I am sure many people would be thinking “will a gaming mouse make a difference” or “are gaming mouse worth it” !

After going through innumerable tally of gaming mouse online, we found the answer is YES. Thus to help you with your search, we have prepared this review article which consists of Exclusive list of 7 Best Gaming Mouse Under 2000 in India.

Gaming mouse is the most salient feature of your gaming console after Gaming Laptop and Gaming Chairs. A normal office mouse with your exclusive gaming setup looks really weird.

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Brand: Corsair Harpoon
Warranty: 2 Years
- 12,000 dpi optical sensor


Brand: HP Gaming Mouse
Warranty: 1 Year
- Adjustable DPI


Brand: ASUS Cerberus
Warranty: 1 Year
- 4 dpi with LED Indicator


Brand: Redragon Pegasus
Warranty: 1 Year
- Adjustable DPI button


Brand: Cosmic Byte
Warranty: 1 Year
- 16.8 million spectra RGB LED


Brand: Cosmic Byte
Warranty: 1 Year
- Excellent grip for Palm and finger tip


Brand: RedGear Z- series
Warranty: 1 Year
- 3360 gaming grade sensor


There are so many options are available for gaming mouse in India, that it becomes really tedious to find the best one. Gaming mouse is a type of device which has to be an exclusive one. You can’t just pick any mouse for gaming from an online store.

Gaming is something which is addictive. People play it continuously for long hours. So if the supporting devices are not good enough then you won’t enjoy the game. Sometimes it is tiring as well.

Thus you will have to choose a mouse which is performance oriented, not so expensive, perfectly designed so that your palm or wrist does not get hurt. Every mouse we have listed in this article has perfect balance between design, performance and price.

Computers are getting more and more common in our daily life and gaming is a big reason for that. You can ask any professional gamer about the most important component of computers while gaming that is indispensable and that is a gaming mouse.

A nice gaming mouse can change perspective about your gaming experience. It can also help you in improving your responsiveness and reaction time while making you aim nicely for FPS and TPS games.

However, choosing a good mouse is never easy and you have to go through many components before buying your best mouse India. That is why we would recommend to go through our buying guide before selecting any mouse.

You should read this article carefully to find which gaming mouse suits your requirements best. Budget is also plays a major role while selecting an ideal gaming mouse for yourself which can handle any game without ever slowing down to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Top 7 Best Gaming Mouse Under 2000 in India

Once you visit any online e-commerce platform and just search for Gaming Mouse, you will find hundreds of results listed in-front of you. Starting from non-brands to cheap ones to poor designed ones. But you should not go for any of these.

To help you with your decision making we have prepared this list of 7 best gaming mouse under 2000 in India. We believe at the end of this article you must have selected the best professional mouse for yourself.

1. Corsair Harpoon Pro RGB, FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse

Win your games easily with CORSAIR Harpoon RGB Pro gaming mouse with its comfortable cushion-shaped rubber design and side grips that make you feel awesome when you hold it and the extremely low weight design that lets you manage it very fast to always join in the action of the game. 

The 2000 DPI optical sensors make the experience amazing with high durability power that is one USB plug away. You can choose from dozens of default values to customize your dynamic RGB back-lighting according to your favourite colors so your mouse looks unique.

Good Things

  • DPI optical sensor for high precision and tracking.
  • Light-weighted mouse.
  • Easy to manoeuvre with basic design.
  • Six programmable buttons.
  • Comfortable grip.

Needs improvement

  • Service centres are not available easily.

2. HP G360 Gaming Mouse

Experience a new way of gaming with HP Gaming Mouse that has lots of amazing features to offer. Because of the feature list we have included this mouse in our list of best gaming mouse under 2000.

Good gaming mouses come with an ergonomic design for both professional gaming and gamers with 6 programmable buttons that can be easily programmed according to your needs for upper hand while playing games. 

The shape of this mouse makes it very easy to hold which will give you a comfortable and soft feel on your hands. The three-dimensional non-slippery roller makes it further more easy to navigate through pages.

The gold plated USB provides a high-speed interface with your computer or laptop that makes it highly effective while you are playing games by giving you more mobility and better control on your screen.

Good Things

  • RGB color wheel.
  • Thin and light-weight design.
  • Customization and user-friendly drives.
  • Six DPI sensitivity settings.
  • Up to 6200 DPI keys.

Needs Improvement

  • The overall build quality could be improved.

3. ASUS Cerberus Gaming Mouse

ASUS Cerberus is a two way gaming mouse which comes with four stage DPI switches. These switches are customizable with the help of RGB software.

This best gaming mouse has a rubber side grips that is very comfortable to your palms and gives a good grip to hold while playing games. You can easily switch between sensitivity levels with the help of the DPI connector provided in the mouse. 

This mouse is better suited for individuals who want custom sensitivity or they play with both hands because it accommodates both right and left-hand players with all grip types. It offers a fully customizable button set DPI present on both sides with RBG LED lights.

Good Things

  • 4 customization DPI buttons.
  • Rubber side grips for better control.
  • Set your sensitivity accordingly.
  • User-friendly shape for both right-handed and left-handed gamers.
  • Multi sensors for better tracking.

Needs Improvement

  • No RGB gaming look.

4. Redragon Pegasus M705 Wired USB Gaming Mouse

Redragon is a company that is known for making budget friendly and good quality gaming mouses by the tech industry. This particular gaming mouse offers you to choose from 5 DPI levels that are highly adjustable depending as per your requirements.

