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Are you planning to get a vegetable purifier for your home? Then this can be the right guide for you! It’s because we have reviewed the top 7 best vegetable purifier in India 2021. Besides, we have also included a buying guide section that can help you to select the best one among them.

The fruits or vegetables that you buy from the market contain a lot of impurities, pesticides, chemicals, and other pathogens. Thus, consuming these pesticides can give rise to several health disorders like blood pressure imbalance, diabetes, stomach problems, and more.

So just washing it under the tap water can’t help you to get rid of the pathogens from the foods. Fortunately, we have the gadget to ensure all the harmful particles or chemicals are removed from the fruits or vegetables.

This gadget is known as a vegetable purifier that mainly uses ozone as the oxidizing agent. This machine can also be used to clean fruits. So incorporating both we can say its a Fruits and Vegetable Purifier.

Now a days people are looking for all kind of purifiers such as Personal Air Purifiers for home, Car Purifier, Water Purifier with RO technology etc. If you have all these, then why not to invest on a Vegetable cleaner machine.

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Top 7 Best Vegetable Purifier in India Reviewed

1. Prestige Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner (POZ 1.0)

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Product Description :

The first place on our shortlist for the best vegetable purifiers in India goes to this fruit and vegetable cleaning machine from one of the best brands ‘Prestige’. It comes at a very budget-friendly price of under 3000 that can make your food healthy by avoiding any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

This works on the implementation of Ozone purification technology that helps you to remove harmful particles, bacteria, fungi, and other pesticides. It comes with an automatic timer that enables you to pre-set timing of 10 to 30 minutes.

Besides just removing the harmful particles, it also deodorizes meat and seafood by removing the bad odour. There is no need to replace any part of this purifier thus you no longer need to worry about extra maintenance. The compact space-saving design also makes it convenient to use.

Good Things

  • Very easy usage and zero maintenance.
  • The material used is lightweight making it portable.
  • Good performance.

Needs Improvement

  • Did not found many.

2. Kent Counter-top Vegetable and Fruit Disinfectant

vegetable cleaner price

Product Description :

At a slightly higher price, we have picked up this small counter-top vegetable cleaning machine that removes all the harmful chemicals from the food’s surfaces. Bring home this best vegetable purifier to ensure a safe and healthy lifestyle.

This works on the principle of ozone disinfection technology that makes the foods virus-free, bacteria-free and also makes them safe against other pathogens. The advanced technology also makes your fruits and vegetables completely free from chemicals.

It does not require any consumables to operate as it only uses the oxygen present in the air to produce ozone; thereby it is environment-friendly too. The machine also keeps your food fresh and clean by removing unnecessary hormones. It features a wall-mounted design that makes it easy to store.

Good Things

  • Good quality machine.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compact and lightweight.

Needs Improvement

  • Since it cleans the dirt from vegetables, a foul smell may come during its operation.

3. Cello Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner (10L, 8W)

prestige fruit and vegetable cleaner

Product Description :

Eating healthy is very important for you and your family and this can be easily ensured with this vegetable cleaning machine from Cello. The cleaner removes the waxes, harmful chemicals, residues, and all the chemicals to make sure that you consume safe and healthy food.

It features an ozone disinfection technology that generates ozone at the rate of 400mg/hr to remove the impurities from the fruits or vegetables. Moreover, the ozone outlet is also placed in the center that ensures even gas distribution so that your food is cleaned from every direction.

The cleaner comes with pre-set functions that make it very convenient to use. Having a 10L container can remove your worries of cleaning the fruits and vegetables multiple times because you can do that in one go. The small bowl-like shape and design make it very easy to store or move it from one place to the other.

Good Things

  • The build quality is great.
  • Hassle-free usage and cleaning process.
  • The capacity of holding vegetables is enough.

Needs Improvement

  • You need to remove the dirt manually.

4. Faber Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner (Oxypure Iris)

vegetable cleaning machine

Product Description :

This is also one of the best vegetable purifiers in India that you can buy at a very pocket-friendly price of less than 2000. You can use it for a variety of purposes like cleaning the fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, tableware, and also for sanitization purposes of baby milk bottles.

It comes with a large capacity of 10L that makes it easier to clean all the foods in one go. This utilizes thousands of active ozone bubbles to make your food safer by washing off all kinds of harmful pesticides or chemicals from the food.

The fruit and vegetable cleaner features an automatic timer function that enables you to pre-set timing from 15 to 20 minutes as per your purpose or needs. Besides cleaning, it also retains the natural flavors of the food even if you keep them refrigerated.

Good Things

  • Great value for money product.
  • Easy to use or clean, good build quality.
  • Space-saving design, classy looks.

Needs Improvement

  • The duty cycle should be increased.

5. Arg Health Care Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner

Product Description :

At a cheaper price, you can also opt for this vegetable cleaning machine ensuring you consume completely healthy and safe foods. It utilizes the ozone purification technology that generates ozone at the rate of 400mg/hr to make the fruits or vegetables safe.

