Everyone must be aware of the pandemic we are currently going through. It is not just Europe or Asia or America; the whole world is affected by COVID19 virus. If not the worst, but one of the worst pandemic world has seen in the last few decades.

Many doctors, WHO leaders have mentioned that, this corona virus is not going to eradicate in immediate future. We will have to practice how to live with it.

So the best practices that are suggested by leaders, doctors, scientists around the world to not get infected with this virus is to maintain social distance, hand hygiene and face masks.

Maintaining social distancing is easy. You just have to follow few simple steps. Do not go to crowded places like shopping malls, cinema theaters or public gathering etc. Also maintain a handstand distance while you are in a wine shop or medical shop.

For hand hygiene you can either use soap or hand sanitizers. Good quality hand washes will also work. Remember to rub or wash your hand at-least for twenty seconds after applying the solution.

General human tendency is to touch your eye, nose or face multiple times through out a day. Your hand is the most contagious place to get infected, because we touch many places during our course of day. So to avoid touching of face and inhale any infected air we should always wear a face mask while going out.

Here we are going to discuss about few of the best n95 mask in India for coronavirus protection that are available to buy online.

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What Is A Virus

As per Wikipediavirus is a submicroscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism. Viruses can infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea.

Virus itself does not have any life, but when it enters a living organism it can create havoc. There are millions of viruses are present and they are available in every ecosystem.

Viruses are mostly infectious in nature. Once you get infected you may face serious health issues. But not all viruses are bad. There are some viruses that can kill bacteria. Some protective viruses are also present in our body which fights against more dangerous viruses.

What Is A Facemask

A face mask is a protective object that you wear around your nose and mouth. There are two reasons to wear a mask. To avoid unnecessary hand touch with your face. Also to avoid inhaling infected droplets traveling in the air.

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You must have understood how important piece of an object a face mask is. So always go for the best masks that are available for virus protection.

Due to high demand, some of the listed best face mask for coronavirus protection might not be available currently. That does not mean you should not buy one. Click here to see some of the best sellers in N95 face mask category in Amazon India.

Type of Best N95 Mask in India for CoronaVirus Protection

There are quite a few different type of face mask brands are available in market.

N95 Respirator Masks

As the name says these masks are capable of filtering 95% or more of the smallest particles that are 100 to 300 nm in size present in the air. They fit tightly around your face and nose.

These masks have an excellent fit and create a seal around the face. You have to wear it correctly in order to work.

N99 Respirator Masks

Similar to N95 masks but these masks can filter 99% of harmful particles that are present in the air.

N100 Respirator Masks

On the same lines of above two respirator masks, this particular one cam filter 99.7% of harmful particles that are present in the air.

Some manufacturers attach special designed valves to these respirator masks, which helps people to breathe easily. But in our opinion these valves does not consummate the purpose. Because there are chances of inhaling any suspected particle through these valves. If you are really feeling uneasy without the valves then you can go for it.

Surgical Masks

You might have seen a blue coloured fabric with white borders used by doctors and other health care workers. These are called surgical masks. There are various kinds of surgical masks are available.

Mostly surgical masks are single-use masks, cut into a rectangle shape with tuck that expand to cover your nose, mouth, and jawline. They are made of good synthetic fabric. These masks are easily disposable.

Does surgical masks can filter all kind of pathogens present in air. The answer is no. As per various reports they can filter in a range of 10 to 90 percent of pathogens. That is why it is not advisable for general public to wear these masks. They are good for medical team and workers.

Although there is a difference in filtration capacity between N95 masks and surgical masks, but a random study says they can prevent a good amount of harmful particles entering to your respiratory system.

Cloth Masks

Cloth masks have gained popularity in recent times in countries like India and China during this pandemic time. As we know surgical masks are for medical staff and they are the front line warriors. If everyone starts consuming surgical masks then our warriors may fall short of it.

Also it is not possible for every sect of people to buy N95 or N99 masks. reason being they are not easily available in market, also they are expensive in nature.

So the best way is to do a DIY with any piece of clean cloth like handkerchief or cotton fabric, put it around your nose, cheek and jawlines. That should perfectly work for you. It might not be as effective as N95 masks, but yes something is better than nothing.

