Kulwant Nagi’s Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Review | A Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you fed-up with your regular 9-5 job, looking to start a business ?

Are you someone who is looking for passive income form an alternate career ?

Do you think you are becoming a burden on your parents, want to finance your own studies ?

If you have a yes in your mind for any of the above questions, then blogging, affiliate marketing is a good career option for you. Let us go through my story. How I crashed into this blogging world. How Kulwant Nagi’s affiliate marketing masterclass helping me to achieve my goal.

If you want to know more about Mr. Kulwant Nagi, you can read his story here. If you want to explore more about affiliate marketing masterclass click below.

My Story

Now about my story. I come from an Indian middle class family. My father was the only bread earner in our family.

I have seen my father struggling in his regular govt job, where even after doing good work, putting lot of effort, there was no appreciation for him. His monthly salary was just to fulfil the bare necessities.

Somehow I have struggled through to finish my masters. Found a job so that I won’t be a burden for my family. While going trough all these struggling days, somewhere in some corner of my mind I have always dreamt of doing a business.

Who would not like to become boss of your own. How many of you like to work under some one else, work for someone else’s vision. Do you really like to work hard, so that someone else can make money.

When I ask all these questions to myself, then answer is always a big NO. I was kind of annoyed with my job. I was working like a machine from last 10 years. I was just following orders of my superiors. After some years of job I felt like I am not doing anything interesting. I am not doing any innovation.

I was not able churn out some time for my family. So to overcome all these issues, the only solution I could see was starting a business.

However starting a business is not that easy, especially when you don’t have any family backup. Having no knowledge in business also makes things more difficult.

Thought of starting a business becomes more gruelling when you have a steady job, which gives you a fixed income at the end of every month. You can not suddenly say good bye to your steady job. So I have decided to go for online business.

Like many of us do, I have started searching How to Make Money Online. There are N number of results are published daily mentioning how to make money online. Out of all these results, Blogging is something that caught my mind.

Blogging is something which gives you a massive horizon in terms of making money. You can monetize your blog in many ways.

Starting A Blog

From childhood, I had a weakness towards writing. Also, I had started travelling after saving some money from my regular salary. So I thought I should write my travel stories and help people to travel amazing places around the world. Later I can monetize my blog through Google AdSense.

But believe me, it is easy said than starting a blog. I had no knowledge about how to buy domain, what kind of domain should I go for, what is wordpress, where to start and end a blog, how to add a contact form etc.

I have started going through some of the YouTube videos about blogging. Gathered a trickle of information. Finally in the month of December 2019, I bought a domain. Thought of writing my travel stories. Trust me till today I have only designed and written About Us page. The blog is kind of orphan now.

The reason behind the failure was, I didn’t had any proper guidance. Although I was watching many youtube videos, but no one was giving 100 percent information. I was also not getting enough motivation to start writing.

Every other day I would thought of start writing, will open my laptop, but then boom. I would be short of content ideas. My mind would be blank. When this happens, believe me it is not a nice feeling.

Why I Failed in Blogging

Have you already watched hundreds of YouTube videos on how to start blogging ?

Are you still not sure about Blogging, Niche, Hosting, SEO, Domain etc. ?

The same thing happened with me. After I have decided to start my travel blog, I have watch many youtube videos, but all went into vein. No one, literally no one will tell you the trade secrets. No one is going to tell you how exactly you should do keyword search.

All the Youtubers will just touch the basic points which is not going to lead you anywhere. You will still remain at point zero. In my case I was not even sure what is a Keyword. What kind of domain name should I choose for my blogging website.

With all these compulsions, I felt like this blogging thing is not my cup of tea. I was really demotivated and deprived even before I can write my first travel article.

Ray of Hope

One day while I was browsing Facebook, a pop-up appeared in my timeline, that is of digital masters conference. It was happening in Hyderabad in December 2019. I went through all the speaker’s profile from their website.

Found Kulwant Nagi’s profile interesting. I was starstrucked with his personalty. Read his story online, it was just amazing. How from a small town like Fatehabad, he became a renowned person in Blogging circle.

He runs one of India’s biggest blogging site that is bloggingcage.com. You will be amazed by looking at the blogging cage income report. At the same time you will be motivated to start your affiliate marketing career.

