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If you are planning to buy the best kitchen weighing scale in India, then this can be the perfect guide for you. Here, we will be discussing the top 7 best kitchen weight machines in India 2021 and a buying guide for your convenience.

Kitchen weighing machines are much essential for the preparation of different cooking recipes or weighing your diets.

It is essential since a small difference can make your food quality bad. So, for consistent cooking that is of good quality, you must purchase one of the best weighing scales for your kitchen. 

Thus, a kitchen weighing scale must be accurate, and therefore, it is a good idea to purchase digital or electronic weighing scales.

If you are a gym freak or believe in consuming healthy diet, along with a personal weight machine, body fat analyzer you need a weighing scale for your kitchen as well. Keeping track of all the calorie consumption is very important.

Therefore, let’s start with a detailed discussion on the best kitchen weighing scales in India 2021!

7 Best Kitchen Weighing Scale in India Reviewed

1. AmazonBasics kitchen weight machine digital, stainless steel (5kg)

best kitchen weighing scale brand in india

Product Description :

The first place on our shortlist is taken by this one of the largest selling kitchen weighing scale up to 5kg that is made of pure stainless steel.

It also has a wider LCD screen making it easier to read besides ensuring sturdiness and durability.

You can measure from 2 grams to 5kg of food on this weighing scale. It is equipped with several advanced sensors that enable you to achieve quick and accurate responses within minutes.

It can display results in ounces, grams, or pounds along with the tare button functionality that helps to make it properly calibrated by displaying zero weight thereby subtracting the weight of the container.

Good Things

  • Useful, compact to ensure hassle-free storage.
  • The design is impressive.
  • Good accurate readings.

Needs Improvement

  • Can’t weigh more than 5kg though it is mentioned in the specifications.

2. Generic kitchen weight machine digital (10kg)

weighing scales for food

Product Description :

At a very reasonable price, this is one of the best kitchen scales that you can go for. It has become a lot popular among buyers for the versatile performance that makes it useful for kitchen purposes.

It comes with a round durable tray that makes it ideal for regular usage. The readings provided by this machine are quite accurate with a splash-proof design. The material used for manufacturing this weighing machine is good enough to ensure the longevity of the scale.

It consists of a tare feature that enables you to calibrate it and the weight of the items is recorded only even if you place them in a bowl.

Good Things

  • Light in weight and compact.
  • Very pocket-friendly.
  • Functioning is easy and smooth.

Needs Improvement

  • Material quality could be improved.

3. Glun kitchen scale up to 5kg or 10kg

weighing machine kitchen

Product Description :

This is also one of the best-selling products on Amazon concerning the best kitchen scales in India. The price of this scale is very cheap as compared to its usefulness.

It consists of a wider LCD screen display that makes it easier to read and also locks the readings for some time after reaching stability. It also has the feature of automatic shut-down when not in use for some time.

The high-precision sensors ensure you get accurate readings with only one gram increment. It also comes with a lower battery indicator that helps you to keep track. The tare functionality is also an advantage since it lets you measure the weight of different items even when placed in a container.

Good Things

  • Enough accurate readings.
  • You will get more of what you will invest.
  • The ease of usage is awesome.

Needs Improvement

  • The build quality could have been more solid.

4. HealthSense kitchen weight machine digital

kitchen weighing scale upto 5kg

Product Description :

In the fourth place, we would like to discuss another best kitchen scale that comes with a nice design and looks which can complement the décor of your modern kitchen. It is provided with a handy and hygienic BPA-free plastic bowl that you can use for various purposes like mixing or 

weighing different items.

It operates with the aid of two AA batteries that are included in the package. The machine also features a low battery indicator ensuring you to keep track of the requirement to replace them and also an overload protector that will help you to use the product for a long time.

This scale comes with a tar button that makes it easy to weigh the items without considering the bowl’s weight. The high-precision sensors help you to get accurate and precise readings of all the items that you put inside the bowl.

Good Things

  • The container and weighing scale both are of good quality.
  • Accurate readings and easy usage.
  • Durability is great.

Needs Improvement

  • A bit expensive compared to similar weighing scales.

5. Bulfyss kitchen weighing scale up to 5kg or 10kg

vegetable weight machine

Product Description :

Again returning to our budget-friendly picks of the weighing machines, this can also be one your best choices that you can make. The high-precision strain gauge sensor system enables you to get highly accurate readings.

The tare option present in this weighing scale can help you to perfectly measure the weight of any type of ingredients in a container and also enable you to perfectly measure any type of liquids or powders. It also requires two AA batteries to operate.

The splash-proof design of this weighing machine ensures accurate and precise readings even in high humidity areas. Therefore, bring home this feature-rich weighing scale that offers easy usage and maintenance.

