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With the advancement of science and technology lifestyle has changed a lot in recent times. We are almost getting accustomed to that lifestyle, in fact trying to adapt the new lifestyle as much as possible. One of such historical invention of technology is geyser water heaters.

Whenever we think of the most awaited season of the year especially in those countries which are hot and humid throughout the year and then those 3 or 4 months of winter arrives, the first thing which strikes our mind is the fear of taking showers in cold water. So, what can be the solution for this, any guesses?

It is nothing but a small electrical device which will make your showers comfortable ones by converting cold water to warm water. And one of those devices is the electric geyser water heater.

Now let’s not only think of winter season just come out of that box and think that you had a very stressful day at work and after returning home. A shower in a little warm water can help you to get a refreshing feeling. You will feel rejuvenate. So how can you achieve that easily, the answer is again a geyser.

Geyser water heaters come in different varieties and also different storage capacities which can help you to choose as per your requirements. So are you planning to buy the best geyser in India for upcoming winters, but confused which one to buy? Don’t worry, you are at the perfect place. Just check our detailed comprehensive review article with product recommendations.

To help you with your decision making, we have listed below 10 best geyser water heaters below with their best buy link. You can directly purchase from here. However we will recommend you to go through our review article, compare features, pros and cons etc.

Also go through the buying guide which we have specially prepared for you after lot of market research.

Product Image

Our Rating


Best Buy Link


Capacity: 10 liters
Warranty: 2 years
Power: 2000 watt


Capacity: 3 liters
Warranty: 2 years
Power: 3000 watt


Capacity: 3 liters
Warranty: 2 years
Power: 3000 watt


Capacity: 25 liters
Warranty: 5 years
Power: 2000 watt


Capacity: 25 liters
Warranty: 2 years
Power: 2000 watt


Capacity: 6 liters
Warranty: 5 years
Power: 3000 watt


Capacity: 10 liters
Warranty: 2 years
Power: 2000 watt


Capacity: 10 liters
Warranty: 7 years
Power: 3000 watt


Capacity:  15 liters
Warranty: 7 years
Power: 3000 watt


Capacity: 3 liters
Warranty: 2 years
Power: 3000 watt

Here are the Best 10 Geyser Water Heaters in India

If you have reached at this point means you have not yet bought the best geyser from the upper table list. You must be interested in our detailed review article of individual best water heater in India. We have included both instant and storage water heaters in our list.

I am sure you will definitely get lot of insights regarding product description, key features, pros and cons of each geyser from below descriptive points.

1. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 10 Liter Vertical Water Heater

Best Seller


New Shakti Water Heater

Bajaj is an amazing brand when it comes to home and electronics appliances. This geyser is also a powerful product and one of the best selling geyser in Indian market. This is pocket friendly as well. You should definitely go for this geyser.

Product Description

This is a storage water heater. It comes with multiple capacity variants such as 10/15/25 Liters. 10 liter variant is enough if you have a small family comprising of 3 or 4 members. If you have a bigger family like 8-10 members then you should definitely go for 25 liter variant.

The energy efficiency is excellent for this 2000W 4- star rated product. It is made up of mild steel with glass lined coating thus proving to be of good material design.

The brand will offer free installation upon buying this product and you will get a 2 years warranty on this geyser. The outer body material is much good as it can prevent corrosion or rusting for a long time of use.

This best electric geyser is equipped with multiple safety mechanisms which can prevent any type of accident. So you can easily give a head start of the day with warm water shower using this geyser water heater.

Key Features

  • The product weighs around 9 kg.
  • The dimensions for this product are 37.8 x 38.6 x 40.5 cm.
  • The materials used to build the outer part are CRCA+PP.
  • The cord size for the product ranges till 1 meter.
  • It has a capacity to withstand high-pressure thus enables it to use in high-rise buildings.

Good Things

  • Good performance.
  • Auto-cut facility is available.
  • Easy to use and of good quality.
  • Installation is free.

Needs Improvement

  • Company should provide 3 pin plug with the geyser.
  • 25 ltr variant takes more time to hit the water.

2. Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

Editor’s Choice
gyser top 10 geyser in India


Instant Water Heater

I just love this instant water heater from Crompton. The design, look & feel, finishing, instant heat feature is just awesome. It also loaded with multiple features which you definitely going to love. However you will not get storage facility with this geyser water heater.

Product Description

If you are staying alone or have a very small family of 2-3 members and you have a fixed budget but want to go for a branded and good quality geyser, we highly recommend you to go for this product.

Though the capacity of this geyser is 3 liters the quality of the material used is awesome. You will get weldless tank which is made up of stainless steel. It makes the geyser corrosion free and made of rust-free body.

It is a kind of instant water heater with a power of 3kW and provides a 2-year warranty.

Key Features

  • Design is very much up to the mark which can enhance the beauty of your modern bathrooms.
  • A high-quality copper heating element enables faster heating of water.
  • Equipped with advanced four levels of safety.
  • Small LED indicators are there which makes it very easy to use.
  • The weight of the product is only about 3 kgs and dimensions are 26.5 X 27 X 42 cm.

Good Things

  • It is compact in size and beautiful design.
  • Very pocket-friendly.
  • The installation process is smooth.
  • Instantly makes the water hot.

Needs Improvement

  • Inlet / outlet pipes, connectors, and plug are not provided.
  • customer has to arrange for their installation, not provided by the manufacturer.

3. Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser (White/Blue):

geyser price world best water heater

We have included Havells Instanio Instant Electric Water Heater at the third position of our best water heater list. Havells is a very trusted brand when it comes to electrical appliances.

It is a very good instant geyser, minimal price and suitable for a small family or bachelors. People who don’t want to wait much time before they go to bath, and need instant hot water they can go for this geyser water heater.

Product Description

Although it has a capacity of only 3 ltrs, this geyser attached with a heating element made of copper which helps in faster heating of water. The materials used to manufacture this product are of very high-quality.

The inner tank is made up of stainless steel thus making it corrosion-free. Besides that this product is ISI certified which makes it more credible. The certified product comes with a 2-year product warranty and 5 years warranty on the condenser.

The power cord provided is fire preventable and ensures maximum safety. It is very much suitable for high rise buildings.

The most amazing feature which we liked in this instant water heater is, Colour-changing LEDs These LED lights will automatically change from blue to amber to indicate the hotness of the water.

Key Features

  • The product comes with extra things like two Flexi pipes, wall mounting accessories.
  • Power is 3000W and the operating voltage for this is 230V, 50 Hz AC.
  • The outer body is made of ABS which makes it shock-free and rust-free.
  • It weighs around 3 kg and the dimensions are 37.3 X 22.5 X 19 cm.
  • To indicate the level of hotness of water the LED indicators change their color from blue to amber.

Good Things

  • Takes 2 minutes to make water hot.
  • Good and compact design.
  • You will love the looks. It is very elegant.
  • Easy to use.

Needs Improvement

  • Not suitable for larger families.
  • Cable length could be improved.

4. Crompton Arno Neo 25LTR Storage Water Heater

water geyser price in India

Crompton is again a very trusted Indian brand headquartered at Mumbai. Founded 150 years back, this company manufacturers a number of electrical products.

Regarding this particular storage water heater, if you belong to a joint and bigger family this geyser is the best option. It comes at a very low price with a capacity of 25L.

Product Description

This geyser ranges from 3 stars to 5 stars thus you can choose as you want to save your electricity bill, 5 star being the most efficient one. This geyser has polymer-coated tank, which provides better heating efficiency than others.

The inner core is made up of stainless steel thus preventing corrosion. It is designed with the single weld line which minimizes the chances of leakage. The water capacity is very high for this geyser and possesses a smooth finishing polished body.

The temperature adjusting knob will help you to adjust the temperature as per your requirement. This geyser can be vertically mounted and furnished with powerful heating element.

Key Features

  • The geyser weighs about 9 kg and dimensions are 35 X 35 X 55cm.
  • The warranty of the tank is 5 years and for the product its 2 years.
  • The power of this geyser is 2kW.
  • Equipped with an advanced three level safety feature.

Good Things

  • Temperature control is well up to the mark.
  • Value for money product.
  • Very easy to install.
  • The energy efficiency of this product is overall good.