I immediately joined his 7 day free blogging course. That course developed some interest in me. During that time he was providing one of his earlier courses Blogging Blueprint 2.0 for 90% discount. I immediately joined that course.

It was an eye opener for me. I have learnt many basic things from that course starting from how to buy a domain, installing WordPress, installing plugins, basics of SEO, understanding affiliate marketing, driving traffic, top affiliate programs for bloggers etc.

Finally Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

When I heard the term Affiliate Marketing during Blogging Blueprint course, it just imprinted in my mind. I became curious to learn what is affiliate marketing. How can I make money applying affiliate marketing secrets.

Fortunately during that time Kulwant Nagi has launched his new course Affiliate Marketing Masterclass 2020. I had attended few of his free webinars. His personality, the way he spoke during the webinar just drove me to register in the affiliate marketing masterclass.

Once you have registered and start watching the videos you will feel like how to doors are opening for you. There are so many things to learn in the blogging world, you will get everything in this course to set up your first affiliate blog.

Starting from affiliate marketing mindset, competitor spying, setting up pillar page, email marketing and what not. I don’t have any regret after joining the course.

In-fact I got so motivated that I have immediately created my first amazon affiliate website and wrote my first article about best hand sanitizers immediately after the course completion.

I would say this is the best affiliate marketing course of 2020. Let us see what exactly you would get inside this course.

The actual course price is Rs 19,999.00/-
Register now just by paying only Rs 14,999.00/- 
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Limited Period Offer

What is Inside Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

As I have mentioned earlier this course is designed by the great Kulwant Nagi, who has close to 10 years of experience in Blogging field. He has power packed all his knowledge and blogging secrets in this course. You are going to get the juice of marketing in Affiliate Marketing Masterclass course.

This is going to be a video tutorial consisting of 7 modules. Each module targets to a particular section of affiliate marketing. In these seven modules you will get around 40 video tutorials.

The total duration of all these video tutorials are about eight hours. If you spend just two hours daily, then it can be completed within four days easily. Even better practice will be just finish one module per day, within aa week you will be master in affiliate marketing.


Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Curriculum

Once you are done with the payment, you will receive your login credentials in your email. When you login to the masterclass teachable account you will see structurally designed 7 modules. The content of each module is as below.

Intro – Affiliate Mindset

In this module you will get two videos. First one will be a welcome message from Kulwant himself. Second module is all about right mindset towards affiliate.

Friends, to achieve anything in life you should always persist a proper mindset and positive attitude. That is the key for ultimate success.

1. Basic Knowledge

This module consists of four videos. This module you make you understand the very basics of affiliate marketing. From where you shall get different affiliate links. What are the different kind of affiliate models are available in market.

The different kind of networks you will have to depend upon to get your affiliate sale. You will also learn the hacks how to get the information about affiliate networks easily.

2. Finding Niche

For all the newbies this is a $100 dollar question. Everyone is looking for an answer to the question from where and how shall I find my niche. Friends believe me your search will end here.

Not only you will find the niche, but you will learn how to find a niche. Isn’t it amazing.

This module will teach you the difference between niches, how to find niche, which niche will be better for you etc. You will also learn how to spy on your competitor using different tools.

3. Keyword Research and SEO

Once you finalize your niche the next step is to find out a keyword that will work for you. This finding process is called as Keyword Research. Many people stuck in this process itself.

Looking at the importance of Keyword research Kulwant has added highest number of videos(8) in this module. You will get to know every bit of keyword types, research, plugin setup, SEO friendly URL and a brilliant formula to identify keyword toughness.

Once you module three, you will feel like you became half affiliate marketer.

4. Writing Content

Once you have done with your niche finding and keyword research, you will have to write a blog around that keyword. To write a blog we need content.

Many people have doubts in mind like from where shall we get content. I am Not Good in English. How can I write my blog post. Folks, you will learn all the brilliant methods how to write content in this module.

This module has total five videos which will teach you type of content, how to do a structural setup of your content, setting up pillar page, content that will bring sales etc.

You will feel lot more confident to write content after finishing this module.

5. Email Marketing

This module will have a total of five video tutorials. In this module you will learn lead magnet, email automation, setting up forms, tags, plugins that are used in email marketing.

After finishing this module you will have a fare idea about how to influence your targeted audience via email marketing and eventually converting them into sales.