What Is The Best Face Mask for Corona Virus

Initially when this corona virus / COVID19 was detected, WHO had advised to public that everyone need not to wear masks. Only people who are feeling sick, medical professionals, or healthy people who are coming in contact with symptomatic person should wear.

But as the virus started spreading exponentially from one country to another, from one continent to another, WHO had to rethink. They later released a revised statement recommending everyone visiting public places, crowded locations, such as grocery shops, pharmacies, should wear a cloth mask covering their mouth and nose.

After this announcement many states in India, many countries as well has made it compulsory to wear a face mask when stepping our from your home. You may get fined, if you are caught without wearing a face mask.

Now since we have got a fare amount of information regarding face masks let us go through some of the best face mask for coronavirus protection. There is no one such best face mask is available in market. Depending upon the quality, comfort, material, size we will have to decide the top mask.

7 best n95 mask brand in India for coronavirus protection

Here we are going to review about 10 best face mask for coronavirus protection that are available to buy online in India.

1. Kurtzy Washable Reusable 3 Layers N95 Plus Coatex Anti-Pollution Anti-Dust Face Mask

This face mask is manufactured using very high quality Coatex Nano Shield Material. It is designed considering universal size and it fits perfectly to any type of face.

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It is a reusable N95 Plus protective mask, designed with particle filtration system, which protects you from any kind of germs, bacteria, viruses, dust particles and soot.

While wearing it, remember to cover your nose, mouth and chin with the mask properly, pull the string over your head. Hold head string by your hand, facing the concave side and ensure that the top line overs half of your nose

It is a reusable mask. So you can use it multiple times just washing it with your hands. Just remember it needs a very gentle and mild wash. Take a wet cloth soaked in normal warm water using soap on the front side of the mask or wipe with hand sanitzer gently and dry it for few minutes.

As an advisory, this mask is only for single use, not to be shared. If you face any problem in breathing while wearing this mask, then use a new one immediately. Store it in a dry place.

2. EUME Protect+ 95 Mask 

Number two in our list of best face mask for coronavirus protection is EUME mask. Thus face mask is designed to keep you safe from dangerous microbes, pollutants, dust particulate matter, smoke from vehicles, factories etc.

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This EUME mask can be reused with four ply protection. You can use it when you are going for a outdoor walk, commuting, Biking, Cycling etc. School going kids can also use it without any difficulty.

The face mask is very soft and lightweight which makes it comfortable and easy to wear. It will protect you from saliva droplets released when someone sneezes or coughs. Non-irritating to skin, Permits air passage and not at all harmful to human skin.

It is made up of with a netted mesh fabric which will help you while breathing. An inner layer of cotton lycra fabric is added for soft and gentle feeling. Third Layer is a melt blown filter which is citra (Govt) Approved.

Fourth Layer is SS-MMS (Spun Bond) which itself provides 5 additional layers of protections for additional filtration.

This is one of the best reusable mask in India. It is washable. You will have to take care of few things while washing. Do not ever put it in bleach, don’t tumble dry it. Never put it under iron or dry clean it.

It comes in various packs such as pack 1, pack of 2, pack of 3 upto pack of 7. It also comes with different colors and designs. You can buy any pack as per your need and choice.

3. 3M Face Mask

3M is one of the biggest companies in the world which produces products from various sectors like healthcare, automative, education, daily needs etc. So 3M face masks has to be in our list of best face mask for corona virus protection.

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This one face mask I have used personally and all my family members are using it from last many months. This is not only protect you from corona virus but also very useful in protecting you from any kind of industrial pollution, dusts, pollen etc.

This is not exactly a n95 mask, but it is a Ffp2 mask which is equivalent to n95 pollution mask. It can filter pm2.5, pm10, dust and allergen.

It can fold flat, so makes it very easy to carry. You can even carry it in your pockets while not using it. It is equipped with a cool flow exhalation valve to prevent heat and carbon dioxide build up.

The features added in this mask makes it extremely relaxable and best in its class mask. It has got European standard en 149: 2001 ffp2 approved mask hence filters air upto 95%.

Always remember to clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water. Cover your mouth and nose with mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.

Once you are back from outside, remove the mask carefully from the backside. Do not touch frontside of the mask, because all the pathogens might be lingering on the front side of the mask.

4. DALUCI Cotton Reusable 5 Layered N95 Face Mask

This is a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health(NIOSH) certified face mask from WESTA. If you want to know more about NIOSH you can go through their wiki page.

