Best Sound Quality Headphones Under 2000

Finding a good quality headphone within a certain budget is not easy task. We also need different features like baas, treble, connectivity, portable etc.

Considering all the above feature list we have done our own research and created an exclusive list of these 7 Best Sound Quality Headphones Under 2000 in India along with a buying guide.

Music has the power to heal any disease. It has the power to change your mind and make you feel relaxed, no matter how sad you are from the inside. But your music experience can be enhanced with the help of a suitable audio device. A good headphone can give you a fantastic listening experience. 

In the last two years, the use of headphones has increased significantly. The pandemic has forced everyone to do most of their work from home. Whether it’s a meeting or an online class, headphones are always helpful.

Although today’s young mass are more inclined towards earbuds, headphones has its own charm. The connectivity quality and sound quality are far better than earbuds.

But now it’s pretty challenging to find out the best overhead headphones in India. Because in the competitive marketplace, you will find hundreds of brands promoting their products. So ordinary people sometimes get confused when choosing earphones under 2000.

Well, you don’t have to worry about this now, As we have listed out some of the best performance beats audio headphones in India with a valuable buyers guide. 

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List of 7 Best Sound Quality Headphones Under 2000

1. Boat Rockerz 450

best over ear headphones under 2000

This is a premium quality headphone by Boat. The Boat is one of the top-performing brands in India. It produces good quality sounds because of the dynamic 40mm driver. The device can play music throughout the day with HD quality. 

Athe 15 hrs of bigger battery life is more than enough for a decent user. The company has to make sure the headphones fit properly and can give a good user experience. The product is lightweight and weighs only 168 grams. The comfortable ear cushion makes the ears feel good.  The inbuilt mic can capture voice even from a distance. 

The Bluetooth connectivity is fast with V 4.2. You can use the headphone with or without an AUX cable. You can use it with an aux cable when the battery level goes down. The lithium-ion battery enhances the battery life. 

Good Things

  • Dual-mode connectivity is available with Bluetooth as well as aux cable. 
  • Noise cancellation feature. 
  • Comfortable to the ear. 
  • Longer battery life. 

Needs Improvement

  • Sometimes takes more time for connectivity
  • Less durability of the headphone.

2. Infinity Glide 500

best overhead headphones under 2000

The headphone looks amazing and designed by Infinity company. The device has a faster 5.0 version of Bluetooth connectivity. The device has voice control features. 

With a single charging of 2, the headphone can perform continuously for almost 20 hrs. With a dual equalizer version, you can adjust the bass as per your mood. 

The device has few buttons on it and, with this feature, you can control your connected device by receiving the call, volume up down and pause music. Looks clashy, and the soft ear cushion makes sure the device is comfortable for the ear. 

It has a voice integration feature, and you can control your device with your voice command.

Good Things

  • Longer battery life. 
  • Perfectly designed and fits in-ear properly. 
  • Voice integration feature enabled. 
  • You can make a call through it without touching anything.

Needs Improvement

  • It is a bit heavy. 
  • No aux cable connection feature available.

3. Patron studio Over-ear Bluetooth

best over the ear headphones in india under 2000

This is a wireless headphone by Patron. The lightweight of the headphone and the design makes it look attractive. The soft cushions in the earpad make it so comfortable while listening to music. The v5.0 Bluetooth connectivity connects so fast with Bluetooth, and it has a dedicated mic that is very helpful while talking.

The 40mm driver produces excellent quality brass with a clear voice. The 400mAh Lithium-ion battery in the earphones performs flawlessly up to 12 hrs with a single charging. The company also provides a noise cancellation feature in budget headphones like this.

This noise cancellation feature can cancel out low-frequency noise such as aviation, train and traffic noise. You can also use the AUX cable while the battery level goes down so that your music experience or some vital work never stops.

Good Things

  • Connects easily with all the Bluetooth devices.
  • Ten meters of Bluetooth wireless connectivity range.
  • Very little time is required for charging the battery of the headphone.
  • Authority to control the music or calls with the dedicated button.

Needs Improvement

  • The headphone does not have a self-timer.

4. Phillips Audio SHK 2000 BL

best wired headphones under 2000

This is a colorful headphone by Phillips and performs upto the mark according to the price range. The headphones come with a detachable cable and are very lightweight, about 100 grams. So it feels comfortable while handling. It can connect quite comfortably with a 2.5mm jack.

This is a perfect headphone for the online class of the child. The cushion feels so comfortable, and the ear never starts paining after use for a longer duration. The earphone is designed so there is not a single screw attached, so its durability is more.

The 32 mm driver produces good quality and balanced sound. The cushions have excellent coverage over the ear, so the kids do not need to make the volume higher while listening to the music.

Good Things

  • Good earphones for the online classes.
  • The earphones are lightweight and feel comfortable.
  • Cables can be detached.
  • No screw is used, so the durability is more.

Needs Improvement

  • No wireless connectivity feature available.
  • No mic is available for talking.

5. Sony MDR ZX 110

best earphones under 2k

This is a gorgeous-looking headphone by Sony, one of the most renowned music brands on the globe. The headphone is made from hard plastic for a good look and durability and weighs 135 grams. ‘

The wires provided are tangle-free so that you will not have to waste more time opening the wire and connecting. The headphone has 3.5mm jack connectivity and connects almost all the devices.