Using its custom background backlight, you get an amazing LED light setup that can be customized with the help of software provided with the gaming mouse. 

Its aggressive design makes it non-slippery and beautiful to hold. Very advanced technology is used which completely eliminates the possibility of shadow clicking. Below the main button on the scroll wheel, there is a micro button placed with high-quality feedback tactics that can be used as an individual button by the user.

Good Things

  • Adjustable DPI buttons with 5 modes.
  • Multiple RGB color options.
  • Aggressive design with textured body.
  • 100% durable with a guarantee.
  • Six programmable buttons with three memory modes.

Needs Improvement

  • The wide design is not suitable for small hands.

5. Cosmic Byte Equinox Alpha 5000DPI 7 Button Gaming Mouse

Take a new step toward gaming with this advanced Cosmic Byte gaming mouse. This profession mouse offers a state of high resolution graded optical sensors that can trace the movement spectacularly.

The ergonomic body shape is anti-slippery and UV coating makes the color permanent on the mouse body. The skin-friendly color coating makes the gaming mouse ideal for heavy gamers that like to do high and gaming with multiple hours spend on the mouse.

Also, this separate seven mouse buttons can be customized for performing certain functions to improve your gaming needs or changing the DP of your mouse. The scrolling LED gives it a cool look that can easily amaze anyone with its lifetime guarantee of up to ten million clicks.

The fast and responsive design of the mouse makes it perfect for heavy gamers. This is one of the best budget gaming mouse.

Good Things

  • Up to 7 total buttons.
  • Light-weighted and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Works best for both palm and claw grip.
  • Gold plated USB provides great connectivity.
  • Long cable for better mobility.

Needs Improvement

  • Not very friendly for left-handed players.

6. Cosmic Byte Zero-G Lightweight RGB 12400 DPI Gaming Mouse

The amazing Cosmic Byte Zero-G gaming mouse not only looks good but its performance is one of a kind that can only be expected with this gaming mouse. The symmetrical shape and light-weightiness make it easy to hold and maneuver around the surface of your desk.

You can try any grip it like a claw or with 4 fingers since it is made for or any grip which can be customized to its core. 

The multiple RGB LED lighting and its’ spaced frame design gives it a very cool look that can be admired by anyone. Its gaming mouse feels like a wireless mouse but with better connectivity to offer its users.

Also, the pads are made up of Teflon which gives it an ergonomic design and great strength for any normal user. This is our sixth number mouse in the list of best gaming mouse under 2000.

Good Things

  • Suitable for both left and right-hand control.
  • Light-weighted and multipurpose design.
  • Fast click and response time.
  • Excellent grip to hold.
  • LED lighting can be configured by mouse software.

Needs Improvement

  • The body build quality could be improved.
  • IR sensor could be added.

7. Redgear Z-2 Gaming Mouse with PMW 3360 Sensor

The Redgear Z-2 is made for gaming with a sense of durability and design since it is very important for gamers to maintain their composer while playing games.

This mouse features a fast and responsive technology that can revolutionize the gaming industry and make you game-play extraordinary. RGB lighting looks good and works well with that as that is an additional feature but you can easily customize them with the help of mouse LED function. 

You can also choose from different ranges of color that the mouse offers for its users while you get the option to customize the brightness and DPI of your mouse buttons.

This gaming mouse has a featured set of 8 programmable buttons that can be customized all at once to do a specific task in your game. If you are low on money then this is the best budget gaming mouse that you can buy in India.

Good Things

  • DPI can scale up to 12000.
  • 8 programmable buttons offer good control.
  • RGB Lighting makes the design look better.
  • Strong built quality with ergonomic design.
  • Amazing movement detection sensors.

Needs Improvement

  • Chord length could be more.

Buying Guide to Find The Best Gaming Mouse Under 2000

These are some of the important components that you should know before buying your best budget gaming mouse in India. Always, check the factors to compare them to find the best gaming mouse under 2000 and pick the one which can satisfy you while gaming.

Wired or Wireless

A Wireless mouse is better for mobility and offers you great ranges of motion but they lack the accuracy that a wired mouse provides so most of the professional gamers use a wired mouse for their gaming setup.

As each has its own benefits we leave the choice for you to decide according to your needs but if you still want our opinion then we would suggest for a wired mouse as a best budget gaming mouse.

Sensor Type

Determining the right sensor for your mouse is very important because they change your responsiveness and accuracy which is why you should spend a little more while choosing a good sensor over physical features.

Many of the pro-gammers claim that optical mouse sensors are the best for gaming experience and response time and they don’t give you any delays on your movement in the game.

Mouse Weight

A Light-weighted mouse is generally preferred in the gaming industry but if you choose an extremely light-weighted mouse, then it is a sign that your mouse is not durable enough to handle your play.

So try to look for a moderately weighted mouse that is durable and slim so you can later customize them according to your needs.

Final Words !

For endless hours of gaming you need the best budget gaming mouse, but nowadays with so many options to pick from you may decide to pick the wrong one.

That’s why we have made this amazing review of the 7 Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs 2000 in India within the price range that everyone can afford. To help you further more, we can suggest ASUS Cerberus Gaming Mouse and HP G360 Gaming Mouse from the above list.

The list consists of the top gaming mouses available in the market at the lowest price possible which were picked by professionals and they are tested in the most ruthless environments to complete your gaming needs and make you enjoy your games more.

This gaming mouse provides better control with great manoeuvring and accuracy so you can never miss your shot, so what are you waiting to buy your best wireless mouse in India today.