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Since this face mask is NIOSH approved it can has more than 95% filtration efficiency and tested for mean particle size of 0.6 Microns. Head straps are ultrasonically bonded to the mask, no staples are used. So you will not get any staple mark or discomfort.

It is made of silicon and latex free. Also adopted the polypropylene material, which is without any toxic chemicals or stimulant.

It has an adjustable nose-piece and a soft inner nose cushion help to ensure proper fit in turn it increases the worker comfort. It can be flat folded easily which you can carry in a small pocket. This face mask can last upto 90-100 hours.

5. Urbangabru N99 Anti Pollution Mask

This face mask is from Urbangabru. It is a N99 anti-pollution mask designed with four layer of protective filters. These four protective layers will protect you from dust, air pollution, vehicle emissions, microorganism etc and saves you & your family health from polluted air.

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Since it is a N99 mask it can filter out 99.7% of harmful particles and keeps your respiratory system safe. It is made from the softest material, the face mask can be worn with ease and is very comfortable.

A comfortable breathing valve is attached to this face mask which protects you from harmful pollution and helps to easily breathe clean and fresh air. This is very ideal to wear when you are travelling in a crowded bus, metro, biking or inside a hospital complex.

This is designed to wear comfortably for all so that the wearers can expand the masks to cover their nose, mouth and chin. It comes with very soft rounded ear loops, making them quite comfortable to wear.

6. Eranqo Anti Pollution Mask

The sixth face mask in our list of best face mask for coronavirus protection is from Eranqo. This is a three layer filter adjustable ear loops face mask. From design point of view this is the best face mask design.

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This face mask has a thick and full Carbon fiber filter which percolates 98% of dust, chemicals, particulates, gas, pollen, smoke and fumes. It has anti PM2.5 and haze day protection.

The material used in this product is of premium quality. The mesh of the dust proof mask cover is well built with premium quality Nylon, which offers excellent spongy feeling. Soft texture, quick drying, breathable and very much comfortable to wear.

The design is made keeping in mind all age groups and all face sizes. It has adjustable nose clip, with unique ventilation design. The adjustable ear loop makes it more premium.

The best part of this corona virus face mask is it is washable. You can wash it anytime you feel it is dirty. Best practice would be to wash it after every use. The filters are also replaceable. This is considered as one of the best dust mask.

7. BodyGuard Breathe Easy Everyday Reusable Anti Pollution Mask

As per buying statistics most people are looking for a mask which is reusable, washable, breathable and cheaper. So this particular mask satisfies all these criteria.

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This mask is designed by applying anti-permeable technology which provides every day reliable respiratory protection from any kind of dust, pollen, corona virus, germs, common cold virus etc.

The special quality material used in this mask ensures filters the air effectively at the same time very comfortable in terms of breathing.

There is absolutely no problem in every day as it is durable and reusable. Just make sure to wash it properly after couple of uses. Wash it using normal lukewarm water, dry it properly before using it after wash.

It is skin-friendly, which makes it convenient for prolonged use.

Safety Tips to Use a Face Mask

  • Face masks are made to keep your face area clean. So don’t touch it with your hand again and again.
  • While wearing or removing try to do it from the back side by holding the ear loop.
  • Sanitize both your hand and mask before and after every use.
  • If you have any symptoms of sneezing & coughing and cold you must wear it.
  • Make sure your face mask fits perfectly and the ear loops fit securely over your ears or back side of your head.
  • If your mask is not washable then make sure to dispose it after every use.
  • If you are using a cloth mask or washable mask then clean it in regular intervals or when you feel it’s dirty.
  • Read and follow all the safety measures written on mask cover before using it.
  • All the masks are not for kids. So make sure to buy kids specific face masks.

Final Words !

As I have started saying this corona virus / COVID19 pandemic is not going to end in near future. This is going to be a part of our life like other diseases or viruses. We may not completely eliminate it but we can avoid it by making some changes in our lifestyle.

Face masks is a must and make it a lifetime habit to use it daily whenever you are stepping out from your house. This way you can make sure to not get affected by not only corona virus, but any kind of virus, bacteria, germs that will come along.

Do not depend only on face masks available in market. Try to make some DIY at your home, make some cool designed cloth face masks and use it.