The extra bass technology of Sony in the headphones makes you feel each beat of the music with crystal clear sound and good bass. The cushion pads feel so comfortable and make you feel better.

You can handle the earphone in a flat because of the swivel design, and it’s beneficial during travel. The 30 mm driver has a sensitivity range of 5-22000 Hz.

Good Things

  • The device comes with one year of warranty.
  • Tangles free chords provided.
  • Swivel design for easy handling of the headphone.
  • Good quality mics provided.

Needs Improvement

  • No Bluetooth connectivity feature available.
  • A little lighter due to the use of hard plastic.

6. Sony WI C-200

good earphones under 2000

This is another good quality headphone by Sony. It an in-ear headphone and comes with wireless features. The 5.0 version Bluetooth connectivity is high-speed, and a good quality mic is there.

The earbuds have magnetic connectivity with a metallic design along with tangle free-er cords. The headphone feels very light and weighs only 30 gram.

It has type C connectivity, and you can charge it faster. With 10 minutes of charging the headphone performs flawlessly up to 1 hr. And complete charging, it will work continuously for 15 hrs. The headphones perform excellent from 20-20000 Hz frequency range.

Good Things

  • Faster Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Tangle-free cords.
  • Magnetic ear plugs with metallic finishing.
  • Type C connectivity available.
  • Battery lasts for a longer period.

Needs Improvement

  • Price is higher with the features provided.

7. MI Super bass on Ear

top earbuds under 2000

This is a good quality headphone by MI, which has a good reputation in the Indian market. The headphone is superb for those who love bass, because of the 40mm powerful driver.

The build quality of the headphone is superb as it is made from Flux leather and the comfortable cushions make the ear feel so good. MI has to make sure the device is compatible with all smartphones, computers and tablets. 

The 5.0 version of Bluetooth connectivity connects fast and can connect to the device within 10 meters of coverage. An Aux cable also comes in the box, and you can use the cable in case the battery goes down. The battery backup in the headphone is up to the mark.

With a  charge of 2 hrs, the battery performs for 20 hrs continuously. A microphone is also provided for calling activity with voice control features.

Good Things

  • Both Aux cable and Bluetooth connectivity feature available.
  • Great battery backup.
  • Good quality Microphone for calling features.
  • Strong bass for the music lover.

Needs Improvement

  • Warranty coverage is only six months.

Things to Consider Before Selecting Best Sound Quality Headphones Under 2000 in India Buyer guide

Type of headphone-

First, decide what kind of headphones you need for your purpose. Usually, there are three types of earphones available such as on-ear, in-ear and over-ear. Each headphone has their own specialty. So you have to choose the suitable headphone as per your requirement. 

Connectivity of the headphone-

Mainly two types of headphones are there like wired and wireless. Wirehead phones cost a lesser price than wireless. Wireless headphones especially come with Bluetooth features. But we would suggest you go for the headphone with the Bluetooth feature available. In Wired headphones, one side sometimes stops functioning due to damage to the wire.


This is another feature that needs to be checked while buying a suitable headphone. It mainly determines the audio level of your device. So always choose the device that has a low impedance level of 16-32 ohm.  With low impedance, the drivers will perform better with low batteries. 

Sensitivity of the headphone-

This mainly determines the level of loudness of the headphones. Some of the headphones come with 85 dB of noise level but don’t choose this as it will not give you an excellent quality sound. Make sure you always select the headphones with 96-110 dB of noise. 

Quality of driver-

This is the major device that determines the quality of the headphone. If the headphone has a more significant driver, its performance is top-notch, while lesser drivers produce less sound and base. 

Materials used-

Some headphones come with very poor-quality material. It will not make you feel better while listening to the music, and your ear will start paining after listening sometimes. So always make sure you choose headphones with good quality cushion in-ear and fit appropriately to the ear. 

Noise cancellation feature-

This is a significant factor for selecting a headphone. The noise cancellation feature makes sure your music experience should be excellent. No matter how much louder outside your essential work or music experience, never get hampered. So always select headphones that are having the noise cancellation feature enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use headphones for a zoom video call?

Yes, you can use headphones for video calling purposes in Zoom. But make sure the headphone has a dedicated mic; otherwise, you can only listen to the meeting but can not talk.

What kind of headphones is better, wired or wireless?

Well, both wired and wireless earphones have their specialty. But wireless headphones are better as you do not have to worry about wear and tear in the wire. But sometimes the battery starts functioning after some days. In that case, wired headphones are better. But if the headphone has both a wire and aux cable feature, then that is more beneficial.

How to connect wireless headphones with a smartphone?

First, turn on the power button of the headphone and make sure discovery mode is on. Then tap on the Bluetooth of the phone and search for the device name. After some time, the headphones will be paired. The next time you do not need to follow the step again as the headphone will connect automatically.

Final Words !

The headphone is a crucial device these days for music and study, conference, and meeting purposes. So you should select or buy the headphone as per the requirement of your work. 

But must go through the buyer guide mentioned above to give you an overall idea about the headphone. But to make it easier for you, we have listed out the best audio headphones in India with expert reviews. You can select Best Sound Quality Headphones Under 2000 in India as per your requirement and budget.

Thanks for reading this blog!

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