Hello readers, hope that all of you know what a weighing machine, but, do you know the different types of weighing machines in India? We know that most of you will think oh, this is so easy; there are two, analog and digital right! But no, there are more types of weighing machines that you will find in the Indian market and you must know the different types before clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button.

That is the reason we felt the need to prepare this guide and clear your doubt regarding ‘What are the different types of weighing machines in India? Mainly, the classification of weighing scales is done based on their functionality or the style of operation.

Let’s continue reading this article till the end to find out all the types!

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Categorization of Different Types of Weighing Machines in India

1. Digital Weighing Scales

The most trending types of weighing machines in India nowadays are digital weighing machines. It has gained immense popularity among buyers because of the extreme accuracy and ease of usage that it offers.

As compared to the traditional weighing machines, digital ones are more accurate with a large LED or LCD screen display. The weight readings displayed on the screen are in the form of digits, hence the name ‘Digital Weighing Machines.’

The readings shown on the screen depend on the type of model you are purchasing, like if you plan to buy a body composition monitor, then along with the weight, other parameters will also be shown.

These weighing scales generally use batteries for operation with other special features like the memory storage functionality and automatic shut-down feature which lessens the damage to the machine if you keep it on for a longer time.

So, choose a personal weighing machine to enjoy the convenience and accuracy to a greater extent.

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Product Description

  • Large foot space.
  • Clear visible LCD screen.
  • Indian brand.
  • Skid Proof & Custom Built Feet.
  • 1 year warranty.

This is best personal digital weighing scale for home. It is made up of Plastic, as a result very light weight. You can carry it anywhere or everywhere (For example you want to keep track of your weight loss journey while you are travelling, you can carry this device with you easily.)

2. Analog Weighing Machines

As you may be aware, this weighing scale is popular among buyers for a long time. You may have also seen many people have bought these kinds of machines and allow you to weigh yourself for a minimal charge.

It features a very simple design with an easy working mechanism that can be an ideal choice for you if you want to buy such a weighing scale that is maintenance-free and also easy to operate. There is a small screen on the weighing scales with a gauge or pointer that points your weight while you step on it.

The analog ones are designed only to show the weight of the person but you can easily rely on them for efficient results and long-lasting performance. One thing to note, please do not expect the same accurate readings like the digital ones because they are not that much accurate.

But, in a summary, if you want to invest in a weighing scale that is efficient, long-lasting, durable, and nearly accurate, this can be an ideal fit for you.

Our Verdict for the Top Pick in this category include the below product.

Top Pick

Product Description

  • 136 KG capacity.
  • Skid proof non-slip mat.
  • Large platform to stand.
  • Clear visible measurement area.
  • 6 months warranty.

It is a made in India product. This machine can be used for many years. It gives a long lasting performance. Gives high precision measurement to suit any one’s purpose. Nice sturdy product.

3. Smart Weighing Machines

The latest type of weighing scales available in the market is the smart weighing scales that have incorporated several advanced technologies to make you forget about those traditional weighing scales just like mobile phones.

These weighing scales can be an ideal fit for any sportsperson, bodybuilders, or any fitness freaks since they are not solely for measuring weights but also other essential body parameters like the BMI, body fat level, bone mass, protein level, etc.

So, they are more of a professional weighing scales. They can be used for body composition and fat analysis.

You can also pair them with various fitness apps (as supported by the brand) on your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and track your readings with graphs and charts there. Therefore, if you want a detailed informative tracking of your health, then this is the best type of weighing scales that you can opt for although they are expensive.

As you can very well assume that they are much more beneficial than you ever imagine.

Our Verdict for the Top Pick in this category include the below product.

Top Pick

Product Description

  • Total 14 measurements can be taken.
  • Super sensitive G-shaped sensors.
  • Supports third party app.
  • Supports all major mobile OS.
  • 15 month warranty

Multiple users profile can be mapped to this device. A very high quality bluetooth technology is used which instantly connects mobile device. No need to keep track of units in your mind, it can be easily converted using its user friendly app.

4. Electronic Weighing Scales

Are you able to get some idea about the type of power that it uses for operation? Yes, it has to be plugged into the socket for displaying the weights unlike the other types of weighing machines mentioned above.

You will get to see these weighing scales in the retail shops or malls where they measure the weights of different items and prove to get much accurate results. These weighing scales are equipped with certain advanced features that simplify the mode of operation like the automatic shut-down facility and the overload feature.

Both of these safety features ensure the long-lasting of the machines by preventing the damage that could have occurred otherwise. Thus, if you are a businessman and want to purchase a reliable, efficient weighing scale packed with some special features, this can be an ideal choice to make.

Our Verdict for the Top Pick in this category include the below product.

Top Pick

Product Description

  • Automatic lock of weight.
  • Large LCD screen for weight reading.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Multiple colors available.
  • Warranty : N/A

It is a multipurpose digital weighing scale. It can be used in vegetable shop, grocery shop etc. Low battery indicator is very handy and helpful. Maximum capacity of this machine is 10 kg. It requires 1.5V 2 x AA batteries.

5. Baby Weighing Machines

You should never use a normal weighing machine to measure the weight of babies since that will fail to provide accurate results. Thus, with that in mind, there are baby weighing machines specially designed to measure the weight of your babies with high accuracy.

Since these are generally made for babies, so the carrying capacity of these weighing machines is also less. Generally, most of these scales will come with a holder that can enable you to measure the weight of your baby comfortably as it will hold the babies, so there is no need to worry about getting faulty readings even if your baby moves a lot.

Thus, rather than using your normal weighing machine to measure the weight of your baby, try purchasing these baby weighing machines to get accurate readings and easily track the changes in the weight that is occurring.

Our Verdict for the Top Pick in this category include the below product.

Top Pick

Product Description

  • Very accurate reading.
  • Made in Germany product.
  • Easy to use.
  • Less battery consumption.
  • 5 years warranty.

Keeping track of babies weight during initial days is very important. This baby weighing scale is a perfect fit for babies upto 2 years. You can weigh upto 44 lbs or 20 kgs. It comes with both auto and manual lock system.

6. Pet Weighing Machines

Just as the previous type is for measuring the weight of babies, this is designed for measuring the weights of the pets. It enables you to get highly precise weight readings of your pets. The platform of these weighing machines is designed to keep your pets on it comfortably and taking note of its weight easily.

These scales are much reliable and easier to use than the normal weighing machines because it is always a good idea to buy such a weighing machine that has been designed for that particular purpose. It comes with a bright LED display in the front where you can track the weight of your pets in digital forms.

So, as per our recommendation, purchase a pet weighing machine as per the size you need for your pet and other requirements.

Our Verdict for the Top Pick in this category include the below product.

Top Pick

Product Description

  • Can handle upto 150 KG.
  • Best for dogs and cats.
  • Large display scree,
  • Product dimension: 26.8*16*2.7cm/ 10.55*6.3*1.06
  • Warranty: N/A

Like humans or babies you need to keep track of your pets weight. If any unusual decrease or increase in weight is seen, should consult a doctor immediately. This particular product from Generic Beige is a multi purpose one. Babies can also be measured using this scale.

Final Words !

So, we have reached the end of this article and hence there are six major types of weighing machines in India. We hope, by now, you are quite confident about this thing and have also decided which type suits your purpose.

Thus, without wasting any more time, go and buy the model that you like of the particular type as described above. You can even go with our recommendations of the products as those are the best ones among many models.

If you have any queries related to personal weight machine or personal weighing scale, please let us know in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.

Stay safe, stay healthy!