Needs Improvement

  • Customer service needs to be improved.

5. Crompton Amica 25-Litre Storage Water Heater

water heater for bathroom

Considering the popularity and quality range of products, we have included one more best geyser water heater from brand Crompton. The name of this product is Crompton AMICA ASWH-2025. It is again a 25 ltr storage water heater.

Product Description

This geyser is available at a low price with a large capacity of 25L and a beautiful look with a
combination of black and white colors. It provides excellent performance since it consists of a powerful copper heating element.

The best feature which we like in this geyser is smart design with standby cut off, which consumes less electricity and performs efficiently without compromising on quality.

High quality PUF foam maintains hot water for longer duration by ensuring high heat retention and becomes pocket friendly in-terms of your electricity bills at the month end.

Key Features

  • The length of the product is 25.3 inches, width of 16.6 inches, and a height of 15.8 inches.
  • The inner tank is coated with superior quality of polymer incorporated with nano poly bond technology which provides corrosion-free and resistance against oxidation even at high temperatures.
  • It consists of advanced level safety and can heat water within just 30-35 minutes.
  • The device is also equipped with a temperature control system from 25 to 75 degrees Celsius.
  • It offers a warranty period of total of 7 years for the tank out of which 2 years is there on the product.

Good Things

  • Free installation pipes are provided.
  • High pressure which can be suitable for high rise buildings.
  • Can be suitable for large families.

Needs Improvement

  • I don’t see scope of much improvement.

6. Havells Quatro Storage Geyser Water Heater (White/Grey)

5 star rating geyser in India

Earlier we have included one Havells geyser in our best geyser water heater list, which is an instant geyser. This particular one is a storage geyser. Havells again a very much trusted brand and produces range of products. They are known to produce best products in this category maintaining the quality and service part.

Product Description

The square designed tank has an anode rod with a stainless steel core. This core effectively protects the tank from corrosive elements. The system uses special catalyst action to fight the corrosive elements which eventually prolongs the life of the water heater.

An amazing technology is used in this water heater i.e Whirlflow Technology. This technology avoids direct contact between cold and hot water flow. As a result water gets heated very fast and optimized energy saving effecting 20% more hot water outputs.

Like the previous havells water heater, this is also equipped with LED Indicator to indicate the real-time hotness of the water. You will also get a knob which is adjustable for setting the temperature conveniently.

Key Features

  • The length, width, and height of the product are 40.5, 26, and 25.4 cm respectively.
  • The weight of the product is very less like only 4 kg.
  • The power stands at 3kW and the operating voltage is 240 volts.
  • Original 3 PIN plug will be provided along with 2 Flexi pipes.

Good Things

  • Very lightweight water heater.
  • Pretty look and design.
  • Quick hot water heater.
  • Suitable for high rise buildings.

Needs Improvement

  • Not as such.

7. Bajaj Calenta Storage 10 Liter Vertical Water Heater

water heater brands

Product Description

The white and blue color adds to the grand look of this geyser, the outer body is made up of plastic
which makes it corrosion and rust-free. The glass lined inner tank makes the geyser much durable.

The PUF insulation helps in keeping the water hot for a long time. There is also a temperature indicating dial so that you can know when the water becomes hot. This BAJAJ Water Heater offers a total warranty period of 7 years for the tank and 2 years on the product. This can also be used as a kitchen geyser.

Key Features

  • The length of the geyser is 38.5, width is 38.5 and height is 43 cm.
  • It is quite heavy nearly 9 kg.
  • It possesses an ergonomically styled plastic body.
  • The temperature indicator dial is also unique in this geyser.
  • The high 8-bar pressure makes it suitable to use in high-rise buildings as well.
  • For extra protection against corrosion and damage, the magnesium anode rod has been used.

Good Things

  • The product is genuine and good looking.
  • The auto-off feature is there.
  • Compact in size.
  • Prepares hot water within 15 minutes only.

Needs Improvement

  • After sales service needs to be improved.

