detergent.

Right detergent can work flawlessly with less water, at the same time it will clean your clothes perfectly.

Before washing machine era, we use to wash our clothes by dipping them in buckets with traditional washing powder. These detergents usually create a lot of foam and froth. Usual impression is, lot of froth means good cleaning.

washing powder brands in usa ifb detergent liquid surf excel matic front load liquid washing powder formula

But with modern day washing machines it is not true. Lot of foam will prevent the machine to clean the clothes properly. You either have to re-run the machine or you have to re-wash the clothes by your hand. In either case you are using energy, electric power in case of former.

Because of high power consumption your month end electric bill is also going to increase. In long run it will degrade the performance of your washing machine.

Thus companies came up with different type of detergents for different type of washing machines. Top load washing machines which has agitator needs more water where as front load needs more tumble action. So they require specific detergents.

When you go to market to buy detergent, you will see different indicators marked in different detergent packets. For hand wash it will be marked as complete. For automatic machines the detergent packets will be marked as MATIC. You can also find liquid detergents which is the best choice for oil and greasy stains.

Finding best detergent powder for washing machine

You should focus on few pointers while buying best detergent powder from market.

If you are a regular user of white cottons, delicate fabrics, or bright colours then it is very important for you while picking the right washing detergent from retail. A small mistake can make your outstanding looking cloth to a dull looking cloth.

If you are a regular user of delicate fabrics like silk or wool then you should not use any harsh detergent on it. You may prefer to wash them with your hand using complete detergents. Remember not to use any detergent which has bleach on these delicate fabrics.

If you love to wear bright colour cloth or saree then liquid detergent is ideal for you. This is because detergent powders which has bleach will strip color dyes from your favourite saree. Liquid detergents also give outstanding result in stain removal with keeping your vibrant color intact.

There are people who always love to wear white, like my uncle. You can’t beat detergent powders which works best against tough stain while keeping your cotton bright and lively.

Which is the best detergent powder in India

If you are someone who has grown up in India, you must be aware of the Indian middle class mentality. We think more amount of detergent will produce more froth and give better wash. Tv commercials also responsible for this.

That is not the case. more amount of detergent may damage your clothes. Sometimes it creates allergy and itching sensation in human skin. So specific type of detergent with right quantity needs to be used while washing your clothes in washing machine.

The brand also plays a major role in deciding whether it is best detergent powder for Indian market or not. Depending upon the brand we can increase or decrease the amount of washing powder.

Best Detergent Powder for Washing Machines

There are multiple factors to decide which is the best detergent powder. Below we will discuss few best washing powder brands that are available in India which will help you make a decission.

1. Surf Excel Matic Top Load Detergent Powder

best detergent for top loading washing machine in india best detergent powder in india

Surf excel washing powder is a house hold name in detergent section. It comes with various types and various packaging styles. Polybag packaging is also available.

This particular detergent is designed to work in high water level i.e Forty liters of top load washing machines. Surf excel matic top load detergent powder dissolves completely leaving no surplus on your clothes or in the washing machine.

This matic washing powder is produced using advanced technology that gives you hand wash like result in machines itself, without any difference.

Many washing machine manufacturers recommend surf excel matic top load detergent powder and it is the number one in its category.  Just one scoop of surf excel matic can be considered as two scoops of ordinary hand wash detergent. So it is value for money as well.

2. Ariel Matic Top Load Detergent Washing Powder

best detergent in india best washing powder for washing machine best washing powder in india

We have listed Ariel matic top load detergent washing powder in the second position of our best detergent powder list. This works best in fully automatic washing machines.

Ariel Matic provides strong stain removal for a brilliant clean in just one wash. This particular ariel detergent powder also uses an advance technology called as Brightguard Technology which ensures that clothes remain bright even after multiple wash.

This cutting edge technology provides unblemished cleaning for all your clothes, and removes tough stains like juice, chocolate, tomato and butter, ghee and maintains the brightness of the clothes.

On a weekend when you are washing a heavy load of clothes you can use 1.5 scoop of this detergent, for normal wash just one scoop should be enough.

The USP of this detergent powder is the fragrance. The deep cleaning and long lasting fragrance will make you stand out among your colleagues or mates.

Many renowned washing machine manufacturers like LG, Whirlpool, Panasonic, etc recommend this detergent for best results.

3. Henko Matic Top Load Detergent

washing machine powder best detergent for washing machine best detergent for clothes

If you are a regular user of Surf Excel or Ariel brands, then you may find bit difficult to switch the brand and use a new brand from our list of best detergent powders, but give Henko a try. You will be amazed with the impeccable result it gives. This will also cost less in comparison to the other brands.

