Best Weighing Machine for LPG gas cylinder

Are you concerned that whether you are paying for the right amount of cooking gas that you are getting !

Do you want to make sure you are getting whatever you are paying !

Don’t worry, there are gas cylinder weight machines that you can keep handy. Moreover, these are very affordable so you don’t need to worry about investing a huge amount of money on these weighing scales at all.

In this guide, we will be reviewing the top 5 best weighing machine for gas cylinders along with a buying guide for your convenience.

There are different types of weighing machines are available in the market such as Digital Weighing Scale, Analog Weighing Scale, Weight Machine for Babies, Kitchen Weighing Scales etc. In-fact weighing machines have an important role in our daily life.

We use weighing scales to know our body weight. Many at times we use them to measure the various kinds of stuff that we purchase from market. There are different types of weighing scales available in the market like body weighing scales, kitchen weighing scales, and more.

Similarly, there are different best weighing machine for LPG cylinders are available too that will assure not to pay extra on the gas that you are not getting.

Believe me, these weighing scales are very simple to operate and you don’t need to be a technical expert to use them. They come with an automatic switch-on feature that helps to power on the display as soon as you start weighing. You must keep these weighing scales handy to avoid fraud cases concerning gas cylinders.

With the limited availability of the products in this category, it is not very easy to find out the best digital weighing scale for lpg gas cylinder. However our team has done a good research to gather this list of 5 gas cylinder weight measurement machine.

Without going into further ado, let’s start with our reviews!

List of 5 Best Weighing Machine for Gas Cylinders

1. Glun Bolt Portable and Electronic Gas Cylinder Weight Machine (50kg)

weighing machine for gas cylinder

Product Description :

This budget-friendly weighing machine is an ideal choice to measure the weight of a cylinder. It is compactly designed and lightweight which makes it portable enough and easy to store. The LCD display of this weighing scale enables you to easily note the readings.

The product is very accurate with a minimal deviation of 5g to 10g. The readings can be displayed in various types of units like grams, kilograms, pounds, or oz. The unit switch button makes it more convenient to use it. The data lock feature enables you to see the weight even if you miss to note it.

The auto-power off facility ensures longer battery life as it goes off after 2 minutes of keeping idle. It features a stainless steel fishing hook that is durable and sturdy enough to carry a maximum weight of 50kg. It can also be used as a luggage weighing scale.

Due to its super built quality, correct result, look and feel this can be considered as best weighing machine for cylinder.

Good Things

  • Useful to measure the weight of cylinders.
  • Looks cool.
  • The automatic on feature makes it easy to use.

Needs Improvement

  • Few customers complained about the batteries provided not working.

2. Bulfyss Electronic Gas Cylinder Weight Machine in India (50kg)

gas weight machine

Product Description :

Secondly, we have picked up another best choice from Amazon that helps you to measure the weight of a cylinder or luggage up to 50kg. It comes with a sturdy stainless steel handle so that you can carry it anywhere with you easily.

A stainless steel fishing hook is also attached to the machine that is durable enough to carry larger weights within the mentioned capacity. The display screen is clear so that you do not face any difficulties while reading the results. The backlight also makes it easier to read in the dark.

There is a unit button with which you can switch between different units like kg, lbs, oz as per your preference. Along with the handle, the small and lightweight design also makes it easier to use and carry. It is also equipped with a tare button functionality making it easier to calibrate.

Good Things

  • Close to accurate results.
  • Sturdy handle, easy to carry or weigh.
  • Simple to operate.

Needs Improvement

  • Quality of the hook could be improved.

3. ATOM Digital Gas Cylinder / Luggage Weighing Machine (50kg)

cylinder weighing machine

Product Description :

In the third place, this can also be regarded as one of the best weighing machine for gas cylinders at a slightly higher price than the above two. It is also designed compactly and in a lightweight manner with durable construction that makes it travel-friendly and portable.

The low power and overload indicators make it easier to use. It is equipped with a high-precision strain gauge sensor system that enables you to get accurate readings. The stainless steel hook attached is also much durable and strong to carry a larger weight of cylinders or luggage.

You can conveniently choose between the kgs and lbs to make the results display in the units that you prefer. The tare functionality is useful since it omits the extra weight of the hook or any other bowl, buckets if used. The clear LCD display with a green backlight makes it easier to see the results day or night.

Good Things

  • Accurate results with lock function.
  • Lightweight, portable.
  • Easy to use or store.

Needs Improvement

  • The price is little bit higher.

4. Ionix Luggage Bag / Gas Cylinder Weight Machine for Home (50kg)

weight of gas cylinder indane

Product Description :

This is the cheapest and best weighing machine for gas cylinders or luggage that you can go for. Besides gas cylinders or luggage bags, they can be used to measure any items with a maximum weight of 50kg. Thus, this can be one of the useful things to purchase for home, travel, or any other outdoor activities.

The lpg cylinder weight machine is equipped with a tare function so that the weight of the hook or any other items can be omitted while measuring. The steel hook fitted with this machine is strong and durable to carry larger weights within the desired range.