8. AO Smith Storage Vertical Water Heater

best geyser brand

Product Description

At a very affordable this 5 star rated geyser has a capacity of 6 ltr which is ideal for 2-3 members in the family. The inner tank is blue diamond glass lined thus providing a double protection formula from corrosion resistance and the outer body material used is ABS.

The long-lasting anode rod can tackle hard water as well and obviously as it is 300W power so 33% faster than the 2kW ones.

The fact that it can resist water pressure up to 8 bars, certainly makes it an absolute choice for use in high rise apartments.

This AO Smith geysers furnished with very good safety features such as safety valves, thermal cut-off features. The durability is also increased because the outer body is made of ABS.

Key features

  • The product dimensions are 32 X 32 X 26 cms (approximately).
  • Offers a warranty of 7 years on inner tank and 2 years on the heating element which you can also extend for more than 2 years.
  • Mounting screws will be provided.
  • Free installation is provided in some specific cities and for others a minimal amount of Rs. 300 will be required.

Good Things

  • It is equipped with strong heavy gauge alloy steel tanks.
  • Red and white combination makes it very attractive.
  • Makes water hot much efficiently and faster.

Needs Improvement

  • Customer service not so helpful.

9. Crompton Solarium Qube Storage Water Heater

best geyser for kitchen

Product Description

As mentioned earlier as well, Crompton is kind of market leader in this business. So we have included multiple geyser water heaters from crompton brand in our review list.

This water heater is not just made for producing hot water, but also very much energy efficient. This is a tank type or storage type water heater. The tank is insulated from inside which helps to keep the inner water warm. There is a thermostat present as well which controls the overall temperature of the water. This is one of the best water heater for your bathroom.

Key Features

  • The product dimensions are 720 x 61.5 x 650 cm.
  • Product weight is around 15.2 Kilograms.
  • Five star rating storage water heater, which makes it energy efficient.
  • Three level of safety.
  • Adjustable temperature knob.
  • Square shaped body is unique.

Good Things

  • Value for money water heater.
  • The looks and feel of the product is attractive.
  • Installation is free.

Needs Improvement

  • Inlet and outlet connection pipes does not come with product.

10. Bajaj Flora Instant Water Heater

best instant geyser

We have included storage or tank water heaters in our list majorly. but we can’t ignore the importance of Instant Water heaters as well. So at number 10 we have included one of the best water heaters in Indian market i.e Bajaj Flora Instant geyser water heater.

Product Description

It is a very convenient geyser which can be directly connected to your shower. Not only the looks but the performance is also ravishing. It is definitely going to increase the ambience of your bathroom.

Since it is an Instant water heater, a high-quality heating element is attached to it which makes sure to deliver instant hot water. Keeping Indian conditions in mind it is designed to handle water pressure up to 8 bars.

The body of this product is made of plastic, so there is no tension of rust or corrosion. You will get green and red neon indicators to make sure when the water is heated up and ready to be used. As safety measure a fire retardant cable is attached.

Key Features

  • The Product dimensions are 45 x 28 x 27 cm.
  • This product weighs about 3.76 KG.
  • Capable of handling water pressure up to 8 bars.
  • Thermoplastic body for long lasting performance.
  • Good safety features.
  • Easy to operate.

Good Things

  • Within a minute you will get hot water.
  • Corrosion free.
  • Very good brand value.

Needs Improvement

  • Not suitable for large families.
  • can not store water.

Buyer’s Guide for buying a geyser water heater

Before we get engaged in looking the best geysers available in the market, let’s concentrate on the
points that we need to keep in mind for choosing the best one and get our money invested at the right place.

So, some of the key points to be remembered are as follows:

Say, you want warm water for washing clothes in a bucket then you can buy a geyser which is of
less capacity but if you want to get a shower in warm water of course that has to be bigger than
the former one. So the intention for using a geyser should be fixed first before buying a geyser.

Then say you are from a locality where the type of water is hard, that can affect the lifespan of
the geyser so go for such a geyser which can withstand that condition, hence please check the
type of water you are going to use.

You are staying in a joint family or a neutral one with 3 or 4 members or you are staying alone?
Depending upon that you must choose the storage capacity of the geyser.You must choose a geyser which will consume less power, so one more factor.

