Best Headphones Under 2500 in India

Are you searching for the best headphones under 2500 in India? Then this article will help you to select the best one as per your budget and requirement. 

Headphones have become a major necessity in today’s lifestyle. The demand for headphones has always been high in the market. However, the covid era acted as a catalyst and has increased its demand exponentially.

Due to covid most offices and almost all of the education system have turned to online mode. This has made the headphones a necessity for the employees and students. There can be three types of headphones – over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones and in-ear headphones .

The in-ear headphones are earbuds and are smaller than the other two options. One can choose among them according to their requirements. If you are trendy person and travel a lot then you can go for True Wireless Earbuds under 3000.

The headphones help in official work and facilitate entertainment like listening to music with an immersive experience and binging over the web series.With the advancement in time, the headphones are also getting updated from time to time. 

This has resulted in a bunch of products being available in the market. It can be fuzzy and tedious to compare all the details and get the best headphone. To make your work easier, we have listed some of the best quality headphones available in the market.

We have also included noise-canceling headphones under 2500 in the list so that you don’t have to search further in any other platform.

Let’s take a look at the list.

List of Top 8 Best Headphones Under 2500 in India 

1. Boult Audio ProBass Ranger over-ear headphones

best bluetooth earphones under 2500

Product Description:

This product by Boult Audio is one of the best noise-canceling headphones under 2500. It is a wireless over-ear headphone and uses Bluetooth for connectivity. On top of that, it is water-resistant; therefore, if you are a regular traveler, then it is the best choice for you.

With the in-built mic, you can command your voice assistant and do your job hands-free. The adjustable headband makes it easier to be used by different people. It is also suitable for people who love gaming.

Good Things

  • Voice instructions can be given, and the job can be done hands-free.
  • The runtime is 13 hours and has a standby of 1-2days.
  • It has IPx5 water-resistant technology.
  • It comes with aux-cable connectivity also.

Needs Improvement

  • Sometimes while playing games, the sound may lag if connected with Bluetooth.

2. boat Rockerz 450 On-ear Headphone

good headphones in india

Product Description:

This product by boat is another best product in the market under 2500. It is wireless on ear headphones with 40 mm drivers. It gives good quality voice and pumping bass.

It is a lightweight product and weighs only 168 grams. 

It offers a playback time of 15 hours with just a single charge. The ear cups are adjustable and quickly adapt to your ear shape. It has dual connectivity and offers connectivity with both Bluetooth and AUX.

Good Things

  • It offers dual connectivity 
  • It provides a payback period of 15 hours with a single charge.
  • Adjustable and foldable design.

Needs Improvement

  • It is not water-resistant.
  • It uses Bluetooth version 4.2, which may lead to the breaking of voice sometimes.

3. Sony WI-C310 Wireless in-Ear headphones

moto pulse 3

Product Description:

This product by Sony is one of the best in-Ear headphones under 3000. It can be charged by using a type C charger. It is a wireless in-ear headphone and one of the best Bluetooth earphones under 2500. It uses Bluetooth version 5.0 for connectivity. 

It is a lightweight product and weighs only 30 gms. The fast charging feature allows you to get a charge for 60 minutes only with 10 minutes of charging.

The earbuds have a built-in magnet for a tangle-free experience. And easy storage. It is equipped with a 9 mm driver and allows hands-free calling by using the multi-function button.

Good Things

  • It offers fast quick charge technology.
  • It uses Bluetooth version 5.0, which gives good quality audio.
  • The product comes with a battery life of 15 hours.

Needs Improvement

  • It is not a water-resistant product.
  • The durability is a bit lower.

4. Boult Audio ProBass Bluetooth Headphones 

good headphones for music in india

Product Description:

This product by Boult is a good noise cancelling headphone under 2500. It comes with a 1-year warranty also. It offers Bluetooth connectivity and is an over-ear headphone. It is a comfortable and lightweight over-ear headphone. 

Moreover, it comes with passive noise cancellation and offers crystal clear audio while attending meetings or classes and gives an immersive audio experience.

You can give voice commands and do your job hands-free. It is equipped with IPx5 water resistance. It is an ideal headphone if you are a regular gym person or traveler.

Good Things

  • It offers dual connectivity.
  • It has IPx5 water resistance.
  • It has a good battery life of 10 hours and 1-2 hours standby.

Needs Improvement

  • It is not a completely foldable model.

5. Zebronics Zeb-Thunder Bluetooth Headphones Review Wireless BT headphone

top headphones in india

Product Description:

This product by Zebronics has a dual connector type. It can be used as both wired and wireless headphones. It offers a battery life of 9 hours with a charging time of only 1.5 hours. 

The 40 mm drivers offer good quality sound, and it uses Bluetooth version 4.2 for connectivity. It offers a range of 10 meters. The headphones have an ergonomic design and are comfortable for ears.

Good Things

  • It can be used as both wired and wireless headphones.
  • It has a standby of 600 hours.
  • It offers 9 hours’ playtime with 1.5 hours of charging.

Needs Improvement

  • Durability is a bit shorter.
  • It is not a water-resistant product.

6. boat Bassheads 900 On-Ear headphones

best overhead headphones under 2000

Product Description:

It is another excellent product by boat. It is a cheaper and cost-effective choice. It is an on-ear wired headphone with a 3.5 mm Audio jack. It also comes with a sound isolation feature.