Once you attach the item to measure, the display will automatically power on. The LCD display is large enough with clear readings and a blue backlight that makes it easier to read the results. It also comes with a steel handle to carry it with you anywhere easily.

Good Things

  • The readings are pretty accurate.
  • Easy to switch between kg, lb, in, or oz.
  • Good quality product and very affordable.

Needs Improvement

  • The free batteries provided are not good.

5. METIS Hanging Scale for Gas Cylinders (60kg)

gas cylinder trolley with weighing scale

Product Description :

Last but not least, we would want to highlight this best gas cylinder weight machine in India that is much more expensive than the above products mentioned. It is equipped with a durable metal hand strap that makes it very much convenient to use or carry.

It is highly accurate with an LCD display. The display enables you to easily read the results and features a backlight so that you can read even in the dark. It consists of a tare function that helps you to get appropriate readings of the item you are measuring.

Although this particular gas weight machine is majorly considered as a weight machine for cylinders, but It can also be used to measure any luggage bag or other items that weigh up to 60kg. For example your trolley bag or small travel bag etc.

The various safety functions that this gas cylinder weighing machine has are automatic power on/off and overloading indication. It has been optimally designed to use for shopping, kitchen, or outdoor activities.

Good Things

  • Useful and accurate.
  • Value for money product.
  • Sturdy and durable.

Needs Improvement

  • Very expensive.

How to choose the best weighing machine for gas cylinders? | Buying Guide

Checking the weight of cylinders is very easy once you have a gas cylinder weight machine. But first, you need to search for the best weighing machine for gas cylinders which can be a daunting task. To grab the right product, check the below factors:

Accuracy: This is an essential factor that must be checked for buying any type of weighing machine. It’s because if you can’t get accurate or precise readings, then there will be no reason to invest in a weighing machine. While buying online, you must go through the reviews and get an idea about the accuracy of the product that you are purchasing.

Portability: The portability of a weighing machine comes from the size, design, and weight. You must check that the weight machine you are going to buy has been designed compactly and also light in weight. That will make it easy to store or carry anywhere with you. Besides, if the weight machine comes with an additional handle then that can make it more portable.

Display: The display screen provided in the weight machine should be large enough to ensure easy readings. Moreover, it is good to buy those weighing machines that feature a backlit display. This enables you to easily read the results even in dim light conditions.

Maximum carrying capacity: It is advisable to check the maximum load capacity of the weight machine you are buying. As we are mainly discussing the gas cylinder weight machines here, you must ensure the maximum weighing capacity of the scale should be above 35kg. Usually, the general maximum load capacity of the gas cylinder weight machines is 50-60kg, so it can be enough.

Pricing: The weighing machines for gas cylinders are not meant to be used regularly. You may require them at most three to four times a month. So, it is never a good idea to invest more in these weighing machines. Moreover, the amount of money you would like to spend depends on your budget also.

These are some of the major factors you need to consider for getting the right and the best weighing machine for gas cylinders.

How do you weigh a gas cylinder?

Generally, in India, the empty or tare weight of a gas cylinder is 15.3kg. It is capable of holding 14.2kg LPG gas. Thus, the full weight of the gas cylinders rounds off to around 29.5kg.

So, the general formula for calculating the total weight of cylinders when filled is:

Filled gas cylinder weight = Empty Gas Cylinder weight + contents or the gas when filled.

Nowadays, measuring the weight of gas cylinders has become easier with the invention of gas cylinder weight machines. These weighing scales generally show digital readings which are easier to read or note. The weighing machine for gas cylinders comes with a fishing hook generally made of high-quality steel. You just need to hang the cylinder with that hook and wait for a few seconds so that the reading becomes stable.

Please ensure that the carrying capacity of the hook is well above the usual weight of cylinders. There are other methods as well but this is the simplest one.

Weight of Empty Gas Cylinder

In India mostly you will see 3 types(From weight point of view) of lpg gas cylinders which are used for cooking. Two of them are used for personal kitchen use and the other one is used for commercial use.

The smallest lpg gas cylinder which is used for cooking haas a capacity to hold 5kg of lpg gas. The total weight of the cylinder will be around 8-10kgs. So the small gas cylinder weight without gas will be around 3-5kg when empty.

The next one used for personal kitchen contains around 14.2 kg of liquified petroleum gas(lpg). The total weight of the gas cylinder would be around 29-30 kgs. So when empty lpg cylinder weight would be around 15kgs.

The one which used for commercial use contains 19kg of lpg gas. The total weight of the gas cylinder would be around 45kgs when full. So empty indane gas cylinder weight would be around 26kgs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Words !

Hope that you have liked this article and got all the important information regarding the gas cylinder weight machines. As per your preference, you can go with any one of the above-listed products as those have been selected after checking a lot of criteria.

Other than the above list of gas cylinders many people are also searching for pigeon gas cylinder weight machine, however we did not found any weighing machine brands from pigeon.

If you are still confused then you can go for Glun Bolt portable LPG Weight Machine which is the best seller in the category. If you still have any doubts related to full gas cylinder weight, empty gas cylinder weight, how to keep eye on cylinder weight while taking delivery etc please let us know in the comment section.

Cheers !

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