In summer season you want to get refreshed after a lot of pressure in office, then you should be
taking shower in not very hot water whereas in winter you must use more warm water than the
former case so temperature setting facility should be there.

The material of the geyser is one of another important factor you have to consider because that
can affect your performance a lot.

Things to Remember While Buying Best Geyser

1. Geyser Type

There are multiple type of geyser water heaters are available in market. Depending upon energy source there are mainly 3 type of geysers are available in market i.e Electric water heaters, Solar geysers and Gas water heaters.

Based on storage type the geysers are divided into 2 types i.e Storage / Tank water heater and Instant / Tankless water heater.

Most Indian families go for either Storage or Instant geysers.

i. Storage Geysers:

From the name itself it is pretty much evident that, these are type of water heater which can store water. There are multiple capacity of storage geysers are available in the market. You need to buy as per your family size and requirement.

Depending upon the capacity these water heaters store certain amount of water. When you switch on, water gets heated up from the storage and remain hot for certain period of time. A thermostat helps the water to remain hot inside the tank for sometime.

The price of tank water heaters depend upon the material used in the tank. Steel tanks are less expensive in comparison to coper tanks.

If you have a small family then you can go for 20 ltr geyser, if you have a bigger family then go for 25-35 ltr tank geyser.

ii. Instant Geyser:

These are just opposite of storage geysers. They are made to perform different job. Tank capacity of these geysers are less, but they heat up the water instantly. Mostly the tank sizes for these geysers ranges between 3-6 ltr.

When you switch on these heaters will instantly heat up the water and deliver it. Once you switch off water will be cool down.

2. Material Used in Water Tank

There are mainly 2 types of material are used in storage tank of a geyser i.e Copper and Steel. There are few instances where you might find thermoplastic is also used.

Copper is mostly used as it is a good conductor of heat, which eventually helps in heating the water fast. It is expensive as well. However it needs lot of care and maintenance, because it creates corrosion.

Now a days manufacturers are more inclined towards Steel tank. With the help of anti-corrosive powder and glass lining, corrosion can be eradicated. It requires less maintenance.

For home it is not advisable to use copper tanks.

3. Auto-off feature

This is major safety feature. Many at times people forget to switch off the water heater once they come out of bathroom. I myself has done it couple times. this can lead to serious mishap like fire incidents.

So modern day geyser water heaters are equipped with a smart feature like Auto Switch Off. The geyser will be shut after a certain amount of time.

4. Power Consumption

Depending upon your family size and number of times you take bath, the monthly electricity bill can go up to 15-20% up when you start using a geyser.

Most of the modern day water heaters come with BEE rating. try to buy a geyser having BEE rating 4-5 stars. This will definitely help your monthly bill in check.

5. After Sales Service

This is one more major area after safety to look for before you finalize any geyser. Electronic appliances are bound to fail at some point of time. If there are not service centres near your place or the manufacture is not covering your area in their service list, then it can create lot of headache.

So definitely keep this point in mind.

6. Warranty

Most good branded manufacturers provide 5-7 years warranty on water tank, 2-3 year warranty on other parts. Since it is a heavy used device, it may break down at some point. So make sure to check this point in user manual before buying a geyser.

Top Geyser manufacturers

As the geyser is almost becoming one of the must-have appliances at everyone’s homes, many
companies are inventing new varieties of geysers and implementing them in the market. Some of
the top manufacturers include:

  1. Bajaj
  2. Crompton
  3. Havells
  4. AO Smith
  5. Jaguar, etc.

Among these obviously Bajaj is the best one but yes none of the above mentioned are less in comparison, so you can go for anyone of these.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Words !

Now a days geysers has became an essential commodity for many households. Lot of families prefer to take a bath in warm water throughout the year. During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more essential to use warm or hot water for your daily needs along with Mask and Sanitizers.

Some parts of our country, winters are very chills. It is pretty much difficult to take a bath in cold water. It is not advisable as well, because you may caught with cold, cough and fever. So definitely there should be some facility of hot/warm water at your home.

We hope the above review article will definitely help you to find the best geyser water heater for your family. We recommend AO Smith Storage Vertical Water Heater and Crompton Bliss Instant Water Heater .

Cheers !

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