Best Water Purifier Under 3000

Are you searching for the best water purifiers in India but worried because you have a tight budget? Don’t worry; we have compiled the top 8 best water purifier under 3000 in India that can help you to choose one for your home.

A water purifier is an important appliance of every Indian household. It is because clean and pure water can help to prevent various water-borne diseases.Like everything else, water purifier has also evolved a lot and there are varieties of models today and based on different advanced technologies.

Since we will be talking about the best water purifier under 3000 in India, so we will limit our discussion to those that operate on gravity based filtration technology.

Grabbing the right product is not so easy; it requires a lot of factors to be considered. Some of the factors include capacity, type of filtration process, durability, and more. For that, we have included a buying guide section that will make you aware of all these essential factors in detail. 

Besides, you can also rely on the top 8 best water purifier under 3000 that we have reviewed in this guide to make a perfect choice.

Let’s begin the review !

List of Top 8 Best Water Purifier Under 3000 Rupees

1. KENT Gold Optima Water Filter Without Electricity (10L)

best water purifier under 3000

Product Description :

This is the best non electric water purifier that is also our top choice and the cheapest one that you can buy. This best-seller water filter comes in a transparent aqua-blue color that not only helps to keep track of the water level but also enhances the design and looks.

It offers you a full storage tank capacity that can hold 5 liters of raw water and 5 liters of purified water, so it is suitable for a small-sized family. The purification of water happens by the hollow ultra-filtration membrane and it also utilizes nano-silver carbon that disinfects water.

There is no involvement of chemicals for water purification ensuring healthier and safer drinking water. The UF membrane needs to be replaced after 6 months or 4000L purified water, sediment filter, and carbon filter after three months.

Warranty: 1 year.

Good Things

  • The installation and usage are very easy.
  • The purified water will not cause any health issues.
  • Compact, sturdy, and lightweight design.

Needs Improvement

  • Not ideal for more than 2 members.

2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Water Purifier Without Electricity (20L)

storage water purifier

Product Description :

Secondly, from one of the top water purifier brands, this model is also the best gravity water purifier in India under 3000. With a capacity of 20 liters, it is suitable for medium-sized families comprising 3 to 4 members. The blue and white combination makes it look premium.

This purifier features an automatic shut-off functionality after purification is done. It is equipped with two tanks of capacity 9L and 11L respectively. The body of the tanks is made of food-grade high-quality plastic material that makes them durable and strong.

It can purify water containing TDS level of up to 200ppm and the Cartridge filter life is 750L. Please ensure to empty the bottom tank before filling the upper tank again else that can cause an overflow of water.
Warranty: 6 months.

Good Things

  • The purified water quality is good.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Lightweight, the built quality is sturdy.

Needs Improvement

  • The taste of water is normal, so it does not make the water taste good only purifies it.

3. Tata Swach Water Purifier Without Electricity (15L)

protek water purifier company

Product Description :

Invest in this cheapest and best non electric water purifier to ensure safe drinking water that will not cause any health issues due to high-quality purification of water. This uniquely designed water purifier features a good-looking and premium design.

It features silver nano-technology that kills harmful bacteria and viruses without the need for electricity or any running water source. The sturdy design and translucent body make it suit any modern kitchen or room. This has been acclaimed internationally and universally for providing superior performance.

It has an auto shut-off functionality once the water purification is done. There is no electricity or running water required to operate it as it is based on the gravity purification system. The cartridge life of this filter is 1500 liters.

Warranty: 6 months.

Good Things

  • Good quality product.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Easy to install or use.

Needs Improvement

  • The customer support should be improved.

4. KENT Gold Gravity Water Filter with UF Technology (20L)

aquaguard water purifier with hot and cold water price

Product Description :

Again from the best water purifier brand ‘KENT’, we have picked up this model that is also the best water purifier under 3000 in India. The combination of white and light blue transparent body colors makes this tabletop water filter look classy.

It utilizes the ultra-filtration membrane for water purification along with the nano-silver carbon technology to purify water efficiently. The membrane has a long life of 4000 liters. This best gravity water purifier in India features a food-grade high-quality ABS plastic body that is durable and safe.

The base stand is high enough to put a glass beneath the tap easily. It can purify water from all sources with a low TDS level and the maximum duty cycle is 120L/day. So, bring home this best non electric water purifier to ensure 100% safety for you and your family.

Warranty: 1 year.

Good Things

  • The built quality is strong.
  • Fast purification of water.
  • The taste of water is good.

Needs Improvement

  • Not suitable for families consisting of more than 4 people.

5. TATA Swach Water Filter Without Electricity (18L)

pureit water purifier reviews

Product Description :

Purchase this best gravity water purifier in India from Tata Swach to get safe and pure drinking water. It requires no electricity or running water to operate. The light blue-colored transparent body makes it look beautiful and can suit any modern décor.

It features a high-quality cartridge that offers a long life of 6000 liters. The body of this water filter is made of high-quality food-grade plastic that offers durability and keeps the water safe to drink. Both the upper and lower tanks are of 9L capacity each that makes it much suitable for a medium-sized family.

The 2-way dispenser tap is also sturdy enough. This model is available in two colors of blue and violet so you can choose any one of them as per your preference. It has a high flow rate of 4 to 5 liters per hour and the filter membrane can be useful to prevent viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens.