Henko has discovered a revolutionary solution to all your washing complains like colour loss, fading and stain removal. Very tough stains like mud, ink, oil and chocolate dissolves easily and instantly without harassing your clothes.

Within just one wash it removes all stains. The texture of this detergent is soft, smooth with a fine perfume fragrance. Therefore it gives you a whole new washing experience while protecting age and looks of your favourite shirt.

4. Surf Excel Matic Front Load Detergent Powder

surf excel front load washing machine detergent powder arial surf surf excel matic xname front load washing powder

This detergent powder is specific for front load washing machines and comes with various size of packages. Polypacks are also available in market.

Surf excel powder is designed best to work in high water level twenty liters of any front load washing machines. Similar to the surf excel top load detergent it dissolves absolutely without leaving any residue on your shirt or saree or in the machine.

But it is different from the previous one in terms of foam or lather formation. It produces the right amount of froth that is required which eventually protects your expensive front load washing machine from choking or obstructing.

It is very effective and works for all kind of fabric. Just one scoop is equal to two scoops of ordinary washing powder. This product is recommended by almost all leading washing machine manufacturers.

5. Syclone Matic Top Load Detergent Powder for Washing Machine

detergent powder machine surf detergent ifb liquid ifb liquid detergent amazon

This is a low cost top load detergent powder developed for top load washing machines applying advanced scientific technologies. So this is the fifth best detergent powder in our list.

Do not underestimate this detergent because of its low price. It is very much capable of efficiently cleaning clothes in top load washing machines. The best part is it has a Triple Action Next Generation formulation which is developed using European Technology.

Stains like sauce, chocolate, mud, oil, can be easily removed and cleaned. It also has special polymers and enzymes which prevent greying, fading of colours and gives a long lasting fragrance to clothes which boosts your inner confidence. The enzyme technology is sourced from Denmark.

6. Amazon Brand – Presto! Matic Front Load Detergent Powder

rin powder tide surf price ariel powder baby laundry detergent india surf excel liquid top load washing powder nirma girl

Last but certainly not the least best detergent powder in our list is from Amazon brand and named as Presto Matic detergent powder. This detergent is meant for front load washing machines.

Removes toughest stains very easily. Most importantly it does not have any harsh chemicals mixed in it. It is free from bleach and phosphate which otherwise could damage your clothes.

It is very gentle on your clothes and makes sure to keep your fabric color intact. You will love the after wash fragrance.

For heavy loads you can use 1 and 1/2 scoop, for normal use you can use 1 scoop of this detergent.

Can I use a front loader detergent powder in a top load washing machine?

We have discussed earlier in this article that the detergent powders that are used for top load washing machines produce more foam and lather. More foam means it may not give you the best result in terms of clean wash.

In case of front load washing machines it requires detergent which generates less suds and froth. That is why we have matic washing powders. However you still can use the top loader washing machine detergent here by taking half quantity.

Can I use normal detergent in top load washing machine?

To be honest it is not advisable. Normal detergents produce lot of foam and it is not going to help you in proper cleaning of your clothes. You will be disappointed after every wash.

Modern day washing machines are using advanced technology to improve the efficiency by using less water and less electricity. So it is very important to use specific detergent which can wash clothes using less water.

In our opinion always try to use detergent which is recommended by your washing machine manufacturer.

Which is better – washing powder or liquid detergent?

From the name itself you can understand, liquid detergent contains water where as washing powders are solid in nature. So liquid detergent will dissolve quickly when you put it inside a washing machine. Washing may take couple minutes to dissolve.

In terms of chemical formula both of them are more or less same. At low wash temperatures liquid detergent is preferable. When the temperature is high you can use powder.

I would say powders are more eco friendly as well as pocket friendly.

Can I use regular detergent to wash my baby’s clothes?

In most cases you can use regular detergent powders for washing baby clothes. But in any case if your babies skin is very allergic or sensitive then you can go for gentle and mild detergents.

One of my friends baby gets rashes and red marks when she wears clothes washed using normal detergent powder. There is no best detergent powder for babies, but you can go for less chemical used liquid detergents.

There are specific baby detergent powders or baby liquid detergents are available online.

surf excel top load ifb washing machine detergent fname detergent powder which detergent is best for lg front load washing machine

The mee-mee detergent is anti bacterial and bio degradable. It does not have any harsh chemicals. Very mild detergent specially formulated to wash your baby’s clothes.

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Final words

Washing machines are made to solve a particular purpose. Modern day manufacturers are using different advanced technologies to increase the efficiency of washing machine by using less water, less electricity etc. So detergent works as a catalyst to achieve all these.

Therefore normal, complete, matic all these washing powders are available to be used for specific washing machines. If you want durability of your machine as well as your clothes then always use best detergent powder that is recommended by your washing machine manufacturer.

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