Good Things

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use.
  • The functioning is perfect and smooth.

Needs Improvement

  • The build quality is good but can be improved.

6. ATOM kitchen weight machine digital (A122)

kitchen scale india

Product Description :

At an affordable price, you can also go with this best kitchen scale that can be operated both with batteries or electricity. Hence, it consists of a power slot for operation and even if you want, you can use two AAA batteries.

The display screen is larger that shows five digits and the height is also 20mm that makes it easier to read. It allows you to record weights in various units like kg, pounds, and oz. The automatic backlight is also one of the added advantages that enable you to note the readings easily in the dark.

This weighing scale can be used to weigh a maximum capacity of 10kg. As a safety feature, it also supports an automatic shut-off facility after 60 seconds. The materials used for manufacturing this weighing scale are durable and high-quality ensuring long-lasting performance.

Good Things

  • The tare mode is useful.
  • Good build quality.
  • The accuracy and performance are great.

Needs Improvement

  • The adapter is not provided.

7. Dr. Trust digital kitchen weighing scale up to 5kg

weighing machine for vegetables

Product Description :

Lastly, we want to present another best kitchen weighing scale from one of the most popular brands, ‘Dr. Trust.’ It offers precise readings of 1g resolution that help you to perfectly cook your food with no difficulty or error in measurements.

The LCD display of this kitchen scale is large and easy to read. The usage is pretty straightforward with two buttons – one for power and the other is the unit button. The tare functionality of this weighing scale makes it easy to weigh the ingredients with easy calibration.

This weighing scale is made of high-quality ABS plastic material with a simple and sleek design. The machine is also compact and lightweight enabling you to easily fit in small spaces. As for safety features, it consists of low-battery and overload indicators that help this machine to last for a long time.


  • Nice looks and classy design.
  • Produces much accurate result
  • Strong built quality.


  • You can’t weigh more than 5kg with this weighing machine.

What Factors Are to Be Considered for Purchasing the Best Kitchen Scales in India? || Buying Guide

There are plenty of options are available in the market for a kitchen weighing scale. Sometimes it is little confusing to select the best one. So, what all factors needs to be checked? Take a look at the below pointers to understand in detail.

Type: There are mainly two types of weighing machines are available in India i.e analog and digital. Both are equally popular for measuring weight but these days, people want everything digital from watches to weighing machines.

Moreover, digital weighing scales are also easier to use and accurate than analog ones. Thus, make your selection wisely although most of the kitchen weighing scales are digital.

Accuracy: We think that this factor does not need any extra explanation because no one will prefer to buy a weighing machine that is not accurate. However, for checking the accuracy, take some reference weight and measure it two to three times, and note the difference in the readings.

Capacity: It is one of the essential factors to check since putting the items that are heavier than the specified capacity of the weighing machines can lead to damage ultimately. Usually, the range of the capacity of the kitchen weighing scales is 5kg to 10kg. It should also be noted that the maximum carrying capacity includes the ingredients along with the bowl.

Size: For the kitchen weighing scales, the weighing machine you are purchasing must be compact and lightweight. It is because it will not require much space to store. Moreover, small size weighing machines are also portable enough.

Types of units: The modern weighing scales are equipped with various and excellent features like the different types of units that can help you to measure the ingredients in kg, pounds, or others. This can help you to choose the unit that you are more comfortable with.

Display: It is always advisable and better to purchase such a weighing scale that is fitted with a large LCD display so that you can easily read the numbers displayed on it. However, you must also check that the screen goes off if the machine remains idle for a longer time.

Tare Function: This is important functionality to consider because by using it, you can get the real weight of the ingredients and do not need to manually subtract the weight of the container. So, check whether the weighing machine you are purchasing supports this function or not.

Materials: Since you will be keeping these weighing scales in your kitchen, you should make sure that the materials used for manufacturing them are durable and strong. This is important to ensure that the weighing machine can even last if it is subjected to rough use which is the most common case.

Pricing: Normally, kitchen weighing scales are not very expensive, it ranges below 1000 INR only. Still, within that short-range, you can get varied prices of the weighing scales, so choose the best one as per your budget.

Thus, these are the most common factors you should consider before purchasing a weighing scale for kitchen in India 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Words !

We hope that you have found this guide on the best kitchen weighing scales in India helpful. All the information that you need to know is consolidated in this guide by us in simple words. We have also listed the top 7 products above that can help you to compare and select easily.

If you are still confused then we would suggest to go either for the best seller Glun kitchen scale or Dr. Trust digital kitchen weighing scale .

Any questions regarding kitchen weight machine, you can ask us in the comment section.

Cheers !!

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