Warranty: 6 months.

Good Things

  • Easy and cheap to maintain.
  • The built quality is great.
  • The looks and design are nice.
  • Larger filtration capacity.

Needs Improvement

  • The taste of water is not so good post purification.

6. Prestige Water Purifier Without Electricity (18L)

aquaguard borewell water purifier

Product Description :

From one of the most popular brands in the market of kitchen appliances ‘Prestige’, this model can be one of your ideal choices to go for. It requires no electricity or any source of running water to operate. The filter provides purified water that is as safe as boiled water.

The storage tank is of 9L capacity that enables you to get immediate access to water whenever required. It features a 3-stage purification process that includes a pre-filter made of non-woven cloth to remove suspended and particulate impurities in the first stage.

In stage two, the microbiological filter traps almost 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria and water-borne viruses. It offers a fast water flow rate of 8L/hour and does not use any chemicals to purify water. It has a long life of around 1500L and also helps to reduce chlorine and bad smell in the water.

Warranty: None.

Good Things

  • Sleek design and good looking.
  • The working efficiency is good.
  • The taste of water is okay.

Needs Improvement

  • The built quality needs to be improved.
  • No warranty provided.

7. Nexqua Non ElectricGravity Water Purifier (14L)

tata swach mf membrane

Product Description :

If you are not yet satisfied with the above products and want to get an affordable and best water purifier under 3000, then this can also be a good investment you can make. The base is of enough height that enables you to put a glass under the tap.

Due to the storage water facility, you will always have direct access to water whenever needed. It purifies water by the ultra-filtration membrane and does not use any chemicals for purification. Thus, you can sure that you will drink safe and clean water.

It features a purification capacity of 20L/hr and a 2-stage filtration process. The filter used has a long life of 4000 liters after which you should replace it. The 14L capacity is enough for medium-sized families with 3 members of which the raw water tank is 7.2L and purified water tank is 6.8L.
Warranty: 6 months.

Good Things

  • The instruction manual is easy and clear.
  • The design of this product is nice.
  • Purification is good and accurate.

Needs Improvement

  • The assembling process is easy but it requires a guide to do the assembly which is not there.

8. Rico Non Electric Water Purifier (20L)

best non electric water purifier

Product Description :

Lastly, this best gravity water purifier in India can also be one of your perfect choices. It uses a 7-stage filtration system to purify water and remove all kinds of harmful pesticides, chemicals present in the water.

Apart from purifying the water, it also enhances the taste of water. There is no requirement for gas or electricity to operate this water purifier as it comes with a storage water tank. This is suitable enough to filter out 99.99% of impurities.

The upper tank capacity is 6L and the bottom one is 14L, thereby it is very much suitable for families of more than 5 members as well. The cartridge has a long life of 3000L. The body is made of food-grade unbreakable plastic that increases sturdiness and durability.

Warranty: 1 year.

Good Things

  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Chemical-free, pure and clean water.
  • No wastage of water.
  • Water tastes good after purification.

Needs Improvement

  • You need to fill the upper tank at least two times for the bottom tank to get filled.

How to Select the Best Water Purifier Under 3000 in India? | Buying Guide

There are plenty of the best water purifiers in the Indian market. Even though we have limited the price to 3000, the list is still long. So, making the proper choice can be confusing. However, please note that water purifiers under 3000 will include the best non electric water purifiers that operate on gravity-based technology. So, you must check certain metrics to grab the right product.

Capacity –

This is an important factor that you need to check while buying the best gravity water purifier in India. It depends on the number of members in your family. If you have gone through the reviews above, you can note that we have included the capacity in brackets beside each of the product headings. So, check your requirements and purchase the right capacity water filter.

Water type –

It is essential to check the type of water that the purifier can filter. Generally, the best non electric water purifiers under 3000 are ideal to purify soft corporation water with a TDS level of below 300ppm. Hence, if your locality has a well or tube well as the water source, avoid buying these water purifiers.

Size and weight of the filter –

Ensure to buy such a tabletop gravity water purifier that is compact and light in weight. It’s important because you need to keep these water filters at a certain place and hence buying a larger water purifier than the available space is a foolish idea. Moreover, there can be cases when you need to move the water purifier from one position to the other. Hence lightweight purifiers can be easier to do so without the need for any other person’s help.

Material of the body –

Usually, the body of these gravity water filters is made of high-quality food-grade plastic so that you can drink safe and pure water. Moreover, it is better to buy those water purifiers that feature transparent bodies so that you can see the water level from outside and fill it up when required.

Cartridge life –

This is a crucial factor that you need to check because knowing the cartridge life can help you to get an idea of the time when replacement will be required. Usually, these purifiers come with a cartridge life of 3000-6000 liters. It is always better to buy water purifiers that offer a longer cartridge life.

These are the major factors you need to check for purchasing the best water purifier under 3000 

in India.

Final Words !

We hope that this guide on the best water purifier under 3000 in India has cleared most or all of your doubts. You can go with any one of the above top 8 products as they all offer efficient performance. However, we prefer the KENT and TATA Swach brands in the market of gravity water purifiers. So you can also go with any of the models listed above from these two brands if you wish.

Cheers !

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