It helps to remove bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other harmful pathogens from the food surface so that you can get rid of several food-borne diseases. Besides cleaning, it also helps to deodorize meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. to retain the taste and freshness for a long time.

The device can be mounted on the wall enabling you to save a lot of counter space. The operation is also very easy with only two buttons. It features a timer with a display that helps you to set from ten to thirty minutes as per your requirements.

Good Things

  • Less power consumption.
  • Durable and good build quality.
  • Eco-friendly, easy, and convenient to use.

Needs Improvement

  • The smell and aroma during its use needs to be improved.

6. EPS Automatic Vegetable Purifier Wall Mountable

veggie clean price

Product Description :

You can bring home this one of the best vegetable purifiers in India that comes with a unique rectangular sleek design. It is a bit more expensive than most of the models reviewed above with touch display functionality that gives it a modern look.

You can either mount it on the wall or can also use it as a table-top vegetable purifier. The Ozone Purification Technology eliminates all the harmful particles, impurities from the fruits or vegetables but ensures to retain the necessary nutrients in the food.

The automatic timer functionality from 5 to 30 minutes can make it more convenient to use as per your needs. It can also deodorize the meat or seafood apart from just cleaning them. So, loaded with all these features, you can easily invest in this vegetable cleaning machine.

Good Things

  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Efficient performance.
  • Compact design.

Needs Improvement

  • The customer support is not great.

7. Kent Ultima Vegetable Cleaning Machine (11115)

Product Description :

Lastly, we have picked up another fruit and vegetable cleaner from one of the best brands ‘Kent.’ With this cleaner, your fruits and vegetables will be free from all kinds of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

It works on a bio-friendly technology that can remove harmful components from the fruit or vegetable surface. The cleaner comes with a detachable container to ensure a safer and more hygienic process.

The fruit and vegetable cleaner requires no consumables, therefore you no longer need to worry about any future maintenance. This can either be used as a countertop or a wall-mountable device making it very convenient to use.

Good Things

  • Awesome product quality.
  • Easy usage and cleaning process.
  • Efficient performance.

Needs Improvement

  • After sales support needs to be improved.

How to Buy the Best Vegetable Cleaner in India 2021? | Buying Guide

Since vegetable purifiers are indirectly related to your health, selecting the perfect product is very essential. You need to check certain factors that can help you to grab the right item. In this section, we will make you aware of all the critical things to consider before buying a vegetable purifier.

Placement or Design –

Most of the best vegetable and fruit cleaners feature a space-saving design that ensures you can store them easily or carry them anywhere you want. Some of the models feature a counter-top design while some can also be mounted on the wall. Thus, you need to decide the type of design you want to go with and then go with the model you wish.

Convenience and easy usage –

The vegetable purifiers are such a kitchen appliance that you need to use at least once daily or once in two days. Therefore, it is totally useless if you go for such a model that requires a lot of time and effort to use. Hence, go for the ones that are easier to use and do not require much manual effort.

Timer functionality –

The latest models of fruit and vegetable cleaners are equipped with pre-set timer functionalities. This makes it more convenient to use because you don’t need to worry about switching it off after that timer is over. Generally, the purifiers come with a timer of range from 5 to 45 minutes that helps you to set beforehand.

Storage –

There are various types of models available in the market. For instance, some vegetable cleaning machines come with a storage space in which you can put the vegetables or fruits for the cleaning process while some models require the vegetables to be kept in a separate bowl with a cord that needs to be inserted inside the bowl. The former type of purifier is indeed bulkier than the latter types but you can keep the fruits and vegetables inside the former types of purifiers even after the purification process.

Extra purposes –

Usually, the best fruit and vegetable cleaners can also be used to eliminate the impurities and chemicals from meat, seafood, etc. They can also be used to keep your foods fresh and clean and also removing the bad odors from the meat or fish. Some models can also be used for the sanitization process of the milk bottles. Hence, it is better to go with these models that offer you various other uses except just cleaning fruits or vegetables.

Size and weight –

If you are going with the countertop models, you need to check the space you have for properly storing the purifier. Thus, check the dimensions and weight of the vegetable cleaner to get an idea about the space you would need to keep them. Also, ensure that the vegetable cleaning machines are light in weight to ensure portability.

Budget –

Set a budget before searching for the best vegetable purifier as there are a lot of models of different vegetable cleaner price ranges. Thus, deciding your budget before can help you to grab the right quality product within that budget.

These are some of the major factors that you need to check for purchasing the best vegetable purifiers in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Final Words !!

Hope that you have found this article or guide on the best vegetable purifier in India quite helpful and interesting. You can go with any of the models reviewed above as all of them have been picked up after doing a lot of research.

We recommend you go with the Prestige vegetable cleaner as that is the one we use and it does its job quite well.

Thank you and Cheers !

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