It gives fantastic bass and good sound quality. It ensures passive noise cancellation. It is a compact and foldable design which makes it easy to store products.

The audio jack is made up of corrosion-resistant material. It is compatible with Android and iOS. Also, it has an in-line mic.

Good Things

  • It is compatible with a large number of devices.
  • It has a corrosion-resistant jack.
  • It gives an excellent base and passive noise cancellation.

Needs Improvement

  • Wearing it for a very long time can cause pain in the ear.

7. Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming headphone

best headphones under 2000 with mic

Product Description:

Are you a gaming freak? This product by Cosmic Byte is one of the best products under 2500. It is an on-ear wired headphone with a 3.5 mm jack. It has a very stylish design and offers a 360-degree soundscape with an immersive audio experience. 

The adjustable headphones easily fit with ears and can be managed according to the different ear shapes. It is compatible with PS4, Xbox One S/X, PC, Laptop, tablets, smartphones etc. The RGB LED light makes it look more stylish.

The flexible noise cancellation delivers clear audio, and the external noises will not bother you while you enjoy your game.

Good Things

  • It is compatible with a wide range of devices like PS4, Xbox, PC, laptop, tablets etc.
  • It has a stylish design.
  • It has a flexible noise cancellation mic.
  • The RGB LED lights make the product look more attractive.

Needs Improvement

  • It is a heavyweight on-ear headphone.
  • It is not water-resistant.

8. Boult Audio ProBass Bluetooth headphones

best over the ear headphones under 2000

Product Description:

It is another excellent product by Boult. It comes with a sound isolation feature. It is water resistant over Ear wireless headphones. You can consider this as one of the best wireless headphones under 2500 rupees in India. 

On top of that, it is equipped with passive noise cancellation. It can be used in both wired and wireless forms. It offers 10 hours of playtime. It has a standby time of 1-2 days.

Moreover, it is IPx5 water-resistant. Also, it is comfortable and portable with very soft cushiony ear cups. It is a lightweight model also.With so many features, it is one of the best over-ear headphones under 2500.

Good Things

  • It has water resistance technology IPx5.
  • It offers a playtime of 10 hours and a standby of 1-2 days.
  • It is comfortable and easy to carry the product.

Needs Improvement

  • It doesn’t have a very long lifespan.

How to Choose the Best Headphones Under 2500 in India? Buying Guide

Headphones have become a significant part of our daily life and must be selected judiciously for maximum comfort and quality. We have listed out some of the critical points that you must consider before buying a headphone for yourself.

1.) Type of headphone

It is one of the most important things to consider before buying a headphone. There are three types of headphones available in the market – over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones and in-ear headphones. 

One must choose the type of headphone according to your need. Over-ear headphones are more giant and provide more bass to the audio; on-ear headphones are slightly smaller and provide good quality sound. The in-ear headphones are earphones; they are lightweight and portable; however, sound quality is lower than over-ear headphones.

2.) Design

Most of us need to wear headphones for a longer duration, be it the meetings, class, or entertainment. Ears are sensitive organs, and one must ensure maximum comfort to the ears while using the headphones.

The ear cups or earbuds must be soft and cushiony to be worn for a longer duration comfortably. It must not hurt the ears. 

Also, you should check that the headphones come with a portable and foldable design if you are a regular gym person or traveler.

3.) Water resistance

While running different errands, we sweat a lot or maybe get stuck in the rain. In such a situation, the headphones must be water-resistant, or else their durability will be reduced.

It is crucial to get water-resistant headphones if you encounter rain a lot or go to the gym and sweat profusely. It is preferable to get an IPx5 water resistance design.

4.) Noise cancellation 

Noise cancellation is a feature that allows the cancellation of external noises such as vehicles, Tv etc. 

It will enable you to hear the audio at a comfortable volume, and you can work for a longer duration.Therefore, you should check for this feature while buying a headphone.

5.) Battery life

A “low battery” is a thing that we all hate, especially while running essential errands. The battery life of the headphone is vital. One should choose a product with higher battery life among the products in the same price range.

6.) Warranty

Devices like headphones are prone to damage if not maintained properly or used a bit more. Therefore, a reasonable warranty period offered by headphones is preferable.

A more extended warranty period ensures quality, and you can exchange the headphones within this warranty period. Therefore, one must look for a warranty period before buying a headphone.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What features must be considered before buying a headphone?

Ans – Before buying a headphone, you must look for the features such as noise cancellation, design, battery life and warranty period. It is preferable to choose a water-resistant product if possible.

Can headphones cause headaches?

Ans – Even after using the best headphones, they can still cause headaches if used for a longer duration. Headaches are a sign to take a break from the headphones.

For how long can you wear the headphones without hurting the ear?

Ans – Headphones can be worn for a maximum of 60 minutes at a stretch and must not be used for more. If you need to wear it for a longer duration, you must take regular breaks and keep the volume under check.

Final Words !

We all realize the importance of headphones. Many people from all the age groups want or need headphones. With the impact of covid and everything turning to online mode. It has become a necessary part of our daily life.

We have researched and reviewed all the products carefully and provided you with the list of the top 8 best headphones under 2500 in India to make your work easier. All of the products are reliable and trustworthy. We recommend the overhead headphones by boAt as they have outstanding quality. However, you can go with any of the products.

We hope that this article was helpful for you. Do not forget to refer to our buying guide in case of any difficulty.

Thank you for sticking up to the end.

Goodbye, take care.

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