6. Driving Traffic

Do you know around 80% of bloggers get demotivated even after having great content, great design and a perfect blog. Because they don’t know the secret of driving traffic. Be it any business without consumers, customers it is not going to work.

To make it work you will have to attract, drive potential customers to your business. That can only happen via showcasing. After finishing this module you will be a master in driving traffic to your blog. A lot of secret tricks has been shared.

Here we come to the end of this course. By finishing this module you will become master of affiliate marketing masterclass.

Blogging without Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is just purposeless. Somewhere in some Youtube video you must have heard terms like on page SEO, off page SEO, backlinks etc. These are all part of optimization technique.

By following these techniques your blog will rank in different search engines. But no one would have told you the in-depth process of SEO except the headings.

The four video tutorials will teach you how to create SEO profiles, how to get backlinks and many top secret techniques.

8. Miscellaneous

Wait did I told you module 7 is the end of the course. Here is a surprise. You will get one more extra module with many more undisclosed topics which will give a boost to your affiliate blog.

This module has total four video tutorials where you will learn some of the crazy-secrets of affiliate marketing. What are the different mistakes people do, and how can you avoid it, which are the places you can use to promote your affiliate blog etc.

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Is It Worth to Join This Kulwant Nagi Course !!

Whenever you start something new in your life, which is completely unknown to you, this question is definitely going to come in your mind. But believe me you are not going to regret for this investment. I am not at all regretting by investing in affiliate marketing masterclass by Kulwant Nagi.

Consider affiliate marketing blog as a business, not as a hubby. Once you consider it as a business you will develop a different mindset that will lead to success.

Of-course you are going to face some hurdles. That is why we have people like Kulwant Nagi. At any point of time in your life you will need a mentor, guru or coach to put forward the next step.

In this case I consider Kulwant as my mentor towards a successful business.

So don’t waste time, take immediate action and register for this course.

Is There Any Support For Students

Oh Yes… This is most important for any student who is learning from any guru.

You will get 200 niche ideas immediately after you join this course. This is like a bonus material. It helps you to kickstart your thought process.

You will get access to private tribe channel. Here separate groups are made depending upon the topics like SEO or content writing. People will help you with your query.

You will get access to private VIP Telegram Channel. This is most popular and active channel. Many big affiliate marketers and bloggers are present in this channel. You stuck with anything, ask here, it will be solved next moment. Kulwant himself answer queries of students in this channel.

To make sure you go through all the video tutorials thoroughly, without skipping any, rules has been set in the backend. You can’t jump to the next module, without finishing the current module.

Kulwant takes live Doubt Clearing classes via Zoom in regular intervals. I have already attended 3 doubt clearing classes in last two months.

I would say it is a super affiliate program and you will get the best affiliate marketing mentorship from Mr. Kulwant.

Who Should Join This Course !

  • If you believe in what you do then you must join.
  • If you are passionate about affiliate marketing then you should join.
  • If you want to follow your dreams and achieve something big in life then you must join this affiliate marketing masterclass.
  • If you are an action taker and self motivated then this course is for you.

Who Should Not Join This Course !!

  • If you are looking for making money overnight, then this course is not for you.
  • If you are someone who is more interested in quick hacks for money making, then this is not for you.
  • If you are not interested investing your time and money to start a business then this is not for you.
  • If you are looking for free affiliate marketing training videos.

Final Words

You must have heard “LEARNING IS A NEVER ENDING PROCESS“. Once you learn something it is not going to waste. Consider it as an investment on yourself.

It is always better to invest in yourself instead of investing in liabilities. You are an asset for yourself. Asset is going to make you rich.

Affiliate marketing masterclass is an asset for you. If you apply all the tricks correctly in your life then you are going to see miracles. By making your asset strong you can grab many more liabilities in life.

Affiliate marketing is growing by 10.1% annually. Retailers are spending more and more on affiliate marketers. The spend in US affiliate market is expected to rise upto $8 billion by end of 2020. So this is the perfect time to start this business.

This article is not about affiliate marketing masterclass review. This is my own story of blogging journey. How I have failed in blogging, how this course has motivated me to take action. All these are my personal opinion.

Without giving a second thought do this investment on yourself and start affiliate marketing now.